Seize the Cloud - Proven Tactics From a Successful Service Provider

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  Companies everywhere are feeling the pressures of today’s economic demands; and IT departments are being forced to find ways to do more with less. They are taking closer looks at infrastructure and processes—comparing them to business needs and budgets. Companies are looking for practical innovation to solve their problems and many companies are turning to CIBER. In this session listen to how CIBER leverages Nimsoft IT Management as a Service to help them elegantly provide IT management for their clients.Visit for more information.
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  • 1. Seize the Cloud! Proven Tactics froma Successful Service ProviderGN100SNTony Testa - Principal EMS Architect - CIBER Page 1 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 2. abstractCompanies everywhere are feeling the pressures of todayseconomic demands; and IT departments are being forced tofind ways to do more with less. They are taking closer looks atinfrastructure and processes-comparing them to business needsand budgets. Companies are looking for practical innovation tosolve their problems and many companiesare turning to CIBER. In this session listen to how CIBERleverages Nimsoft IT Management as a Service to help themelegantly provide IT management for their clients. Page 2 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 3. presenterTony TestaPrincipal Architect & Global EMS Architecture Lead» 12 years hands on with multiple CA product suites» 2006-Present – Leading a team of engineers in the selection, architecture, implementation, and ongoing support for several CA products.» 2006 to present – Board Member – CA Global Spectrum/eHealth User Community» 2000-2006 – CA Services – Architect & Senior Consultant Page 3 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 4. CIBER overview A $1.1 Billion Global IT services company that builds, integrates and supports applications and infrastructures for business and government in over 90 offices and 19 countriesMore than 8,500 employees Growth & Profitability for 36 yearsNYSE: CBR - Headquartered in Denver Focus on Quality94 Offices in 19 countries Best-in-Class Client SatisfactionLocal Accountability withGlobal Delivery Page 4 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 5. CIBER overviewGlobal Practices Global Practices Enterprise Solutions SAP| Oracle| Peoplesoft|BI | Supply Chain Microsoft | Digital Marketing Application Support Application Development & Maintenance Microsoft | Java | Open Source Testing | Legacy | User Experience Managed Services End User Computing | Security Operations Infrastructure Management | Application Operations Page 5 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 6. awards and certificationsCIBER Ranked: #2 among all global IT outsourcing providers In the top two of all IT outsourcing providers for all nine performance criteria evaluated In the top ten Global Top 50 Providers for the third consecutive year Page 6 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 7. global delivery map Page 7 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 8. your monitoring toolbox Do I have the right tools in my toolbox? Are you equipped to monitor the entire enterprise? » Servers » Cloud / Virtualization Platforms » Databases » Middleware » Applications » Network » Storage » Environmental / Power » End User Experience In the Enterprise/MSP space, you need a set of solutions, or ideally a single solution that can do it all. Page 8 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 9. CIBER’s current tool ensembleNimsoft Monitor CA Service Desk / CMDBCA eHealth CA Support BridgeCA DBCC OpinioCA Spectrum Right AnswersMS SCOM XtractionCA NSM Event Management CA IT Client ManagerOracle Enterprise Mgr CA IT Asset ManagerSAP Solution Manager CA IT Process AutomationCA NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer CA Workload Automation AE Page 9 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 10. why I recommended nimsoft monitoring Flexible, scalable “low impact” architecture Communications resiliency and impact on monitored servers Rapid time to ROI & Lowered TCO to provide monitoring services Multi-tenant support out of the box Customizable reports, dashboards & SLA reporting Enables accountability & usage auditing Ease of probe distribution and updates Growing list of probes & features Extensive out of box integration and API features Ease of troubleshooting Page 10 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 11. high level product architecture Page 11 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 12. flexible, scalable “low impact” architecture Many other EMS products require you to turn your firewalls into Swiss cheese in order to facilitate communications. » NIMsoft Monitor requires only ONE port for hub to hub communications, which is configurable. Page 12 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 13. communications resiliency If there is a network outage, or the upstream hub is unreachable, the local robot(s) will spool all information locally until the outage/server is back online. Once restored, all data will be pushed to the upstream hub. » The same applies for hub to hub communications. If connectivity is lost, the data spools for forwarding once communications are reestablished. Page 13 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 14. robot & probe Impact on monitored servers A robot uses roughly 5 MB of disk space, CPU usage of less than 1%, and memory utilization of roughly 5 MB. » Probe impact on each system is also extremely lightweight, and will vary based upon number of objects monitored and poll frequency. Page 14 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 15. multi-tenant support out of the box No need for additional scripting to perform “customer” level alerting. By leveraging the customer hub and/or hostname identifiers in the notifications, we are able to direct alerts to the appropriate resolver groups on a per customer basis. Using this same feature allows us to segregate use access to reports and