Social Media for Commercial Real Estate: Buzz, or Bzzt?

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  1. SOCIAL MEDIA: BUZZ, OR BZZZT?Tony Hines ã BHW1 ã ã 509-456-8640 2. TODAY’S SYLLABUS1. What you’ve heard. Why it’s wrong.2. Commercial real…
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  • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA: BUZZ, OR BZZZT?Tony Hines • BHW1 • • 509-456-8640
  • 2. TODAY’S SYLLABUS1. What you’ve heard. Why it’s wrong.2. Commercial real estate and social media: can they date?3. Talk amongst ourselves.
  • 3. WHAT YOU’VE HEARDSocial media is theeighth wonder of theworld!, billions ofpeople are waiting tohear from you!And, it’s all FREE!
  • 4. WHAT YOU’VE HEARDSocial media is apassing fad.There’s no ROI.It’s all smoke andmirrors, snake oil, orother slick metaphor ofyour choice.
  • 5. THAT’S TRUE. AND FALSE.A dramatic shift in communication...but hyped in the wrong way.
  • 6. FACTS & FIGURES82% of online adultsare social media users,up from less than halfjust three years ago.Fastest-growingsegment: adults 50+ =100% increase in oneyear.
  • 7. TOOL BOXMore than two dozentypes of tools.But let’s not look at thisdata and fall into the “INeed To...” trap.
  • 8. I NEED TO...Do something on social media every hour of every day.
  • 9. NO. YOU NEED TO...Give people interesting/unique/fun information.
  • 10. I NEED TO...Attract a bazillion fans, friends and followers.
  • 11. NO. YOU NEED TO...Give people interesting/unique/fun information.
  • 12. I NEED TO...Ask my son/niece/intern to do all my social media stuff.
  • 13. NO. YOU NEED TO...Give people interesting/unique/fun information.
  • 14. RELAXAll you really need to do is give people interesting/unique/fun information. (Sound familiar?) Here’s how: Concentrate on big topics Concentrate on big fish Concentrate on big ideas
  • 15. BIG TOPICSIssue: DowntownRenovation, GreenSpaceNon-Profit: CyclingSpokane, SustainableSeptember, etc.Cause: EconomicBenefits, LegislativeSupport
  • 16. BIG FISHPeople tied to theIssues, Non-Profits andCauses identified.Google ’em.Find ’em on LinkedIn.Pitch ’em/massage ’emon Twitter.
  • 17. BIG IDEASTie together the bigtopics and big fish inways that are...youguessed it: interesting,unique or fun.Let’s look at three low-risk/high-value ideas assuggestions.
  • 18. REAL ESTATE: Location, location, location.
  • 19. LOCATION CHECK-INSGoogle: 500% growth in mobile search last two years.Check-ins on Facebook Places, Foursquare,SCVNGR, Gowalla.Encourage check-ins for tenants. (Use window clings?)Create a badge for check-ins = Tenant love, whichresults in word of mouth.
  • 20. VIDEO:The 500-pound gorilla.
  • 21. VIDEOMore than 50% of internet traffic now carries video.(That’s more traffic than the WWW itself.)Video has higher perceived value = Create video toursof spaces. Bonus: Tie to issues, non-profits or causes.Make it mobile-enabled video. Ask tenants to createvideo tours of their spaces.
  • 22. TIE IT TOGETHER:Make your space social media “friendly.”
  • 23. SOCIAL MEDIA FRIENDLY Create a Twitter hashtag for your building(#fidelitybuilding, as an example). Ask tenants to include the hashtag in their updates; display updates on the lobby monitor. See
  • 24. SOCIAL MEDIA FRIENDLY Offer unused space in your building for Meetups, Tweetups and other gatherings of social media users. Provide snacks, coffee and free wi-fi. Take it a step further: offer space to the issues, non- profits and causes identified earlier.
  • 25. SOCIAL MEDIA FRIENDLY Build QR codes into signage. Free codes: QR codes, readable by mobile phones, can instantly go to any online link: video tours, check-ins, offers, etc.
  • 26. WRAP-UP & QUESTIONSGive people information that’s useful/interesting/fun.That doesn’t mean you have to create the information:tenants can (and probably already are) creatingcontent. Make them partners.Make your space social media friendly, without evendoing social media yourself.Questions?
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