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  THE GOOD NEWS/LAS BUENAS NUEVAS HOLY FAITH EPISCOPAL CHURCH A MULTICULTURAL CONGREGATION WORSHIPPING CHRIST Our Mission is to: Seek and serve God, uniting with each other in our diversity, through Jesus
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THE GOOD NEWS/LAS BUENAS NUEVAS HOLY FAITH EPISCOPAL CHURCH A MULTICULTURAL CONGREGATION WORSHIPPING CHRIST Our Mission is to: Seek and serve God, uniting with each other in our diversity, through Jesus Christ, to achieve a common goal. Our vision is to: Worship God through Jesus Christ, celebrate our cultural and spiritual diversities making disciples to spread the gospel. IN THIS ISSUE: From the Vicar s Desk pg. 1 Ministry Leaders pg. 2 Del Buró del Vicario Birthdays & pg. 3 Anniversaries pg. 4 Treasurer s Report pg. 5 Happenings at Holy Faith pg. 6; 7 Happenings at Holy Faith pg 8 Holy Faith in Photo pg 10 Calendar pg.11 Servers Schedule pg. 12 AUGUST 2017 Volume 18 Issue 7 FROM THE VICAR S DESK T he words Laying on of Hands come to us from the Greek meaning, to press on, or lean the hand on. The New Testament Books provide an understanding of the rite. The Gospel of Mark (7:32-35), for example, tells the story of a deaf man brought to Jesus to lay hands on him for healing. Furthermore, in chapter 8:22-26, a group of people brought a blind man to the Lord and begged Jesus to touch him, after Jesus laid his hands on him, the man recovered his sight. Also, in chapter 10:13-16, Jesus laid his hands on and blessed children whose parents brought them to the Him. This association of Jesus laying hands on people is connected to the act of healing. The presence of the Holy Spirit and the act of laying hands will take place when the Apostles do the healing after Jesus ascension. In the Acts of the Apostles, the rite of Laying on of Hands is connected to the reception of Baptism and the Holy Spirit. Chapter 8:14-17 describes how Peter and John were sent to the people in Samaria, who accepted the word of God. When the Apostles arrived, they prayed for them that they might receive the Holy Spirit, since they had only been baptized. Once Peter and John laid hands on the new converts they immediately received the Holy Spirit. We also read in chapter 9:17 how Ananias, after entering the house of Judas where Saul was recovering from his dramatic conversion, laid his hands on Saul, at the end of the prayer he regained his sight. The Rite of Laying on of Hands was also used for setting aside those who were called to the ordained ministry. Again, in the book of Acts 6:1-6 seven men were chosen from the crowd to be ordained to the order of deacons, among them was Steven who was stoned to death. Another example of ordination can be found in Paul s first letter to Timothy. Here Paul reminds Timothy not to ignore the gift of the Spirit given to him through prophesy with the laying on of hands by the council of elders, (1Timothy 4:14). And in Paul s second letter, he reminds Timothy again to revive the gift of the Holy Spirit that is in him through Paul s laying on of hands. All these biblical citations strongly support the tradition of the ordination to Holy Orders in the Church. This tradition is known in the Church as the Apostolic Succession, because we can trace the ordination of Deacons, Priests and Bishops to the Apostles. The Episcopal/Anglican Church continues with this tradition of Laying on of Hands begun by Jesus and continued with the Apostles. It is customary in the Episcopal/Anglican Church to prepare and present to the bishop candidates for Confirmation. At this service, the Bishop lays his hands on the head of the person and says a prayer to invoke the Holy Spirit. This act is also referred to as the ordination of the laity from a spiritual child to a spiritual adult. This sacrament gives the person an opportunity to make a public statement of his/her faith and allows him/her to be a full participant in the various ministries of the One Holy Catholic Church. The Sacrament of Confirmation can only be performed