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  1. Name __________________________________ Period ______ Quiz – 30 points Rappaccini’s Daughter By Nathanial Hawthorne Part One: Background of author Directions:…
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  • 1. Name __________________________________ Period ______ Quiz – 30 points Rappaccini’s Daughter By Nathanial Hawthorne Part One: Background of author Directions: Multiple Choice: Choose the correct answer. 1. Hawthorne was what type of student at Baldwin College? a. Only studied b. Never partied c. Partied and gambled 2. How is one of Hawthorne’s ancestors tied to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692? a. Witch b. Judge c. Farmer 3. Hawthorne is from what descent? a. Puritan b. Jewish c. Catholic 4. What was Hawthorne’s “dismal chamber?” a. 3rd floor b. Church c. Basement 5. What experiment did Hawthorne briefly join? a. Communal Living at Brooke Farm b. Minister at local church c. Farmer of land 6. Hawthorne died of ___________________? a. Cancer b. Accident c. Solitude 7. Hawthorne wanted to become famous. a. True b. False 8. Hawthorne’s most famous work? a. Rappiccini’s Daughter b. The Scarlet Letter c. The House of Seven Gables
  • 2. Part Two: The short story Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct word to complete the sentence. (1.)_______________________, the main character of the story, moved to (2.)_______________, Italy and fell in love with Dr. Rappaccini’s daughter, (3.)___________________. His apartment overlooked Dr. Rappaccini’s (4.)________________________, which was full of (5.)________________ plants. The botanist’s daughter had a sweet fragrant breath and eventually made (6.)____________________ (who?) turn poisonous. Eventually she took an antidote that (7.)______________________her. Part Three: Characters Directions: Describe the following characters with at least 3 brief characteristics. 1. Rappaccini 2. Beatrice 3. Giovanni 4. Baglioni Part Four: Themes Directions: Choose TWO of the FOUR themes and describe in detail how it relates to the story with the specific characters. 1. Faith and Trust 2. Revenge 3. Presence of morality 4. Solitude and Isolation
  • 3. Part Five: Symbolism and References Directions: Match the correct symbols and references to their meanings. 1. Dr. Rappaccini’s Garden ________ a. Baglioni 2. The domain of evil ________ b. Beatrice 3. Adam ________ c. Giovanni 4. Eve ________ d. Rappaccini 5. God or trying to be ________ e. water in the fountain 6. Devil (snake) ________ f. mansion 7. life; spirit of Beatrice (rebirth) ________ g. Eden
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