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  1. Young Professionals:<br />the group you don’t realize you’re missing<br />Amy Mather<br />Technology Librarian, Omaha Public Library<br…
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  • 1. Young Professionals:<br />the group you don’t realize you’re missing<br />Amy Mather<br />Technology Librarian, Omaha Public Library<br />Manya Shorr<br />Branch Manager, Omaha Public Library<br />
  • 2. What is a young professional?<br />
  • 3.
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  • 9. Omaha Demographics<br /><br />
  • 10. People are marrying later in life.<br />
  • 11. Marriage rates for people of color<br />
  • 12. Mother’s age with first child<br />
  • 13. 18% of 18-29 year old attend a religious service every week.Membership in community groups has declined by more than one-fourth since the 1970s.<br />Twenge, Jean. Generation Me. New York: Free Press, 2006. pg. 24.<br />
  • 14. Where do young adults find community?<br />
  • 15. You serve kids, you serve teenagers and you serve seniors. Do you serve adults? Nearly 1 in 5 adults never have children.*They are your new underserved population.<br />*<br />
  • 16. Why don’t most of them use the library?<br />Would you use the library if you didn’t work there?<br />
  • 17. There are many reasons<br />They buy their material. <br />All library programming is for kids or seniors.<br />They have no idea that we have resources that they might like.<br />The library has no value in their lives.<br />
  • 18. What can you do?Find the sweet spot!<br />
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  • 24.
  • 25.
  • 26. How do you find them?<br />
  • 27. How we do it:<br />Email blast. Are you still asking people to opt-in? Stop it!<br />Facebook and Twitter. Yep, they work.<br />Time and a little $.<br />Word of mouth/personal connections/staying involved with the community. Involve yourself with local groups. <br />Direct mail solicitations. Be bold and ask.<br />Local media. If you plan a quirky and odd event, they will want to cover it.<br />High turn-out numbers are great but don’t mean much. Slow and steady.<br />One-night liquor license!<br />
  • 28. Most importantly,<br />You. <br />Must.<br />Try.<br />
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