Ten Steps to Hiring a Graphic Designer and Brand Marketer

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  Do you have a creative project on your horizon? Don't know where to start? This informative, sometimes tongue-in-cheek will help you realize your brand potential, select a great creative design partner and produce a vibrant piece of graphic design in line with your creative brief.
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  • 1. Mike Beardmike@mikebeard.comALLCONTENTSCOPYRIGHT2013–MIKEBEARDANDASSOCIATESINC.Do you have a creative project coming up?Wondering where to start?This presentation is for you.Finding the right designer can be the first, mostcritical step to success, both for you and for your brand.This guide sets out ten steps - real, useful ideas to helpyou find and hire a synchronistic creative partner.The first step is always the toughest. Here we go.Ten e s ohirin agraphicst tp gdesigner
  • 2. As a business manager, ask yourself,‘What would my brand think?’What does your brand stand for? Can you‘believe’? Do your personal values alignwith those of your brand?Is your brand welcoming? Positive?Forward-thinking? Is it open to new ideas?Do some soul searching before trying to finda like-minded graphic designer. Is ‘creativity’in your brand’s DNA?How will new graphic projects expand, yetremain faithful to, your brand’s core values?How will you introduce specific brandcharacteristics to your new designer?As brand manager, what is it about yourworking style that might be especiallyrelevant to prospective design partners?1ALLCONTENTSCOPYRIGHT2013–MIKEBEARDANDASSOCIATESINC.Becomeourbrand.y
  • 3. A Creative Brief is necessary.Do not attempt to do all this in yourhead! The act of writing will clarifyyour thoughts. Once it’s complete,you can share it with your team, anyprospective designers you may havein mind and other suppliers.If a prospect disregards this, pleasedisregard them.1. Marketing Objective2. Budget and ProjectManagement3. Target Audience4. Creative Overview5. Advertising and BrandingGuidelines6. Deliverable Required7. Success Definition8. Detailed Sign Off Plan9. Project Recap: What can we dobetter next time?2ALLCONTENTSCOPYRIGHT2013–MIKEBEARDANDASSOCIATESINC.tWri e acom letecreativerie .pb f
  • 4. My guess is you’ve already made a decision or twoabout the guy on the right.His ‘brand’ comes across fast… in 3 images flat!That’s how quickly images can connect. Marketers mustmake sure they are sending the right signals.My friend Chris asks, “How much is good design worth?”His answer, “Invaluable.”How much does bad design cost? “Incalculable.”Is strategic design of real value to your company? If youranswer is yes, proceed to hiring a good designer.A good designer will challenge your ideas.A good designer has life and business experience.A good designer will deepen customer loyaltyto your brand, your productsand your company.What’s that worth?3ALLCONTENTSCOPYRIGHT2013–MIKEBEARDANDASSOCIATESINC.Ask yourself,“What’s a first impression worth?”
  • 5. To sit and casually chat with aprospective designer is more than a distinct advantage. It’s a critical step. Here’show to set about finding local creative talent.Look around town for an ad, sign or brochure you like. Call the Chamber ofCommerce or other local business groups. Ask your friends and business associates.Search for nearby talent on Google. Be open to social media like LinkedIn,Facebook, Pinterest, Behance and Slideshare. Find the best designers in magazineslike Communication Arts or sites like Logo for a Day.If you’re lucky you’ll find a local designer who blogs and shares relevant content!If not, find one online who is comfortable getting to know you on Skype.Business is based on relationships thatare up close and really quite personal.ALLCONTENTSCOPYRIGHT2013–MIKEBEARDANDASSOCIATESINC.4Sear hlocalearchsocialcSl
  • 6. Are you looking for a specific style or are yousearching for someone who can interpret - andbring new resonance to - your brand?If you can look at a piece and recognize its maker, thedesigner may not be the fresh thinker youare looking for. You may be about to purchasetheir style. This can be a good thing,especially if you want to ‘plug them in’.However, if you are hiring a designer to bring theirbest, most innovative thinking, someone who canslip on any number of skins , make sure at the outset,they are perfectly at ease in yours.When viewing a portfolio, look for someone who iscomfortable in a variety of skins.5ALLCONTENTSCOPYRIGHT2013–MIKEBEARDANDASSOCIATESINC.Look for a design chameleon.
  • 7. Get references – lots!Call and chat. Prepare alist of questions. Whatwent right? What went… awry? Would they use this designer again?Was the bill fair? Ask, ‘What would I do in similar circumstances?’You may soon be put to the test.Present a non-disclose contract. Assure yourself that sensitivemarketing information stays private. Loose lips still sink ships.6ALLCONTENTSCOPYRIGHT2013–MIKEBEARDANDASSOCIATESINC.Get comfortable.
  • 8. Check your graphic professional for the ability to listen.It’s an increasingly rare functionality, forming an inverse relationship to the abundanceof prosthetic devices like those illustrated below. Their employment impedes the naturalfunction of that other pair of listening devices - ears. The usage of sound deadeningtechnologies hinders rational thought and inhibits real communication.If your prospective designer peeks under the table, check to see if he is concealing theircompanion piece, the conversation-killing ‘smart’ phone.Now might be the right time to bring up eyeball-to-eyeball topics like honesty,connecting with the brand, timing and feedback.7COPYRIGHT2013–MIKEBEARDANDASSOCIATESINC.
  • 9. Saatchi & Saatchi create‘lovemarks’, iconic brands thatresonate with consumers- who return that love withloyal purchasing over time.You should be lookingfor a designer with heart,because that’s where the best branding comes from.Your brand should be cherished by both your customers and your employees.As in marriages, divorces are messy. People don’t like them.Don’t suddenly ditch your logo or ‘refresh’ your brand’s tone of voice.Proceed with caution. When considering a designer, think long term.The law of unintended consequences definitely applies.8ALLCONTENTSCOPYRIGHT2013–MIKEBEARDANDASSOCIATESINC.A rand isforever.brf
  • 10. A lot goes into making a design project successful.Clear understanding on both sides is paramount.Beginning with the Creative Brief, each step in the design and production processmust be anticipated, monitored and controlled.Timing, cost and labour considerations call for project management expertise.Don’t let your pet project end in finger pointing.9ALLCONTENTSCOPYRIGHT2013–MIKEBEARDANDASSOCIATESINC.Good design is no accident.Get it in writing.gd
  • 11. 10Once you have chosen a design professional, do not present them with therather impossible challenge of discovering that image you’ve had in your head allalong – so perfect for this project– if only your new designer could see it!.Don’t fall in love with your own lightbulbs.ALLCONTENTSCOPYRIGHT2013–MIKEBEARDANDASSOCIATESINC.Please toss previously held ideas.
  • 12. May all your leapsbe leaps of boundless faith!But don’t close your eyes.Never jump into anything,especially design engagements.You are the master of your creative project.Think ahead!ALLCONTENTSCOPYRIGHT2013–MIKEBEARDANDASSOCIATESINC.
  • 13. ALLCONTENTSCOPYRIGHT2013–MIKEBEARDANDASSOCIATESINC.Mike BeardBarrie, Ontario, Canadamike@mikebeard.comMay this rather irreverent presentation help entrepreneurs, marketers anddesigners in their pursuit of mutually beneficial relationships andcreative success.Please join me here, between Toronto’s tall buildings andthe beach, for my latest local marketing and brandingadventures, at graphicdesigninbarrie.com
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