Russian Organized Crime & Sochi: 2014

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  1. 2014: Russian Organized Crime 5 Years Out<br />Caitlin Rice, 8 Dec 2009<br />PIA2365 – Transnational Organized Crime<br /> 2. Introduction<br…
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  • 1. 2014: Russian Organized Crime 5 Years Out<br />Caitlin Rice, 8 Dec 2009<br />PIA2365 – Transnational Organized Crime<br />
  • 2. Introduction<br />What?<br />Current status of Russian organized crime is marked by trends towards oblast’ centers, leadership power vacuum, increasing opportunities (Olympic contracts/businesses)<br />So what?<br />Sochi: capital of Russian crime by 2014 Winter Games<br />
  • 3. Overview<br />Russian Organized Crime Today<br />What, where, who?<br />The year 2009<br />1 death (“Yaponchik”)<br />1 decline (“Taro”)<br />1 rise to power (“DedKhasan”)<br />Legal response/involvement<br />
  • 4. Overview<br />Sochi (Krasnodar Krai, Russian Federation)<br />Regional crime in Northern Caucasus <br />Government corruption<br />Russian-Olympic corruption (2002, 2014)<br />2014: Alternate Futures<br />Future of vory v zakonye?<br />Profit from Sochi Winter Olympics?<br />Law enforcement/rule of law?<br />
  • 5. Russian Organized Crime: Who?<br />Аслан Усоян (Дед Хасан)<br />AslanUsoyan (“DedKhasan”)<br />
  • 6. Russian Organized Crime: Who?<br />Тариэл Ониани (Таро)<br />TarielOniani (“Taro”)<br />
  • 7. Russian Organized Crime: Who?<br />Тариэл Ониани (Таро)<br />TarielOniani (“Taro”)<br />
  • 8. Russian Organized Crime: Who?<br />Захар Калашов (Шакро-молодой)<br />ZacharKalashov (“Shakromolodoi”)<br />
  • 9. Russian Organized Crime: Who?<br />Лаша Руставский/Шушанашвили<br />LashaRustavsky/Shushanashvili<br />LashaShushanashvili<br />AslanUsoyan<br />
  • 10. Russian Organized Crime: Who?<br />Вячеслав Иваньков (Япончик)<br />VyacheslavIvankov (“Yaponchik”)<br />
  • 11. 2008 – 2009<br />July 2008 – Taro’s meeting on boat, arrests<br />Feb 2009 – Alek “Sochi” Minalyan dead<br />May 2009 – Andrei Golubev killed<br />July 2008<br />Feb 2009<br />May 2009<br />
  • 12. 2009 (continued)<br />28 July 2009: Yaponchik shot<br />19 Sept 2009: malyava on Taro issued<br />9 Oct 2009: Yaponchik dies<br /> “from DedKhasan”<br />Yaponchik’s funeral, Moscow (13 Oct 2009)<br />
  • 13. Lasha<br />medium business, trade, petty theft<br />DedKhasan<br />oil, hotels, gambling, banking, travel, vehicle sales, $ laundering<br />Taro<br />real estate, drugs, arms, gambling, banking, $ laundering<br />Yaponchik<br />Interest banking, information technology, vehicle sales, contraband <br />Other<br />firms protection, waste disposal, drugs, consumer goods<br />Moscow, early 2009<br />
  • 14. Lasha<br />(w/ D.Kh.’s permission)<br />DedKhasan<br />(+ Y’s territory)<br />Other<br />(?)<br />Moscow, late 2009<br />
  • 15.
  • 16. Russian & Olympic corruption<br />Salt Lake City 2002<br />
  • 17. So what?<br />Sochi as capital of Russian<br />organized crime in 2014? <br />
  • 18. Alternate Futures(under construction)<br />In 2014…<br />is DedKhasan the leader of the vory v zakonye?<br />have the Winter Olympics brought high profits?<br />international toleration of Olympics corruption?<br />unification of crime gangs versus turf wars?<br />Other factors<br />status of conflict in Georgia/Caucasus?<br />Economic situation in Eastern Europe/Eurasia?<br />Russian rule of law? (i.e. life sentences for organizers)<br />
  • 19. Questions/Feedback<br />
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