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  • 1. Academic Marketing Research Represented On :- WALMART HUMAN RESOURCE FUNCTIONS
  • 2. INTRODUCTION • Human resource management is process of management of people working in any company or organization All the human resource management models emphasizes on following important things: • searching new ways of working • role of manager in change making • managing the activities of employees • In current competitive business world that is always dynamic organizations have to keep them advance with the pace of development in this changing environment • In companies department of human resource play a crucial role as they are responsible for dealing with diversity of staff For more information :
  • 3. WALMART HISTORY • Most people know that most popular discount retailers started in 1962, K- Mart, flat and Wal-Mart opened its first store. (Company, 2010) actually started by Sam Walton of this work during the intense competition of the 1950s many of the regional discount stores • Before making the opening of its company Sam went to most of the parts of country to learn things about the discount retail business. He successfully convinced American consumers that he got the idea for a new and compared to the old • With confidence and vision, Sam with his wife Helen started the development of a major stake in the first store in Rogers, Kmart has expanded rapidly in the 1960s, while Sam was to get sufficient money for the development of 15 stores of Wal-Mart For more information :
  • 4. WORKFORCE PLANING • Work force planning and preparation of all your options before going into the real work set for the staff to get the organizational goals is very important issue • It is well understood principle that the people are organization's important asset. Because without the capable staff it is difficult for all organizations to reach towards their goals • The bulk of organizational improvement will come only after ensuring that the right staff with the right skills, knowledge and behaviors in the organization. Workforce planning related to achieving this outcome, and any serious link between business planning and development, recruitment and retention, and staff training For more information :
  • 5. For more information :
  • 6. • Wal-Mart is much concern about this issue, human resources and recruitment system and effective to deal with their needs for this purpose and put the plan always • They announced the vacancy correctly, a pre-assessment before engaging in the selection process. They provide benefits to its employees and facilities in spite of, is blamed for some time to Wal- Mart facilities discrimination and ill-especially low-paid • This layout is about the workforce and provides the opportunity to work on long-term thinking about the relevant services in the future, and needs, and explore all viable strategies. Thus, the central planning for company work becomes important for the organizations For more information :
  • 7. EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS • Critical stage in the recruitment of human resources management. It should be well planned and structured so that the organization can recruit the right person for the right place instead of just making the availability of another person at work • There are many of the problems faced during this process and managers for some time and the inability to focus, time and financial resources necessary to make this process effective. Wal-Mart that they always take qualified personnel and according to it, and it makes employees with proper education and skils efficiency For more information :
  • 8. DEVELOPMENT AND TRANING • Appointment comes after the development and training stage. Most the organizations unfortunately sometimes even for technical jobs do not provide adequate training for their employees before hiring and employment • There must be made sound system which can ensure that the Organization the necessary arrangements to work before and on the job training and development for their employees The-job training is the main part in the field of human resources at Wal-Mart is now not only offers these courses for their employees, but in times of recession, they offer training courses for some people who are by this time of recession For more information :
  • 9. ADMINISTRATION AND STAFF PERFORMANCE • Human resources management are primarily responsible for the employee's performance in business administration (Jones, 2007) • To achieve its purposes, which is responsible for dealing with staff from induction to work on and improve their commitment and reduce absenteeism and turnover, and improving skills levels and productivity, and improve the quality and efficiency of its work For more information :
  • 10. BEST PRACTICES • Also called as "high commitment" human resource management to ensure that the realization of the best practices in human resources makes improvement to organizational performance • These practices are: - 1) job security, (2) recruitment of flour, 3) training and large-scale, 4) the exchange of information, 5) capable teams, 6) also paid a much higher according to the profit and reduce the inequalities in the position of the staff For more information :
  • 11. For more information :
  • 12. BEST FIT OR APPROACH OF EMERGENCY • Says that the management of human resources that can perform well when there was a suit involving the required vertical on the performance of human resources management and corporate strategy • be a unity between the process closely and human resources and policy with the policy of the foreign company • For example is life cycle models, that argue in favor of the human resources which according to experts can be easily known in development stage of any organization by its policies and practices that it adopts at development or life cycle process • Some other models of competitive advantage that the idea of Porter on strategic choice. Maps a variety of human resources practices in the organization options for the development of competitive strategy For more information :
  • 13. CONCLUSION • With the update that brought the introduction of computers and mobile phones, information and technological advances robots to support human life and the work it is easy to be good performance in any business. For more information :
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