Shakespearean Comedies

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  1. Shakespearean comedies<br />Kadi Kolk<br />form XIA<br /> 2. The plays in First Folio: <br />histories<br />tragedies<br…
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  • 1. Shakespearean comedies<br />Kadi Kolk<br />form XIA<br />
  • 2. The plays in First Folio: <br />histories<br />tragedies<br />comedies<br />Shakespearean comedy:<br />written in Iambic pentameter<br />happy ending<br />involving marriages<br />cheerful<br />imaginary country<br />true characters <br />“green world’’<br />strain between Dionysian and Apollonian values<br />
  • 3. Comedy subjects:<br />A struggle of old haters<br />Separation and re-unification<br />Mistaken identities<br />A clever servant<br />Heightened tensions<br />One plot<br />Frequent punning<br />
  • 4. In Shakespeare’s comedies we can notice:<br />Foreshadowing<br />Foreboding<br />human faults and mistakes:<br />lack of generosity<br />inability to share in the pleasures of others<br />combination of tragedy and humour<br />use of the lower class<br />
  • 5. Shakespeare’s comedies<br />All&apos;s Well That Ends Well<br />As You Like It<br />Comedy of Errors<br />Cymbeline<br />Love&apos;s Labour&apos;s Lost<br />Measure for Measure<br />Merchant of Venice<br />Merry Wives of Windsor<br />Midsummer Night&apos;s Dream<br />Much Ado About Nothing<br />Taming of the Shrew<br />Tempest<br />Troilus and Cressida<br />Twelfth Night<br />Two Gentlemen of Verona<br />Winter&apos;s Tale<br />Pericles, Prince of Tyre(not included in the First Folio)<br />The Two Noble Kinsmen(not included in the First Folio)<br />
  • 6. Twelfth Night<br />written in1600-01<br />Twelfth Night&apos;s entertainment<br />mistaken identity<br />The main characters:<br />Lady Olivia<br />Orsino<br />Viola as Cesario<br />
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