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  Want to pursue your academic dreams in US universities? Read this detailed guide to understand what has to be done before you apply for a college/university. For more info visit:
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  • 1. Introduction • You may have planned to pursue your higher education from U.S since it is the first choice for international students • It is implied that you already hold sound knowledge on the educational infrastructure of U.S • We will help you get prepared for the transition by providing useful information on studying in U.S For more information , visit :
  • 2. Pre-planning for Studying Abroad • U.S has the finest education system, offering degree in both conventional programs and modern studies • U.S universities are known for using the most advanced technology to make the learning experience engaging • U.S is the place to visit if you want to conduct research or take up teaching and training programs. For more information , visit :
  • 3. Pre-planning for Studying Abroad (Contd..) • U.S offers you the flexibility to choose from a combination of classes under your coursework • Each U.S. university has a separate office for students to place their concerns regarding visa, scholarship, accommodation etc • Students with global education, cross cultural skills and business knowledge are preferred by potential employers. For more information , visit :
  • 4. Choosing Right Educational Institution for Bright Future • Massachusetts Institution of Technology – Cambridge – World Ranking: 1 • University of Harvard – Cambridge – World Ranking: 2 • University of Stanford – California – World Ranking: 3 • California Institution of Technology – California – World Ranking: 5 • University of Chicago – Chicago – World Ranking: 10 For more information , visit :
  • 5. Choosing Right Educational Institution for Bright Future (Contd..) • Princeton University – New Jersey – World Ranking: 11 • Yale University – New Haven – World Ranking: 15 • Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore – World Ranking: 16 • Cornell University – New York – World Ranking: 17 • University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia – World Ranking: 18 For more information , visit :
  • 6. Applying for Colleges and Universities • You need to write a personal statement, also known as admission essay • You also need to submit letters of recommendation from your teachers • If you are applying through Common Online Application form, you need to invest much time in application process • If you are applying directly through university website, you can get easy access to application forms. For more information , visit :
  • 7. How to Allocate Time for Admission Applications? • After conducting research, make a list of potential universities and register with the entrance exam site, 18 months before reaching destination • Opt for your university, gather relevant information and appear for entrance test, 12-14 months before reaching destination • Collect transcript from school and write your admission essay, 10-12 months before reaching destination. For more information , visit :
  • 8. How to Allocate Time for Admission Applications? (Contd..) • Gather required information about funding and assemble all documents in one place and send the application, 10 months before reaching the destination • Finally, apply for student visa, get information about health insurance policy and make necessary travel arrangements, 3 months before reaching destination. For more information , visit :
  • 9. How to Take the Standardized Test? • Since there are a number of entrance tests, know the type of test your target university will accept • Get a precise understanding of the sections within the test • Get acquainted with the segregation of marks for the test • Keep in mind the rules and regulations you need to maintain • Start planning how to prepare for the test • Make the payment of the fees for exam. For more information , visit :
  • 10. Applying for Student Visas • F1 visas are issued to those students aspiring to pursue an academic program • J1 visas are issued to those students who need practical training in U.S. • M1 visas are issued to those students who wish to attend vocational schools but they are not allowed to work. For more information , visit :
  • 11. Applying for Student Visas (Contd..) • Get a confirmation letter from SEVP approved university before applying for F1 visa • Once you get the acceptance letter, pay your SEVIS I- 901 fee to get yourself enrolled. You will receive I-20 form which you need to fill out and submit during F1 interview • Non-refundable application fee is required for filling up the application form. During visa interview, you have to submit D-160 form. For more information , visit :
  • 12. Applying for Student Visas (Contd..) • After filling the form, an interview should be scheduled with consular. Bring documents like valid passport, DS-120 form, non-immigrant visa application, passport photo, application fee etc. • Whether you are eligible for F1 visa or not will largely depend on interview. Biometrics will be taken for completing the identification. For more information , visit :
  • 13. What All Needs to be Done While Arriving in the U.S? • It is tiring yet adventurous to prepare for going overseas as it is a life changing experience • You should start planning in advance before leaving country. Make a budget for yourself to adjust financial support and fund • Before getting permanent resident, stay back in your hostel for few days initially • Check out your college’s website for getting acquainted with nearby route. For more information , visit :
  • 14. Finding Student Accommodation in the U.S. • When you are finally heading for the destination, brush your knowledge of American volleyball, football and baseball. • USA offers a great opportunity to those who want to expand their academic knowledge • Instead of being panic-stricken, keep your calm and find a residence that will serve as your home for the coming years. For more information , visit :
  • 15. What are the options you have? • College dormitories are large buildings that are equipped with advanced facilities • Students are required to share a room with other roommates • There are pods in some universities, consisting of several rooms where each student can stay. However, they have to share their washroom with others. For more information , visit :
  • 16. What are the options you have? (Contd..) • If you think dorm life is not suitable for you, you can look for a place of your own • Off campus apartments give you the chance to explore the city • The lease for apartment is usually one year and the deposit money is refundable • You have to pay extra for utilities like induction, cable, water, internet. For more information , visit :
  • 17. Guide for international students heading to USA Study in the U.S – A Guide for International Students
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