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  1. SOCIAL MEDIA<br />BY<br />Aidan Albert and <br />Selasie Smith<br /> 2. WHAT<br />Is Social Media???<br /> 3. The Content...<br…
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  • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA<br />BY<br />Aidan Albert and <br />Selasie Smith<br />
  • 2. WHAT<br />Is Social Media???<br />
  • 3. The Content...<br />Social media can be described as conversation powered by social media such as, social networking sites like Facebook, podcasts, picture sites like flickr, blogs etc.<br />Unlike other media mediums such as TV and newspapers, the consumer is an active participant in online social media rather then just a passive observer. <br />Social media can be used in various ways such as promoting a product to socialising online.<br />It’s not organised nor is it controlled. The conversion tends to be vibrant, fun, compelling and full of insight<br />The best way to explain what social media actually is, can be put as a group of new kinds of online media which have most or all similar characteristics such as participation, openness, conversation, community and connectedness<br />
  • 4. WHO<br />Does Social Media Effect???<br />
  • 5. Who Does Social Media Effect???<br />Social media effects us all, as it brings us all together in a virtual world – when using the internet as we are able to communicate with almost everyone in real time (NOW).<br />This can also effect companies as some do use to advertise products and services. One media this is currently affecting is Television as we can watch the programmes at anytime “on demand”. Some people opt to watch in their own time instead of at the viewing time as they’ve got that option to do so, this effects the TV ratings. <br />
  • 6. WHEN <br />Can We Access Social Media???<br />
  • 7. When Can we access social media???<br />Social media is available “on demand” at the touch of our own fingertips. As increasingly technology friend society we have these products at hand to help us “SOCIALISE”. CHECK YOUR BAGS<br />iPod? Mobile Phones? Laptops? <br />Got it?<br />YOU carry social mediums!<br />
  • 8. WHERE<br />Can We Access Social Media???<br />
  • 9. Where can we access social media???<br />As the previous slide stated social media is at the tip of our fingers. <br />Thanks to technology we can access this from our mobile phones, iPods, internet sites such as Facebook and Wikipedia. <br />These software tools allow us to be in touch with our peers and share information too, such as writing on blogs, create podcasts for others to download and produce content we can all add to.<br />
  • 10. How <br />Can We Access Social Media???<br />
  • 11. How can we access social media???<br />There isn&apos;t just one simple online media that covers social media, there are many different concepts, here are a few examples.<br />You can have social networking, which is socialising online and is a way of bringing people together. This is done by using social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace. The user creates a page for themselves where they upload information, pictures and videos of themselves and share it online to other users of that website.<br />Social video (video streaming) can be used to watch various visual media online. The most popular website where the users can upload their videos is Youtube, and users can upload any videos of their own creation such as a short movie, blogs or advertising. This is probably one of the more bigger aspects of social media as it can be used for various aspects for not only the common user but also for companies who wish to promote their products as well. <br />Blogs are used for many different purposes. They are basically an online diary about a certain subject which can range from someone&apos;s day to day life to subjects like politics and business. Companies or famous actors may used them to keep their customers up to date with their happenings. <br />
  • 12. advantages<br />Of Social Media...<br />
  • 13. Advantages of social media...<br />Social media is still in its infancy. It has been evolving ever since the concept was created and there have already been many benefits to its release. <br />One of the main benefits is the impact it has on the economy, businesses selling a product or service can use social media to raise awareness of themselves to the public. For example; if a company has a social networking page like Myspace, they can post bulletins or updates about their products or service.<br />By using social video companies can advertise or promote their products or service as well through the use of youtube, metacafe or any other video stream site. <br />Thanks to web marketing, companies are becoming more better informed and smarter and are able to receive demand for better quality products or service which helps them make the customer happy. It’s a brand new way of understanding markets.<br />Its not just companies that benefit, famous bands or actors are able to promote new songs or films by using social networking sites and blogs.<br />The viewer is easily able to follow what the company, band etc are doing and see their updates. The idea of “subscribing” means that the user can subscribe to that page and continue getting updates and follow the actions easily. This is usually called microblogging and a website called twitter is most likely the best website for this.<br />Of course perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that Social media brings people together through different methods! <br />
  • 14. Advantages of social media... (cont’d)<br />There is so much information on the web which makes life easier for when people want to find something in particular out. There is most likely everything you would want to know available online, this plays a huge part in social media.<br />The most common used websites for this are wikis. is one of the most famous ones as it contains millions of articles of practically every subject you would want to find out more about. <br />Wikis are basically websites which allow people to contribute or edit the content on them which is perfect for collaborative working. For example if a group of people wanted to create a large document and their in several different offices, they can edit easily adding there information to it. <br />People can also find out about specific information and what the rest of the public think of it. For example if someone wanted to find out what other peoples experience was with a particular product, they can find reviews or ratings by those people and get a good idea for themselves if they wanted to purchase it. A website called Digg allows users to vote and rate particular news stories on relevancy and the best ones come out towards the top of the search.<br />Another online social media medium used is a forum. This is where users can post particular topics and have a discussion about it. It can range from a query about help on an essay to a question on say how your favourite soap opera ending was like. <br />
  • 15. summary<br />Of Social Media<br />
  • 16. Summary…<br />With the development of the web, the public were able to create their own content and distribute it to the rest of the public through different ways.<br />The web is still developing and therefore social media will continue to grow especially as its still quite a new concept.<br />People in the world are much more connected then ever before because of social media making us a much more open and connected society.<br />
  • 17. Social media is <br />Participating, conversating, sharing, updating, uploading and connecting to endless communities.<br />
  • 18. SOCIALYOU<br />
  • 19. SOCIAL ME<br />
  • 20. SOCIAL MEDIA<br />
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