Six Alternative Student Cities in US

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  Rather than going to popular cities like New York, Washington D.C. and Boston, explore these six alternative cities in US as your next destination for higher education.
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  • 1. Introduction Most students look to study in well-known US cities such as Boston, New York, Washington D.C. as they remain ignorant about prestigious institutions in other US cities. US boasts plenty lesser known places that offer students a whole new cultural experience and fascinating American history alongside some of the world’s best universities. So, rather than being robotic with your choices, pick something unusual to pursue your academic dreams. Here are 6 alternative US cities you may take into account before choosing a place that will be your home for the next few years. For more information , visit :
  • 2. 1. Chicago For more information , visit : Nicknamed as ‘Windy City’, Chicago boasts diverse cultural offerings that students can enjoy along with extremely cheap rent (median gross rent: $886). Tuition fee (average $18,000) in Chicago is not much, but quality living index here is one of the highest in the country. The University of Chicago and Northwestern University here are counted among the nation’s most eminent institutions.
  • 3. 2. Los Angeles (LA) A variety of educational institutions in Los Angeles offer students high-quality education along with safe and crime-free environment. The quality of living index in LA is generally high but lower than New York. Tuition fees (average $39,000 USD) in LA is one of the highest in the country. The notable educational institutions in LA are University of California, Los Angeles and University of Southern California. For more information , visit :
  • 4. 3. Philadelphia Philadelphia boasts one of the lowest quality living index in the country. With $34,300 as average tuition fees, the colleges and universities here also grant scholarships and awards to students. University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University present a perfect setting to achieve your dreams. For more information , visit :
  • 5. 4. San Diego It is America’s cheapest city. With an average tuition fee of $29,000 and lowest rent (less than $2000 a month), San Diego is the ideal place to fulfill your educational dreams. Top universities in San Diego like San Diego State University - San Diego (UCSD), University of California and UCSD School of Law offer students financial aid in different forms. For more information , visit :
  • 6. 5. Newark Newark boasts a lower cost of living index compared to its neighboring city, New York. With beautiful architecture, students can visit a number of galleries and performing art centers across the city. Notable universities here are New Jersey Institution of Technology (NJIT), Rutgers University (Newark Campus) and Essex Country College. For more information , visit :
  • 7. 6. San Francisco Financial centers of Facebook, Apple and IBM situated in San Francisco offers international exposure to the students. With a plethora of cultural events, this city boasts a high quality living index (comparatively lower than top US cities though) along with average university fee of around $38,000. Stanford University, University of California (Berkeley) and University of San Francisco here rank top among the nation’s and world’s most prestigious educational institutions. For more information , visit :
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