Rock Your Business in 2016

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  Free workbook that goes along with me no pitch webinar on how to create a 12 month calendar to help you create momentum in your business this year. Make sure you click to register and watch the free replay
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  • 1.   Rock Your Business In 2016 | A Goal Setting Workshop     Instructions: Welcome to the 10 Step Process for Setting and Achieving Your Goals in 2016. For maximum impact I suggest you set aside 3 - 4 hours for this exercise, print out this worksheet and the monthly printable calendar (link mentioned in the resources section), grab some tea/coffee or wine, lock the door and enjoy the process. Remember that ​‘failing to plan, is planning to fail’ and 4 hours in the larger context of 2016 is not a lot of time, because once you have the roadmap to your destination, you spend less time reading the map and figuring out where to go and more time enjoying the ride. While I’ve designed this process primarily keeping a business in mind, there is no reason you can’t apply this system to every area of your life. Here’s to success in 2016 in all areas of your life, With love and gratitude, Seema K Bharwani The link to the free, all content no pitch, replay can be found at fa63888d1                   Copyright Seema K Bharwani 2015 | 1 
  • 2. STEP 1 MARK OUT IMPORTANT DATES   ❏ Travel Plans ❏ Weddings / Family Events ❏ Launch Dates ❏ Conferences and Events ❏ Project Due Dates ❏ Other   STEP 2 WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS FOR YOUR BUSINESS   What are your top 3 - 5 ​ultimate​goals from your business? What do you want to achieve in your life through your business? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.     STEP 3 IDENTIFY WHAT’S STOPPING YOU   What’s stopping you from achieving these goals?   Copyright Seema K Bharwani 2015 | 2 
  • 3. STEP 4 WRITE DOWN YOUR QUARTERLY BUSINESS FOCUS FOR 2016 These are business focus areas: i.e. finances, sales, systems, list building, marketing, branding, website and IT, training and development, operations and productions, content development / R&D, copywriting, strategy etc. Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4   Put them on your calendar, where you can see them!   STEP 5 WRITE DOWN THE PROJECTS YOU WANT TO FOCUS IN 2016   Make a list of every single project you want to work on this year, I’ve included plenty of space for you to write down everything your over-achieving little heart desires. Once you’ve written out your list, re-order them according to priority using the last column. Project Priority 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Copyright Seema K Bharwani 2015 | 3 
  • 4. STEP 6 BRAINSTORM WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR EACH PROJECT   Remember the focus areas you wrote down in Step 4 and the projects in Step 5. Now we are going to pair them together in order to create a broad action plan for each project you are working on. I’ve included space in this worksheet for 3 projects, however feel free to print these pages as many times as you need them. Now schedule in things like delivery dates, launch dates, publishing dates etc. into your calendar also put in planning time for each activity. Here’s an example to help you get started: Project: Content By Seema Focus Area What Needs To Be Done To Make This Happen? Q1 List Building ❏ Weekly Blogs ❏ Bi-weekly newsletter ❏ Monthly webinars ❏ Social Media Focus ❏ Opt-in’s ❏ Facebook Ads Q2 List Building ❏ Weekly Blogs ❏ Bi-weekly newsletter ❏ Monthly webinars ❏ Social Media Focus ❏ Opt-in’s ❏ Facebook Ads Q3 List Building ❏ Weekly Blogs ❏ Bi-weekly newsletter ❏ Monthly webinars ❏ Social Media Focus ❏ Opt-in’s ❏ Facebook Ads Q4 List Building ❏ Weekly Blogs ❏ Bi-weekly newsletter ❏ Monthly webinars ❏ Social Media Focus ❏ Opt-in’s ❏ Facebook Ads Copyright Seema K Bharwani 2015 | 4 
  • 5. Project: Focus Area What Needs To Be Done To Make This Happen? Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4       Copyright Seema K Bharwani 2015 | 5 
  • 6. Project: Focus Area What Needs To Be Done To Make This Happen? Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4       Copyright Seema K Bharwani 2015 | 6 