by Bishops in the Episcopal/Anglican Church. Continued on pg. 3 THE GOOD NEWS is a monthly publication of Holy Faith Episcopal Church 6990 South Federal Highway Port St. Lucie, Florida, OUR VISION IS TO: Seek and serve God, uniting with each other in our diversity, through Jesus Christ, to achieve a common goal. OUR MISSION IS TO: Worship God through Jesus Christ, celebrate our cultural and spiritual diversities making disciples to spread the gospel. Vicar/Vicario/Dean Fr. Orlando J. Addison Office Telephone: Fax: Website: Organist/Choir Director (Eng.) Linda Latorre Choir Director (Span) Adolfo Barrios Parish Administrator Arlene Mighty Parish Secretary Zelma Oliva Treasurer Dennis Rookwood SERVICES / MISAS Sunday / Domingo 8am Traditional 10am Family Worship 12noon: Santa Misa en Español Sunday School for all ages during 10am and 12noon Services Wednesday: 10am Holy Communion and Healing Service 11am: Bible Study 7:00pm : Dynamic Prayer Meeting in Spanish MEMBERS OF THE BISHOP S COMMITTEE Senior Warden: Melrose Sangster 2020 Junior Warden George Cleary 2018 Zelma Oliva 2018 Xochitl Barrios 2018 Bonnie Claren 2019 Leandus Campbell 2019 Acolytes Arlene Mighty Pubilito Barrios Altar Guild Joycelyn Newport Building & Grounds George Cleary Capital Campaign Ministry Claudette Lewis Coffee Hour Aquinda Toppin Cursillo Arlene Mighty Daughters of The King Rhona Malcolm ECW Juliet Cozier Fellowship Aquinda Toppin Florist Paula Smith Finance Greeters Melrose Sangster Lectors & LEMS Linda Crossett Pueblito Barrios Men s Group George Cleary Hispanic Music/Choir Director Adolfo Barrios MINISTRY LEADERS Aquinda Toppin 2019 Merle Sephenson 2020 Hazel Walcott 2020 Treasurer Dennis Rookwood Recording Secretary/ Parish Administrator Arlene Mighty Newcomers Ministry Newsletter Ed.-in- Chief Editor-Arlene Mighty Organist/Choir Director Linda Latorre Outreach Idalia Perales Pastoral Care Shirley Heath Public Relations Ministry Eslon Bennett Attwood Religious Ed. Terri Mullins Sunday School Carmen Mendoza Zelma Oliva Stewardship Callie & Darwin Williams Special Events Ministry Ena Cushnie Thrift Shop Ethlyn Moody Ushers Martha Hovsepian Leo McCalla Vision Fr. Orlando J. Addison Carolline Campbell Web Mistress Carole Gooden Youth Group Xochitl Barrios; Jennifer Zubieta Juan Gomez 2 Continued from pg. 1. The Ordination to the Priesthood in the Episcopal/Anglican Church can be traced from Bishop Brewer and all priests, deacons and bishops of the Anglican Communion directly back to the Apostles. During the service of Ordination for example, the Bishop, who has also received the Laying on of Hands of other bishops in the Apostolic Succession, lays his hands on the head of the ordained person after the invocation of the Holy Spirit, while saying the prayer of consecration. With this act, the Bishop continues the Apostles tradition of ordination. Therefore, the Laying on of Hands is a practice introduced by our Lord Jesus Christ, then followed by his disciples and today it is carried out by the church. It is the rite that enables us to be healed in body and sprit and allows us to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit in Confirmation and Ordination. The Very Rev. Orlando J. Addison DESDE EL ESCRITORIO DEL VICARIO Las palabras Imposición de las Manos viene del griego, presionar, o ubicar la mano. Los libros del nuevo testamento proporcionan una comprensión del rito. El Evangelio de Marcos (7: 32-35), por ejemplo, cuenta la historia de un sordo traído a Jesús para imponerle las manos para su sanidad. Igualmente, en el capítulo 8: 22-26, un grupo de personas llevó un hombre ciego al Señor y rogó a Jesús que lo tocara, después que Jesús le impuso las manos, el hombre recuperó la vista. También, en el capítulo 10: 13-16, Jesús impuso sus manos y bendijo a los niños cuyos padres los trajeron al Señor. Esta asociación de Jesús poniendo las manos sobre las personas está relacionada con el acto de sanación. La presencia del Espíritu Santo y el acto de poner manos tendrán lugar cuando los Apóstoles comiencen a sana después de