What Is A Legal Nurse Consultant

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  1. Legal Nurse Consultants Bridge the gap between the medical world and legal world<br />Jan BoswelL RN, BSn<br />Legal Nurse<br />Consultant<br…
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  • 1. Legal Nurse Consultants Bridge the gap between the medical world and legal world<br />Jan BoswelL RN, BSn<br />Legal Nurse<br />Consultant<br />Access Nurse Consultants<br />(205)253-8777<br />jan@accessnurseconsultants.com<br />What is a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) ?<br />
  • 2. Legal Nurse Consultant Defined<br /> The legal nurse consultant is a licensed, registered nurse who performs a critical analysis of clinical and administrative nursing practice, healthcare facts and issues and their outcomes for the legal profession, healthcare professions, consumers of healthcare and legal services, and others as appropriate. With a strong educational and experiential foundation, the legal nurse consultant is qualified to assess adherence to standards and guidelines of healthcare practice as it applies to the nursing and healthcare professions. (American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants)<br />
  • 3. What type of Cases do LNC’s work on ?<br />Medical Malpractice<br />Personal Injury<br />Product Liability<br />Toxic Tort<br />Insurance<br />Nursing Home<br />Worker’s Compensation<br />Criminal Cases<br />Any case with a medical component<br />
  • 4. What services do LNC’s perform ?<br /> LNC’s perform a variety of services that are designed to bridge the gap between the legal and medical world, save the client money, save the client time, and prepare the client for litigation.<br />
  • 5. Services Provided<br />Screening a case for merit<br />Screening a case for tampering<br />Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a case<br />Review, analyze, and summarize medical records<br />Identify, locate, and evaluate expert witnesses<br />Compile chronologies and time-lines<br />Identify causation issues, assess damages, and injuries<br />Identify adherence to and deviation from the standards of care<br />
  • 6. Services Provided<br />Conduct medical/nursing literature search  and apply it to the case at hand<br />Interview plaintiff and defense clients, key witnesses and experts<br />Coordinate and attend independent medical examinations<br />Prepare questions for interrogatories and depositions<br />Assist with demonstrative evidence preparation<br />Prepare written reports that can be used as an easy reference tool<br />Develops collaborative case strategies<br />Provides support during the entire litigation process<br />
  • 7. What is the value of the LNC ?<br /> LNC’s are able to examine, recognize and interpret all relevant medically related information in a claim or case that a non-medical professional might not<br />LNC’s concentrate on the medical aspects of the case and let you concentrate on the legal aspects of the case<br />LNC’s educate their clients on the medical aspects of the case and provide them with a working knowledge of the medicine of the case. This allows them to more effectively work with the experts in the case<br />
  • 8. What are attorneys saying about the values of LNC’s ?<br />“ Legal Nurse Consultants offer cost-effective litigation help” http://www.aalnc.org/images/LawyersUSA.pdf<br />“Legal Nurse Consultants improve Attorneys’ Trial Outcomes and Settlement Results” – Medical Malpractice - http://www.aalnc.org/images/MedMal_Release.pdf<br />Personal Injury http://www.aalnc.org/images/PI_Release.pdf<br />“Legal Nurse Consultants Enhance the Delivery of Legal Services” – Product Liability http://www.aalnc.org/hire/AwarenessProductliability_finalwordversion.pdf<br />Worker’s Compensation - http://www.aalnc.org/hire/AwarenessWorkersComp_finalwordversion.pdf<br />
  • 9. What are the requirements to be a LNC ?<br />Some LNC&apos;s have a certificate while others have a certification. However, no formal training is needed to become a LNC. <br />Nurses possess the knowledge from their years of professional training and work experience to practice as a LNC. <br />Formal training helps the LNC understand the process of the judicial system and their role within that system. <br />The real value of an LNC lies not in his/her formal training but in their ability to provide services to the attorney, paralegal, and insurance companies that are beneficial.<br />
  • 10. Contact a LNC today<br />Contact a LNC today and let them start helping you<br />save time and money<br />Jan Boswell RN, BSN <br />Legal Nurse Consultant<br />(205)253-8766<br />www.accessnurseconsultants.com<br />jan@accessnurseconsultants.com<br />http://www.linkedin.com/in/janboswelllnc<br />http://www.twitter.com/JanBoswellLNC<br />I can assist you with your case(s) or find you the right consultant/expert who can.<br />
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