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  1. Radio project Presentation <br />Aidan Albert and Selasie Smith <br /> 2. Objectives<br />The aim was to produce a mini AM radio using the parts that…
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  • 1. Radio project Presentation <br />Aidan Albert and Selasie Smith <br />
  • 2. Objectives<br />The aim was to produce a mini AM radio using the parts that were supplied<br />This had to be accompanied by a report (submitted in written/online form) containing the step by step process of the construction of the radio illustrated with photographs<br />In addition to the AM radio we had to construct a mini amplifier<br />
  • 3. Preparation:<br />We started on carrying out research on how AM radios work and how the are constructed<br />We presented or findings on the Group WIKI so we could return to this at a later date and refer to for the report<br />
  • 4. GROUP WIKI<br />
  • 5. Online Report<br />The report will be divided by topics and then combined together. (aims/objectives/apparatus/procedure/results etc.)<br />Using the Group Wiki (image seen above) this is where we will publish our report<br />The benefit of publishing the report here is that we can include images of the production and we both have access to this<br />Another benefit was that on the Group Wiki this was were we displayed our findings, the research we carried out before beginning the production of the radio<br />
  • 6. Production:<br />We were given a mini circuit board with the components of the AM radio. <br />After that we had to make sure we fitted these in the correct places in the circuit board.<br />Once these were fitted we soldered them into place. <br />
  • 7. SOLDERING<br />
  • 8. Production:<br />Once we believed that we had completed the first task we carried out a test<br />It was then we realised that we had soldered some of the components in the wrong place, and had to remove these and start again <br />
  • 10. Production:<br />Our attempt to rectify the problem caused more damages so we were given a ready made AM radio<br />
  • 12. Production:<br />After testing the replacement AM radio we were given we moved on to produce the mini amplifier<br />Whilst constructing this we took much care as to where we placed the components on the circuit board.<br />
  • 14. Results<br />Once we tested both the amplifier and the AM radio, it gave the sound of a clear radio station with a slight bit of disturbance but still legible. <br />
  • 15. Evaluation:<br /> Throughout this whole project we both learnt how radios are constructed from the smallest to the biggest of components. <br />We also learnt how important the placement of components in the circuit board are, as the smallest fault can create massive problems for the radio. <br />We learnt that there are different types of carrier waves which all range from certain distances. <br />
  • 17. BIBLIOGRAPHY<br /> (AM image)<br />
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