la ascensión de Jesús. En los Hechos de los Apóstoles, el rito de Colocación de las Manos está conectado a la recepción del Bautismo y del Espíritu Santo. El capítulo 8: describe cómo Pedro y Juan fueron enviados al pueblo de Samaria, quien aceptó la palabra de Dios. Cuando los Apóstoles llegaron, oraron por ellos para que recibieran el Espíritu Santo , ya que sólo habían sido bautizados. Una vez que Pedro y Juan pusieron las manos sobre los nuevos conversos inmediatamente recibieron el Espíritu Santo. También leemos en el capítulo 9:17 cómo Ananías, después de entrar en la casa de Judas, donde Saúl se estaba recuperando de su dramática conversión, puso sus manos sobre Saúl, al final de la oración recuperó su vista. El rito de la imposición de las manos también se utilizó para dejar a un lado a los que fueron llamados al ministerio ordenado. Nuevamente, en el libro de Hechos 6: 1-6, fueron escogidos siete hombres de la multitud para ser ordenados al diaconado, entre ellos Steven quien fue apedreado hasta la muerte. Otro ejemplo de ordenación se encuentra en la primera carta de Pablo a Timoteo. Aquí Pablo le recuerda a Timoteo que no ignore el don del Espíritu que se le ha dado por profecía con la imposición de manos por el consejo de ancianos (1Timoteo 4:14). Y en la segunda carta de Pablo, le recuerda a Timoteo otra vez para revivir el don del Espíritu Santo que está en él a través de la imposición de manos de Pablo. Todas estas citas bíblicas apoyan firmemente la tradición de la ordenación a las Ordenes Sacerdotales en la Iglesia. Esta tradición es conocida en la Iglesia como la Sucesión Apostólica , porque podemos trazar la ordenación de los Diáconos, Sacerdotes y Obispos a los Apóstoles. La Iglesia Episcopal/Anglicana continúa esta tradición de Poner las manos iniciada por Jesús y continuada por los Apóstoles. Es costumbre en la Iglesia Episcopal/Anglicana preparar y presentar a los obispos candidatos a la Confirmación. En este servicio, el obispo pone sus manos sobre la cabeza de la persona y dice una oración para invocar al Espíritu Santo. Este acto también se conoce como la ordenación de los laicos de niño espiritual a adulto espiritual . Este sacramento da a la persona la oportunidad de hacer una declaración pública de su fe y le permite ser un participante completo en los diversos ministerios de la Santa Iglesia Católica. El Sacramento de la Confirmación sólo puede ser realizado por los Obispos en la Iglesia Episcopal/Anglicana. Por lo tanto, la imposición de manos es una práctica introducida por nuestro Señor Jesucristo, seguida por sus discípulos y hoy es llevada a cabo por la iglesia. Es el rito que nos capacita para sanarnos en cuerpo y espíritu y nos permite recibir el don del Espíritu Santo en la Confirmación y la Ordenación. 3 AUGUST BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES CUMPLEAÑOS Y ANIVERSARIOS EN AUGUSTO BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS/FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS 8/01 Eslon Attwood David Yorkirons Luis Alfonso Ibarra 8/02 Elrene Francis 8/05 Carlos Barrios 8/06 Otis Sangster 8/07 Veronica Alleyne Santiago Catala Judith Moody 8/08 Verona Allen 8/09 Shawn Tolley 8/10 Kristle Quintana Angel Bueno 8/10 Ruben Caraballo 8/11 Leo McCalla Liliana Arias 8/13 Gilberto Possebon 8/14 Alexandra Yorkirons Denton Yorkirons 8/17 Miguel Zubieta 8/20 Dennis Rookwood Angel Fernandez 8/21 Alba Martinez 8/22 Pauline Rookwood Nicolas Ferrer Jr. 8/23 Eli Lopez Ashley Tolley 8/24 Monique Nibbs Sylvia Ibarra 8/25 Isabella Melendez Ivan Dario Silva 8/28 Angel Smith Walker Joshua Nibbs 8/29 Bishop John Said Adolfo Barrios Jr. 8/30 Guilliana Cubillos Denise Sangster ANNIVERSARY BLESSINGS FELIZ ANIVERSARIO 8/05 David & Rev. Jamie Turner 8/10 Dennis & Ethlyn Moody 8/13 Adolfo & Publito Barrios Jose Limpias & Mirtha Viche 8/14 Guillermo & Ana Melendes 8/16 Jose & Leticia Hernandez 8/21 Richard & Linda Crossett Alfonso & Nina Ibarra 8/31 Wessell & Enid Thompson THANK YOU To Our Church Family: Thanks to all of you for your prayers, hospital visits, phone calls, get well cards and good wishes. Being sick is not easy but just having the support from our Church family gave us the strength to persevere. