The jamestown colony

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  1. SOL VS.3 2. SOL VS.3 3. SOL VS.3 WWhhyy ddiidd tthhee KKiinngg ooff EEnnggllaanndd wwaanntt aann AAmmeerriiccaann ccoolloonnyy?? 4. SOL VS.3 Some European countries,…
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  • 1. SOL VS.3
  • 2. SOL VS.3
  • 3. SOL VS.3 WWhhyy ddiidd tthhee KKiinngg ooff EEnnggllaanndd wwaanntt aann AAmmeerriiccaann ccoolloonnyy??
  • 4. SOL VS.3 Some European countries, including England, were in competition to increase their wealth and power by expanding their empires to America.
  • 5. SOL VES.3ngland wanted to establish an American colony to increase her wealth and power.
  • 6. SOL VS.3 EEnnggllaanndd hhooppeedd ttoo ffiinndd ggoolldd aanndd ssiillvveerr iinn AAmmeerriiccaa,, aass tthhee SSppaanniisshh hhaadd ddoonnee iinn MMeexxiiccoo aanndd SSoouutthh AAmmeerriiccaa..
  • 7. SOL VS.3 Each dot on this map of England shows a place where a Jamestown settler came from. Historians have read the 400- year-old records of Jamestown to find where the settlers came from. Why did the Jamestown settlers come to America?
  • 8. SOL VS.3 JJaammeessttoowwnn wwaass ffoouunnddeedd iinn 11660077 aass aann eeccoonnoommiicc vveennttuurree.. What are these people doing? Where are they? What year is it?
  • 9. SOL VS.3 An American settlement would furnish raw materials that could not be grown or obtained in England. What raw materials do you see here?
  • 10. SOL VS.3 An American settlement would open new markets for trade.
  • 11. SOL VSAA.3nn AAmmeerriiccaann sseettttlleemmeenntt wwoouulldd ooppeenn nneeww mmaarrkkeettss ffoorr ttrraaddee.. •England needed rraaww mmaatteerriiaallss, such as lumber and tobacco. •Virginia needed mmaannuuffaaccttuurreedd ggooooddss, such as furniture, tools, needles, and muskets. Sewing with needles from England
  • 12. SOL VS.3 Jamestown was established (started) by the VViirrggiinniiaa CCoommppaannyy ooff LLoonnddoonn as an economic venture. The Virginia Company hoped to make a huge profit on their investment. Coat of arms of the Virginia Company of London
  • 13. SOL VS.3 The Virginia Company was a group of people who got others to invest their money. Seal of the Virginia Company
  • 14. SOL VASf.3ter the Jamestown settlement made money, the investors were supposed to get a profit from their money.
  • 15. SOL VS.3 JJaammeessttoowwnn wwaass tthhee ffiirrsstt ppeerrmmaanneenntt EEnngglliisshh sseettttlleemmeenntt iinn AAmmeerriiccaa..
  • 16. SOL VWS.3here is Jamestown located? Jamestown
  • 17. SOL VS.3 WWhheenn tthhee sseettttlleerrss cchhoossee tthhee llooccaattiioonn iinn 11660077,, JJaammeessttoowwnn wwaass llooccaatteedd oonn aa nnaarrrrooww ppeenniinnssuullaa bboorrddeerreedd oonn tthhrreeee ssiiddeess bbyy tthhee JJaammeess RRiivveerr.. the James River the peninsula
  • 18. SOL VS.3 Today, Jamestown is located on an island in the James River. This is an aerial view of part of Jamestown fort.
  • 19. SOL VWS.3hy did the settlers choose the site at Jamestown? This is one of the very first maps of Virginia. Can you find the Chesapeake Bay?
  • 20. SOL VTS.h3e location could be easily defended from attack by sea. The English feared a sea attack by the Spanish.
  • 21. SOL VST.3he water along the shore was deep enough for ships to dock. harbor
  • 22. SOL VTS.h3e English believed they had a good supply of fresh water.
  • 23. SOL VS.3 What was the importance ooff tthhee cchhaarrtteerrss ooff tthhee VViirrggiinniiaa CCoommppaannyy ooff LLoonnddoonn ttoo tthhee JJaammeessttoowwnn sseettttlleemmeenntt??
  • 24. SOL VS.3The King of England granted charters to the Virginia Company of London. London in the 1600s
  • 25. SOL VS.3 The charters gave the Virginia Company the right to establish a settlement in North America.
  • 26. SOL VS.3 The first charter of the Virginia Company of London established companies to begin colonies in the New World.
  • 27. SOL VTS.h3e charters extended English rights to the colonists. The Houses of Parliament, where English laws were made The Capitol at Williamsburg, where the House of Burgesses met to make Virginia’s laws
  • 28. SOL VAS.3s Jamestown grew, the system of government evolved.
  • 29. SOL VWS.3hat was this system of government called? Houses in Jamestown looked like English houses.
  • 30. SOL VS.3 In 1619, the governor of Virginia called a meeting of the Virginia Assembly. The Assembly included two citizen representatives, called “burgesses.”
  • 31. SOL VS.3 The burgesses came from each of the divisions of Virginia.
  • 32. SOL VST.3he Assembly also included the governor’s council and the governor. John Smith was an early governor of Virginia.
  • 33. SAAOttL VtthhS.3aatt ttiimmee,, oonnllyy aadduulltt mmeenn wweerree ccoonnssiiddeerreedd cciittiizzeennss..
  • 34. SOL VBS.y3 the 1640s, the burgesses became a separate legislative body, called the Virginia House of Burgesses. Patrick Henry speaks in the Virginia House of Burgesses.
