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  1. Rosa An Internet-Based Literature Lesson Designed by Susan Tancock Ball State University 2. Before You Read  Before you begin reading the book, document what you…
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  • 1. Rosa An Internet-Based Literature Lesson Designed by Susan Tancock Ball State University
  • 2. Before You Read  Before you begin reading the book, document what you already know about the Civil Rights Movement and Rosa Parks. Use ReadWriteThink’s KWL Creator to make a KWL diagram. The directions for creating your diagram are on the next slide.
  • 3. Before You Read 1. Go to the KWL Creator. 2. Fill in the information on KWL chart about the Civil Rights Movement. 3. Add at least 3 things you know about the Civil Rights Movement and/or Rosa Parks and 3 things you would like to know about Rosa Parks and/or the Civil Right Movements. 4. Name your chart and save it on your computer. Before you close out the window, save it as a final copy too (in pdf format). Upload the final copy, or pdf version, to the discussion forum labeled “Rosa Lesson.”
  • 4. Before You Read  Explore the Civil Rights Timeline to see what else was happening in America at the same time as the setting of the book.  Take this Civil Rights quiz. How much do you know about the Civil Rights Movement?  Click on the links at this site to learn about Rosa Parks and how she fought for Civil Rights.
  • 5. While You Read  Read the book, Rosa. As you read, keep track of golden lines, lines that are memorable, important, and conjure up vivid images or feelings for you. Post one golden line on Padlet and tell why you chose it. Include a graphic with your golden line. You will need to register on Padlet before you can post your note. Please use your first name and the first three letters of your last name.
  • 6. After You Read  Watch this video and listen to the spiritual We Shall Overcome.  Listen to the speech Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered in Montgomery on December 5th, 1955. What do you think was most important about his speech? Why was it so persuasive? What was the result of the speech?
  • 7. After You Read  Using Glogster, make a poster that shows what you learned from reading the book Rosa. Include your thoughts about Rosa, about the Civil Rights Movement, about bravery, about heroes--any meaning you constructed from the book. Include at least three images, some text, two Internet links, and one video on your poster.  Click here for a great training video on how to use Glogster.  Copy the link to your glog and post it in the Rosa Glogster thread in the Rosa Lesson forum in Blackboard.
  • 8. Beyond What You Read  At this site you can see the bus Rosa Parks was on that fateful day. Scroll down to see the interior in virtual reality.  Learn more about the murder of Emmett Till. How was this horrible event important in the Civil Rights Movement?
  • 9. Beyond What You Read  Watch this interview with Nikki Giovanni. What motivated her to write about Rosa Parks?  Watch this interview with the illustrator of Rosa, Bryan Collier.  Go to the National Archives and see the arrest record and police report for the arrest of Rosa Parks.
  • 10. Related Books Each book is linked to
  • 11. Additional Optional Activity Ideas  Use the Bio-Cube to create a biography about Rosa Parks.  Write an acrostic poem about Rosa using this tool.  Watch this short Rosa Parks play.
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