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and may God bless all of you. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Trevor & Melrose Sangster. IT IS WITH HEARTFELT SYMPATHY THAT WE ANNOUNCE THE DEATH OF MYRIAM VAL- BUENO, WHO DIED ON JULY 28, MYRIAM ATTENDED THE 12NOON SERVICE ALONG WITH HER DAUGHTERS AND GRANDCHILDREN. MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE. PLEASE KEEP HER FAMILY IN YOUR PRAYERS. 4 MONTH TO DATE REVENUES $41, EXPENCES $15, TOTAL $26, TREASURERS REPORT/ SUMMARY OF 2017 REVENUES AND EXPENSES / REVENUE ANALYSIS YEAR TO DATE REVENUES $124, EXPENSES $113, TOTAL $11, Total Monthly Number of Excluded Actual Avg. Weekly Wkly Rev. Avg. Weekly Revenue Weeks Revenue Revenue Revenue Needed Over/ (Short) January $19, $10, $8, $1, $2, $1, February $17, $6, $10, $2, $ $ March $16, $5, $11, $2, $2, $31.75 April $35, $5, $29, $ 7, $2, $4, May $41, $4, $37, $7, $2, $4, June July August September October NOTICE YOU MAY NOW MAKE DONATIONS ONLINE VIA THE WEBSITE. November December Total $129, $31, $98, $4, $2, $1, The Monthly Revenue is reduced by Business Revenue and Building Fund receipts. Business Revenue includes Diocese an Support, Thrift Shop and Hall Rental receipts. The Building Fund receipts are excluded because its monies are not used to pay church expenses. NOTICE YOU MAY NOW MAKE DONATIONS ONLINE VIA THE WEBSITE. 5 When Jesus Prayed (4) Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you. Luke 22:31 32 NIV Jesus prayed when He was concerned about the people He loved. He told Peter: Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers. And Peter did turn back. The disciple who denied his Lord in a moment of weakness eventually stood before a crowd of thousands and preached the Gospel to them, and three thousand were won to Christ. Jesus not only taught His disciples, He warned them of danger. But ultimately He realized that the greatest thing He could do was pray for them. Unfortunately, that s a truth we tend to arrive at later rather than sooner. We promise, we rescue, we threaten, and only when all our other efforts have failed do we pray. Prayer shouldn t be your last resort, it should be your first response. Prayer takes the situation out of your hands and puts it into God s. Do you remember the four men who carried their sick friend and laid him at the feet of Jesus? (see Mark 2:3 5) That s what you do when you pray for someone. It s not easy to pick up the weight of another person and carry them to God each day in prayer. But it s the most effective thing you can do for them. The old-timers used to say, Prayer moves the hand that moves the world. And they were right! When a loved one disappoints or wounds you, instead of lashing out, lift them up in prayer. Invite God into the situation, then stand back and allow Him to work. Bob Gass The Word for Today Cuando Jesus Oro (4) Satanás ha pedido zarandearlos a ustedes como si fueran trigo. Pero yo he orado por ti Lucas 22:31-32 NVI Jesús oró cuando estaba preocupado por las personas que amaba. Le dijo a Pedro: Satanás ha pedido zarandearlos a ustedes como si fueran trigo. Pero yo he orado por ti, para que no falle tu fe. Y tú, cuando te hayas vuelto a mí, fortalece a tus hermanos» Y Pedro volvió al Señor. El discípulo que negó a su Señor en un momento de debilidad se presentó ante una multitud de miles y les predicó el Evangelio, y tres mil fueron ganados a Cristo. Jesús no sólo enseñó a sus discípulos, sino que los advirtió del peligro. Pero finalmente se dio cuenta de que lo más importante que podía hacer era orar por ellos. Desafortunadamente, esa es una verdad que tendemos a llegar más tarde que antes. Prometemos, rescatamos, amenazamos, y solamente cuando todos nuestros otros esfuerzos han fallado oramos. La oración no debe ser su último recurso, debe ser su primera respuesta. La oración saca la situación de tus manos y la pone en la de Dios. Te