  • 7. Project: Focus Area What Needs To Be Done To Make This Happen? Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4     Copyright Seema K Bharwani 2015 | 7 
  • 8. STEP 7 DECIDE YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE FOCUS FOR EACH MONTH   You can’t have a business without having a product/service to sell, for each month of the year decide what product/service you are going to focus on. This doesn’t mean you don’t offer your other products and services, it just means that you are going to concentrate on improving/creating one product/service each month. This could include improving operations, promoting this product/service, copywriting, creating systems around your business for the product/service etc. Question: What if I have more than 12 products/services? You can either bundle similar products/services together to create 12 focus areas or you can pick your top 12 best-selling offerings and focus on those. Question: What if I don’t have 12 products/services? No problem, just rotate each product/service till you fill up your calendar. JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Put each month’s product/service focus on your calendar where you can see it!   Copyright Seema K Bharwani 2015 | 8 
  • 9. STEP 8 SCHEDULE IN DEVELOPMENT / R&D TIME / PRODUCTION TIME   Regardless of your focus area for your business this year, you still need time for production/content development/operations etc. Mark out time for content development / R&D / production / writing whatever it is that is your core business deliverable for each month. Use the product/service you are focussing on as a guide to help you decide how much time you need to spend each month on this activity.   STEP 9 WHAT ELSE DOES YOUR BUSINESS NEED   There are other things that you need to focus on in your business, for example; learning, admin tasks, procurement, tax planning, planning time, review time, team meetings, networking, sales calls etc. This is what’s routine for your business and needs to get done each month NO MATTER WHAT! Decide what you need to focus on each month in order to maintain your business and how much time you need to spend on each activity and then schedule each of these activities into your calendar.     Things That Need To Get Done Each Month  Time Taken  1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9      10        Copyright Seema K Bharwani 2015 | 9 
  • 10. STEP 10 DAYS FOR PLEASURE & LEISURE   As an entrepreneurs, our business tends to be our chief source of joy and pleasure (at least it should be) and is also where we spend the majority of our time. Don’t forget to build in days of pleasure and leisure into your calendar. I included one pamper/life maintenance day plus two free space days each month which I can use to ideate, relax, catch up on pending work, network etc. How many days for pleasure and leisure will you include each month and what will you do during this time? Copyright Seema K Bharwani 2015 | 10 
  • 11. TIPS & RESOURCES ❏ I used a free planner printable from this blog for my calendar - ​click here. ❏ Other stationery items: post-it notes, highlighters, colored markers, pencil, post-it flags, glue dots and paper tape. ❏ Post-it notes: ​ ❏ Key shaped sticky notes: ​ ❏ Cloud shaped sticky notes: ​ ❏ Post-it flags: ​ ❏ Highlighters: ​ ❏ Colored Markers: ​ ❏ Glue Dots: ​ ❏ Neon Paper Tape: ​ ❏ I created a legend to use when color coding my calendar; and there’s a blank template for you to use on the next page. ❏ Blue: Admin & Social Media Days ❏ Pink: Content Publishing Dates (Blogs + Social Media) + Content Writing Days ❏ Green: Planning & Review Days ❏ Yellow: Webinar Days + Webinar Planning Days ❏ Orange: Product & Service Content Creation Days ❏ Paper Tape: Travel + Conference + Events ❏ Pink Flags: Space Days ❏ Purple Flags: Pamper Days ❏ Green Flags: Free Unscheduled Days ❏ My favorite tool to clear my head and plan the year out is Leonie Dawson’s Goddess Guidebook, you can get a ​copy here ​and two planners I’ve used and loved are: ❏ Savor 90 Day Action Planner ❏ Erin Condren’s Life Planners Copyright Seema K Bharwani 2015 | 11 
  • 12. MONTHLY PLANNER LEGEND COLOR / STICKY / FLAG ACTIVITY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Stick It Up Where You Can See It Everyday! Make It Fun & Colorful & Exciting! Send Me A Picture @ ​ Copyright Seema K Bharwani 2015 | 12 
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