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  This is a presentation my group did for Linda Castillon who is the Head of Licensing at SkinIt. This was a fun project centered on how SkinIt can better brand themselves. We focused on a clear, coherent, and consistent message centered on great products, best quality and extensive availability.
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  • 2. Great Products + Strong Business + Better World<br />Respect »» Like »» Trust »» Belong »» Share <br />
  • 3. Plan to Improve Brand Awareness and Brand Favorable Opinion<br />
  • 4. Brand Promise Analysis<br />*Virality<br />*Unique/Individualistic<br />*Quality<br />*Affordable<br />*Availability<br />*Current/Trendy<br />Correlation With Overall <br />Brand/Favorable Opinion<br />*Environmental<br />*Customer Satisfaction<br />*Ease of Use<br />*American<br />SkinIt Strengths/Weaknesses<br />
  • 5. Website Recommendations <br />
  • 6. Great Products + Strong Business + Better World<br />Skins For A Cause<br />American Breast Cancer Foundation<br />Blue Thong Society<br />CASA, GLA<br />National Multiple Sclerosis Society<br />National Society of Collegiate Scholars<br />Support Our Troops<br />The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society<br />Willingness &<br />Readiness to Engage<br />
  • 7. “Personalize Your Life”<br />
  • 8. Social Media: Reach and Engage<br />
  • 9. Social Media<br />
  • 10. Social Media<br />
  • 11. Social Media<br />
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  • 13. Google Blogs……Mixed Results<br />Not What We’re Looking For!<br />
  • 14. Social Media Promotion<br /><br />
  • 15. Survey Results<br />
  • 16. Survey Analysis<br />
  • 17. Earned Media & Key Tactics for Improving Brand Awareness<br />Rational Drivers: <br />Quality, Durability, <br />Reliability, Affordability, <br />Ease of Use, <br />Environmentally Friendly, <br />Consistent, <br />Versatility, Currency<br />Emotional Drivers: <br />Cool, Savvy, <br />Creative, Unique, <br />Individualistic, <br />Clever, Fun, All Encompassing, <br />Customer Satisfaction<br />SkinIt Earned…<br />Awards<br />Accolades<br />Blog Buzz<br />RSS Feeds<br />Q Scores<br />Consumer Reports<br />Because of….<br />
  • 18. Advertising<br />Rational Driver<br />Emotional Drivers!<br />
  • 19. Paid Media<br />
  • 20. Advertising<br />
  • 21. Driving Traffic<br />
  • 22. Communication: What’s Working?<br />
  • 23. Communication: What’s Missing?<br />We Need More….<br />Commercials<br />Newspaper/Magazine Advertisements<br />In Store/<br />Kiosks<br />Sporting Events<br />Schools, <br />University Bookstores<br />Product Placement<br />Where We Will Be…..<br />ESPN, NBC, CBS, ABC, E!, Fox<br />GQ, People, SI, ESPN, People, SD Reader, USA Today, <br />Fry’s, Best Buy, Target, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT &T, Cricket<br />NFL, MBL, MLS, <br />NBA, PGA, NHL<br />From USD to Duke<br />Movies, TV Shows, Print, Viral<br />
  • 24. Advertising<br />
  • 25. Guerilla Marketing <br />Websites<br />Discounts & Coupons<br />Sporting Events<br />SkinIt Cars<br />In Store Promotions<br />Movies<br />
  • 26. Great Products + Strong Business + Better World<br />Respect »» Like »» Trust »» Belong »» Share <br />
  • 27. Thank You Linda!<br />Peter Mulally, Brandon McCreary, Ryan Kay, Scott Duyn, Britt Heady<br />
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