Setting up IIS on Windows 7: Build Web Services with RAD Studio 2010

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  This paper describes the steps for setting up Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) on Windows 7 to enable the development of web services applications with Embarcadero RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder and Delphi Prism
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  • 1. FAQs – Last Chance to Upgrade to 2010 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ATTENTION! Users of Delphi and C++Builder versions 2005 and older. December 31, 2009 is your last chance to get upgrade pricing on the 2010 versions of Delphi, C++Builder, and Embarcadero RAD Studio. Beginning January 1st, only registered users of versions 2006 through 2009 will be eligible for upgrade pricing to version 2010. If you’re a user of versions 2005 or earlier who hasn’t upgraded yet, this is your last chance to qualify for upgrade pricing. Q: How Much Can You Save by Upgrading Now? Upgrade Savings before Upgrade Savings after Edition December 31, 2009* December 31, 2009 Professional 53% or more 0% Enterprise 35% or more 0% Architect 34% or more 0% Q: What if I own version 2006, 2007 or 2009? A: Registered users of versions 2006-2009 will still qualify for upgrade pricing to the 2010 products indefinitely. The upgrade expiration date only affects users of versions 2005 and earlier. Page 1
  • 2. FAQs – Last Chance to Upgrade to 2010 Q: What if I own an older version (2005 or earlier) and still try to purchase an upgrade product after January 1st? Will it still just work? A: No. You won’t be able to register the upgrade and the product will only function as a 30-day trial. Q: Do I need to have the older version installed on the same computer? A: No. The checking for ownership is done based on your registration of the earlier 2006-2009 product. You must register the new version with the same Embarcadero account (formerly Borland Developer Network or CodeGear Developer Network) user name and password that you used to register your earlier qualifying product. Q: What if I forgot my user name and password from the older registration or don't remember which older versions I registered? A: Just go to to have your password re-sent to you if you’ve forgotten it, and to look up your previously registered software if necessary. Q: As a user of an older version can I still upgrade to versions 2007 or 2009 after January 1st? A: Yes. However, users generally want the latest version with the latest capabilities (like Windows 7, touch development, the C++ Class Explorer, and latest database drivers) rather than upgrading to an outdated earlier version. Q: What if I need to try out the new version before I upgrade? A: You can download a free trial of Delphi, C++Builder or RAD Studio. Q: Why should I upgrade to RAD Studio rather than to just Delphi or C++Builder? A: With RAD Studio you get the flexibility to build applications with Delphi using the Delphi language; the same rapid development advantages of Delphi plus the C++ language and libraries in C++Builder; and the ability to create .NET apps with Delphi Prism; all for a great price. Q: What if I want even more beyond RAD Studio? Do you have anything like MSDN? A: Yes. Embarcadero All-Access. With Embarcadero All-Access you get a complete set of world-class application development and database tools. All-Access Developer Tools include: • Delphi (for Windows) • C++Builder (for Windows) • Delphi Prism (for .NET) • JBuilder (for Java) • J Optimizer (Java performance) • Delphi for PHP • 3rdRail (Ruby on Rails) Page 2
  • 3. FAQs – Last Chance to Upgrade to 2010 All-Access Database Tools and Databases include: • Rapid SQL (development) • ER/Studio (modeling) • Change Manager • DBArtisan (administration) • DB Optimizer (performance) • InterBase (database) Learn more about Embarcadero All-Access or Download a free trial of All-Access. Q: How can I purchase an upgrade? A: You can purchase an upgrade from the Embarcadero Online Store, find an Embarcadero Partner in your region, or contact your Embarcadero representative for volume licensing. Q: I want to upgrade. Do you have any resources to help me? A: Yes! Visit our RAD Studio 2010 Migration Center for the latest information and resources to help with your upgrade to the 2010 versions of Delphi, C++Builder, Delphi Prism or RAD Studio. *Upgrade savings percentages are a comparison of the upgrade price to the new user price in US Dollars and Euros for single licenses of Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio. Prices may vary by location, reseller, for multi-pack licenses and due to promotions. Page 3
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