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  1. Peer Evaluation – American Author Research Name of Reader: _________________________________ Pd. ______ I am reading _________________________ ‘s paper. His/her…
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  • 1. Peer Evaluation – American Author Research Name of Reader: _________________________________ Pd. ______ I am reading _________________________ ‘s paper. His/her American author is ___________________________________. Content 1. Paper Format Does the paper follow the proper multi-paragraph format? - Introduction ______ yes ______ no - Three Body Paragraphs _____ yes _____ no - Conclusion ______ yes _____ no 2. Sentences - How many sentences does the introduction have? _______ - Does it fulfill the requirement of 5-7 sentences? ________ - How many sentences does body paragraph #1 have? _______ - How many sentences does body paragraph #2 have? _______ - How many sentences does body paragraph #3 have? _______ - Do the 3 body paragraphs fill the requirement of 5-7 sentences? ______ 3. Introduction - Does the introduction provide background information about the author? ______ - Give at least two examples of background information that the writer has provided. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________. - Can you give the writer any suggestions for their introduction? 4. Write the thesis statement of the writer: _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________. - Is the thesis statement clear and specific? ___________ - Does the thesis statement contain the name of author and themes? __________
  • 2. 5. Write the topic sentence of each body paragraph. - Body #1 - Body #2 - Body #3 6. Quotes - Are the three required quotes found in the paper? ________ 7. Parenthetical Citations - Has the writer used parenthetical citations throughout his/her paper? ___________ 8. Conclusion - Does the conclusion reiterate or restate the thesis statement? ________ - Write the sentence that satisfies this requirement. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________. - Write one suggestion for the writer regarding their concluding paragraph. - _________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 9. Mechanics - Does the writer use capitalization correctly? __________ - Write down any words that have been or may have been misspelled. Pay particular attention to proper names. _________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ - Are all sentences complete, or are there run-on sentences and sentence fragments? Write any incomplete or awkward sentences that you find. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ - Has the writer used commas and other punctuation correctly? Write any punctuation errors that you find. _________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________
  • 3. - Has the writer used first person in this paper? _________ If so, how can this be changed? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________ - Is or does the paper: (yes or no) _________ double spaced? _________ use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font? _________ use formal tone? (no first person) _________ contain transitions between paragraphs? _________ contain at least 3 quotes? _________ contain 4 sources and use at least one primary source? _________ maintain present verb tense? _________ avoid using contractions? _________ contain numerous spelling errors? 10. Works Cited - Does the paper contain a Works Cited page? __________ - Are there at least 4 sources listed? __________ - Does the writer follow MLA format for their sources? _________ If not, please discuss this with your partner! Where can they find the correct format? - Are the sources alphabetized according to author, or if no author, according to name of source? ________ Additional reader comments:
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