  • 35. SOL VS.3 TThhee ggoovveerrnnmmeenntt ooff tthhee VViirrggiinniiaa ccoolloonnyy wwaass bbaasseedd oonn tthhee EEnngglliisshh mmooddeell ooff aa rreepprreesseennttaattiivvee ggoovveerrnnmmeenntt.. This is the church in Jamestown where the House of Burgesses first met.
  • 36. SOL VTSh.3 e House of Burgesses was modeled after the English Parliament.
  • 37. SOL VTSh.3e House of Burgesses was the first elected legislative body in America, giving settlers the opportunity to control their own government. This is an old engraving showing colonial Virginia men voting.
  • 38. SOL VS.3 Today it is called the General Assembly and is the oldest legislative body in the western hemisphere. An 1800s drawing of the General Assembly building in Richmond
  • 39. SOL VTSh.3e House of Burgesses became the Virginia General Assembly, which continues to this day. the state capitol building in Richmond, where the Virginia General Assembly meets to make our laws
  • 40. SOL VJJS.aa3mmeessttoowwnn bbeeccaammee aa mmoorree ddiivveerrssee ccoolloonnyy bbyy 11662200..
  • 41. SOL VWS.3hat was the impact of the arrival of women on the Jamestown settlement?
  • 42. SOL VS.3 In 1620, the Virginia Company of London sent a ship with 90 young women to Jamestown. A man who wanted to marry one of these women, had to pay 120 pounds of tobacco to the ship’s captain for her trip to Jamestown.
  • 43. SOL VS.3 TThhee aarrrriivvaall ooff wwoommeenn iinn 11662200 mmaaddee iitt ppoossssiibbllee ffoorr tthhee sseettttlleerrss ttoo eessttaabblliisshh ffaammiilliieess aanndd aa mmoorree ppeerrmmaanneenntt sseettttlleemmeenntt aatt JJaammeessttoowwnn.. 1600s drawings of children at play
  • 44. SOL VWS.3hat was the impact of the arrival of Africans on the Jamestown settlement? African Americans re-enact slaves listening to a slave preacher on a plantation.
  • 45. SOL VS.3 Africans arrived in Jamestown against their will. It is believed that they arrived as baptized Christians and therefore were labeled indentured servants for a period of 5 to 7 years.
  • 46. SOL VSB.3ut Virginia planters soon saw that they would need a cheap supply of labor for a long time. Tidewater plantations were expanding because people could make so much mmoonneeyy from tobacco.
  • 47. SOL VS.3 TThhee aarrrriivvaall ooff AAffrriiccaannss mmaaddee iitt ppoossssiibbllee ttoo eexxppaanndd tthhee ttoobbaaccccoo eeccoonnoommyy..
  • 48. SOL VHS.o3w did the Powhatan people and the English settlers interact? This is a 1600s drawing of Powhatan Indians smoking fish over a fire.
  • 49. SOL VS.3 The Powhatan people and the English settlers at Jamestown established trading relationships and for a while had positive interactions. 1600s drawing of a Powhatan village
  • 50. SOL VS.3 CCaappttaaiinn JJoohhnn SSmmiitthh iinniittiiaatteedd ((ssttaarrtteedd)) ttrraaddiinngg rreellaattiioonnsshhiippss wwiitthh tthhee PPoowwhhaattaannss..
  • 51. SOL TVTShh.3ee PPoowwhhaattaannss ttrraaddeedd ffoooodd,, ffuurrss,, aanndd lleeaatthheerr wwiitthh tthhee EEnngglliisshh iinn eexxcchhaannggee ffoorr ttoooollss,, ppoottss,, gguunnss,, aanndd ootthheerr ggooooddss.. Powhatan shelter and cooking fire at Jamestown
  • 52. SOL VS.3 The Powhatan people contributed to the survival of the Jamestown settlers in several ways. Cooking pot found at Jamestown Powhatan style reed and grass shelter 1600s drawing of a Powhatan warrior Modern drawing of a Powhatan man
  • 53. SOL VS.3 Pocahontas, daughter of Chief Powhatan, believed the English and American Indians (First Americans) could live in harmony. different portraits of Pocahontas
  • 54. SOL VS.3 Pocahontas began a friendship with the colonists that helped them survive. Powhatan Indian building a dugout canoe
  • 55. SOL VS.3 The Powhatans introduced new crops to the English, including corn and tobacco.
  • 56. SOL VS.3Why did the relationship between the Jamestown settlers and the Powhatans change? Powhatan shelter at Jamestown
  • 57. SOL VS.3 The Powhatan people realized the English settlement would continue to grow. blacksmith at work in Jamestown
  • 58. SOL VS.3 The Powhatans saw the colonists as invaders that would take over their land. armour from the 1600s cannon at Jamestown fort
  • 59. SOL VS.3 So we see that from 1607, Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in America, changed forever how Virginia looked and worked. William and Mary College in the 1600s
  • 60. SOL VS.3 The English brought with them English laws and customs, which were influenced by their relationship with the Powhatans.
  • 61. STOhLe V SE.3nglish also began the terrible institution of slavery in Virginia, which lasted a long time, because of its dependence on a tobacco economy.
  • 62. SOL VSBB.3uutt VViirrggiinniiaa ggrreeww iinnttoo aa ccuullttuurree vveerryy ddiiffffeerreenntt ffrroomm tthhaatt ooff EEnnggllaanndd,, bbeeccaauussee ooff tthhee iinnfflluueennccee ooff AAffrriiccaannss aanndd tthhee PPoowwhhaattaann..
  • 63. SOL VHSo.3w does your life today show the influence of the English, the Africans, and the Powhatan? Let us always be grateful for the lives of those who went before us.
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