dashboards. Page 15 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 16. customizable reports and dashboardsNimsoft allows for creation ofcompletely branded and customizeddashboards and reports as needed tomeet customer requirements. Page 16 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 17. customer specific SLA alerting and reporting The SLA engine in Nimsoft Monitor will allow us leverage the QOS data points we gather across the entire set of probes to create the necessary calculations, and provide compliance reporting to our Service Delivery management teams and to our customers. Page 17 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 18. enables accountability & usage auditing Nimsoft Monitor has extensive roles based user control, as well as auditing functionality that allows us to identify who made changes to the monitoring environment. In addition, built in functionality allows us to export probe configuration for reporting purposes. » You wouldn’t think this was a big thing, but a lot of “major” EMS products in the industry don’t have a mechanism to allow exporting of their “agent” configs. Page 18 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 19. ease of probe distribution and updates The built in “Archive” feature allows administrators to download the latest BETA or GA modules from the Nimsoft distribution server via the Internet. By leveraging the “Archive” feature, administrators are then able to easily drag and drop probes to one or many nodes. Once a “probe” is configured in a fashion you may want to use on other nodes, that probe can be dragged back to the “Archive” and then pushed to other nodes as desired. Page 19 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 20. growing list of probes & features With an already extensive list of probes and features, Nimsoft has added several new items this year, including: » Updated Root Cause Analysis engine » Topology Mapping engine » iPad/iPhone app for mobile visibility » Updated VMware probe » Updated Oracle, DB2, and MySQL probes » Enhanced CA Service Desk gateway » New Service Now gateway Component Major Update Frequency » Enhanced SAN support Core Infrastructure Twice per year - NetApp support Reporting Engines Quarterly - EMC clarion & celerra support Probes Constantly developing/enhancing Page 20 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 21. integration pointsAs an MSP we will sometimes needs to integrate to existing customerowned ticketing or monitoring systems.This is made easy by leveraging the out of box gateways, which include: CA Service Desk CA Unicenter NSM Nimsoft Service Desk HP Openview NNM Remedy Service Desk Inbound SNMP traps Service Now Inbound Syslog messages HP Service Desk Inbound e-mail gateway Universal CMDB gateway Outbound GSM/SMS Page 21 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 22. extensive API features How many other monitoring suites provide both a web services integration option plus 5 different SDK’s allowing deep integration and custom monitoring agent creation?? »C » MS .Net » Java » Perl » Visual Basic Page 22 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 23. ease of troubleshooting Every probe has a logging level “slider” that allows you to set the logging level. All you have to do then is right click the probe and restart it to get logging started. Easy to interpret log files, with a “View Log” right click capability for every component. Page 23 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 24. rapid time to ROI & lower monitoring TCO Easy installation of the key Nimsoft components » We were able to get our development environment running in under an hour. - Primary Hub - 2 downstream hubs - DB server - Dashboard/reporting server Simple installation of “robots” on target servers » The standard Nimsoft install provides a web page that you can pull the “robot” installers from. » For production we are leveraging the software delivery engine within the CA ITCM (ITCA) suite. Page 24 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 25. robot install sources web page Page 25 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 26. rapid time to ROI & lower monitoring TCO Labor Savings » Implementation of Nimsoft Monitor is allowing us to move more and more responsibilities from engineering over to our L2 administrators. » The Integration gateways are also helping us reduce labor by allowing for automated incident creation. » The ease of configuration and ease of configuring “debug” logging is saving us labor as compared to other EMS products. » Consistent look and feel across the monitoring suite whether your configuring a database probe, a messaging probe, etc. Page 26 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 27. how does this change the CIBER toolbox? As I showed at the beginning of the presentation we are currently using a laundry list of monitoring technologies to deliver comprehensive services to our customer base. By implementing Nimsoft Monitor we will be able to significantly reduce the number of monitoring solutions we use, and deliver a single pane of glass for our administrators, engineers, and customers world wide. Page 27 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 28. CIBER’s tool ensemble – 18-24 months outNimsoft Monitor CA Service Desk & Service CatalogSpectrum CA Support BridgeOracle Enterprise Mgr Object Planet OpinioSAP Solution Manager Right AnswersCA NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer Xtraction CA IT Client Manager CA IT Asset Manager CA ArcServe & XOsoft CA IT Process Automation CA Workload Automation AE Oblicore Page 28 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 29. in conclusion The Nimsoft Monitor suite allows us to prescriptively deliver comprehensive monitoring, historical performance reporting, and aggregated OS-App-DB-Network dashboarding in a tiered, cost effective, consistent manner. Page 29 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 30. Thank You! Visit for a copy of this presentation, Nimsoft demos and more. For any questions: Page 30 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
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