acuerdas de los cuatro hombres que llevaron a su amigo enfermo y lo pusieron a los pies de Jesús? (Ver Marcos 2: 3-5) Eso es lo que haces cuando oras por alguien. No es fácil recoger el peso de otra persona y llevarlos a Dios cada día en oración. Pero es lo más efectivo que puedes hacer por ellos. Los ancianos solían decir: La oración mueve la mano que mueve el mundo. Y tenían razón! Cuando un ser querido te desilusiona o te hiere, en vez de azotarlo, levántalo en oración. Invita a Dios a la situación, luego retrocede y permítele trabajar. Bob Gass - La Palabra de Hoy SAVE THE DATE! / SEPARE LA FECHA NOVEMBER/NOVIEMBRE: 16; 17; 18! NEW PICTORIAL DIRECTORY! NUEVO DIRECTORIO FOTOGRAFICO MORE INFORMATION TO COME!/ MAS INFORMACION POR VENIR. Always pray to have eyes that see the best, A heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and a soul that never loses faith Use your voice for kindness, Your ears for compassion, Your hands for charity, Your mind for truth, and your heart for love. 6 HAPPENINGS AT HOLY FAITH/FUTUROS EVENTOS EN LA SANTA FE 8/6 International Sunday Celebration. PH 9/09 Ministry Leaders Meeting HH 9/16 Distributing Invitation Flyers to travelers on US Highway 1. 9/17 Back to Church Sunday/Recognition Sunday/ Hispanic Heritage Celebration. 9/23 Christian Comedy 5pm PH 9/27 Bishop s Committee Meeting resumes. 6:30pm HH 9/30 English Ultreya 10am 3pm PH 10/07 Thrift Shop Tea Party & Fashion Show. 10/12 - Hispanic Cursillio Team Retreat in Orlando 10/19 10/22 Hispanic Cursillio at Canterbury. 11/11 11/12 Harvest Celebration 11/16 11/25 Pictoral Directory PH. 11/23 Thanksgiving Service 11am. Meal 1pm PH. 12/08 Christmas Party PH. 12/15 Posadas begins. 12/16 FEED MY SHEEP to be held at Holy Faith. 11am 2pm 12/17 Christmas Pageant. Holy Faith Episcopal Church has received a gift of a sculpture depicting the first of Jesus miracles, changing water into wine at the Wedding Feast of Cana. The sculpture was done by Trevor Maitland, brother of Carolline Campbell, donated for our 53 rd anniversary. Carroline attends the 10am Service. The sculpture was carved from mahogany wood, one of the hardest and durable wood found in Jamaica. The sculpture was carved over 30 years ago while Trevor was living in Jamaica. He currently resides in Broward County and still works at this passion which his sister says he has had since he was a child. She is very proud of him and his gift and has a few pieces of his works in her home. Thank you Trevor Maitland! 7 8 HOLY FAITH MEMORIAL GARDEN AND COLUMBARIUM The renewal of an ancient custom, it has been said, Don t be buried from the church be buried in the church, or in our case in Holy Faith s Memorial Garden. Years ago most churches had church cemeteries, however now that cremation is acceptable we have the Columbarium for the interment of ashes. Holy Faith Memorial Garden Columbarium was established in 1980, with 128 niches. Each niche will contain your ashes, or that your loved ones. The Columbarium is constructed of concrete, similar to that of a vault, and is encased in marble and bronze for complete permanency. There are nameplates for each niche, on which the name, date of birth, date of death, and any symbol can be inscribed. Our Memorial Garden and Columbarium is located in a secluded spot adjacent to Shenandoah Hall, enclosed by a solar block wall and trees creating a place for meditation and there are benches where one can sit in peace, to be near their love one. Visit our Memorial Garden at your convenience and experience its tranquil atmosphere, truly an asset to our church grounds. There are niches available for purchase. A single niche costs $600, and a double costs $1000. The price includes container or urn, inscription on the bronze enclosure; interment and perpetual care, there are no additional costs. This facility is available to the community, not just to the members and friends of Holy Faith. Payment arrangements can be made. If you are interested please contact Holy Faith Church Office at FOR S
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