The Value Of Product Management

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  1. THE PRODUCT MANAGER’S VALUE<br /> 2. PRESENTATION ROADMAP<br /> 3. High value products are crucial to the sustainable, profitablegrowth of a…
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  • 3. High value products are crucial to the sustainable, profitablegrowth of a business<br />PRODUCTS VALUE<br /> = <br />ORGANIZATION VALUE<br />
  • 4. PRODUCT MANAGER<br />=<br />VALUE MANAGER<br />
  • 5. It is the goal of the product manager to maintain or increase the value of existing products and bringing new high value products to the market, in the context of market needs and wants.<br />
  • 6. The Product Manager Situation<br />ORGANIZATION<br />MARKET<br />PM<br />
  • 7. Develop, Implement Product Strategies<br />Develop Marketing Strategies<br />Program Development Requirements<br />PRODUCT MANAGER<br />Competitors Benchmarking<br />Market presence and awareness<br />Maximizes Sales and Profitability<br />
  • 8. TRANSFORMING OPPORTUNITIES INTO HIGH-VALUE PRODUCTS<br />ECONOMICAL<br /> FACTORS<br />EXECUTIVES<br />TOP Mgmt<br />Vision<br />Strategy<br />Objectives<br />PM<br />Requirements)<br />Competition<br />Prod Dev Team<br />Customer Feedback<br />Product Value Proposition and Value Pricing<br />New or Improved Product<br />
  • 9. Vision<br />VISION<br />VisionPersuasionInvestmentsCommunicationDirectionLeadershipResourcesLife CycleProfitsMarket ShareKnowledgeReadiness<br />
  • 10. VisionPersuasion<br />PERSUASION<br />
  • 11. VisionPersuasionInvestments<br />INVESTMENTS<br />
  • 12. VisionPersuasionInvestmentsCommunication<br />COMMUNICATION<br />
  • 13. VisionPersuasionInvestmentsCommunicationDirection<br />DIRECTION<br />
  • 14. VisionPersuasionInvestmentsCommunicationDirectionLeadership<br />LEADERSHIP<br />
  • 15. VisionPersuasionInvestmentsCommunicationDirectionLeadershipResources<br />RESOURCES<br />
  • 16. VisionPersuasionInvestmentsCommunicationDirectionLeadershipResourcesLife Cycle<br />LIFE CYCLE<br />
  • 17. VisionPersuasionInvestmentsCommunicationDirectionLeadershipResourcesLife CycleProfits<br />PROFITS<br />
  • 18. VisionPersuasionInvestmentsCommunicationDirectionLeadershipResourcesLife CycleProfitsMarket Share<br />MARKET SHARE<br />
  • 19. VisionPersuasionInvestmentsCommunicationDirectionLeadershipResourcesLife CycleProfitsMarket ShareKnowledge<br />KNOWLEDGE…<br />
  • 20. VisionPersuasionInvestmentsCommunicationDirectionLeadershipResourcesLife CycleProfitsMarket ShareKnowledge Readiness <br />…SHARING<br />
  • 21. VisionPersuasionInvestmentsCommunicationDirectionLeadershipResourcesLife CycleProfitsMarket ShareKnowledge SharingReadinessFirst to Market<br />FIRST TO MARKET<br />
  • 22. The Successful Product Manager:<br />(The one that truly brings value to the organization)<br />Has a clear purpose and strategy<br />Is results oriented<br />Is organized and efficient<br />Knows how to prioritized<br />Possesses strong critical thinking<br />Is technically savvy<br />Is a strong and confident communicator<br />Has excellent people skills<br /> Has excellent project management skills<br />
  • 23. Solution Provider<br />High Performance Materials<br /><br />www.linkedin/in/pierrecoat<br />Pierre Coat<br />
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