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  1. Questionnaire Feedback<br />RESULTS<br />By Lucy, Danielle & Dave<br /> 2. What Did We do?<br /> The questionnaire shown on the Blog (See…
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  • 1. Questionnaire Feedback<br />RESULTS<br />By Lucy, Danielle & Dave<br />
  • 2. What Did We do?<br /> The questionnaire shown on the Blog (See Monday Morning Madness Questionnaire) was given out to students around school who were invited to our Focus Group. We asked a range of students ageing from 15 – 19 because we believed that this was a fitting age variety.<br />In our focus group we presented our pitch (Also found on Blog). We explained what we were doing, where we got our ideas from (Included YouTube Clips) and why we are aiming at the chosen audience. The Students were each given this Questionnaire/Feedback sheet to fill out in order for us to see what they liked, and what they didn’t.<br />We asked them to be honest so we can take on board any constructive criticism that may occur, and apply it to our final product.<br />On the next slides there will be an overview of each question, the answers and what the overall feeling was.<br />
  • 3. Question 1: Do you think that the overall story line is fitting for your age group?<br />As you can see by the results (%), the majority of our 15-19 year old students agreed that our short film is suitable for our age range. The minority that disagreed elaborated their answer by saying that the age range is too small and could be aimed ever younger (13+ years). We took this into account and we decided that we would make the comedy that little bit more mature to cut out the lower age range.<br />
  • 4. Question 2: Do you think that the Characters that we are including are relatable?<br />Once again the majority conclude that the characters involved are relatable and can be recognised as people they may know. The “No’s” backed up their answer with “only certain people” effectively saying only certain traits could be recognised, so our target is to develop the traits so that everybody can relate to them.<br />
  • 5. Question 3: Do you think that the Comedy is appropriate for your age group?<br />Having explained to them, through the use of our pitch, the type of comedy to be expected they reacted very positively towards the styles. The negative minority stated that “It may be too childish”, so we will work on the comedy to ensure it doesn’t seem immature.<br />
  • 6. Question 4: Would you watch our short film?<br />This proves that we have aimed this at the right audience because they have responded positively when asked whether they would watch it. Now we just have to maintain the quality and comedy they are expecting.<br />
  • 7. Question 5: Is there anything you think we could include that we haven’t already?<br />83% of the focus agreed that we did not need to include anything. However 17% said we do, and these ideas we were intrigued to read. They stated that the character’s Parents could be put in the film as well, as a group we decided that this would take the attraction away from the main characters. The others said that it would be a good idea if it were raining, we discussed this again and concluded that this would be a good idea because rain is a sign of unluckiness.<br />
  • 8. Question 6: What do you think of the 3 YouTube videos we showed you?<br />Due to technical error, one of our focus groups could not see the videos, so the percentages are taken from the students who did see them.<br />The majority of the students responded positively to the YouTube clips, which were our inspirational clips that formed our initial ideas. Some students responded negatively because they thought the storylines were “immature, cheesy” something our group will avoid when shooting our final product.<br />
  • 9. Conclusion<br /> On the whole we believe that these focus groups were very successful, the constructive criticism is very helpful because it has aided us for when we film our product. It will be a constant reminder to what the audience actually want. From these responses we can see that we’ve aimed correctly and we only have to slightly modify the comedy to a mature standard.<br />Our inspirational clips were also helpful because we could stand back and watch how the students reacted and try and see which bits they preferred and then we can apply that to our short film. This helped us enormously and we can now carry on filming knowing we have our audience set.<br />On the next slides we have attached a few of our scanned Feedback sheets.<br />
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