My Boss Doesn't Get It - How Social Media is Changing the Way We Communicate (Convio 2010)

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  This presentation was done by myself and my boss at Convio Summit 2010 in Baltimore. We talk about how to sell social media internally as well as how to integrate it into your existing communications channels like your website and email program.
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  • 1. My Boss Doesn’t Get It: How Social Media is Changing the Way We Communicate Presented by: Geoff Handy Vice President, Online Communications Carie Lewis Director of Emerging Media @cariegrls #convio10.boss
  • 2. 2 © 2010 Convio, Inc.
  • 3. Our Core Approach • Recruit advocates via serial campaigns – Series of 2-8 emails – Integrate website, social media, and paid marketing • Begin around issue or program; then convert • Advocates will donate (and donate again) • Cost-effective: As list grows, results increase
  • 4. Then Top referrer to website:
  • 5. Now Top referrer to website:
  • 6. Then Take action, then tell a friend via email
  • 7. Now Take action, then share with a friend via email, Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter
  • 8. Then Ask for a phone number? That depresses response!
  • 9. Now Ask for a phone number? Of course, but which one?
  • 10. Then Email is king
  • 11. Now Email is still king – but the royal court has grown
  • 12. Then Tell a compelling story, then ask people to take action or donate.
  • 13. Now Tell a compelling story, then ask people to take action or donate.
  • 14. 14 © 2010 Convio, Inc. So how have we adapted to – and embraced – these changes?
  • 15. 15 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Our Four Keys to Success • We agreed on the goals • We got enough buy-in to experiment and innovate • We integrated social media with other communication channels • We track and report the numbers that relate to our goals
  • 16. Key #1: Agree on the Goals
  • 17. 18 © 2010 Convio, Inc. How I Work with Geoff • He’s bought into the power of Facebook, but is not a frequent user. • Geoff has no interest in experimenting with new tools like Twitter or Foursquare. – (That’s why it’s important to have staff who ARE users.) • I’ve proven the investment of social media through fundraising, so he trusts my crazy ideas. • I meet with him on strategy and keep him informed via a weekly meeting. • I don’t email him or Facebook him very often. IM sometimes works. • It took a long time for us to come to a goal agreement, but we had to. • I like to post funny cartoons on his cube to remind him of how out of it he is.
  • 18. 20 © 2010 Convio, Inc. How I Work with Carie • I tolerate her. – Beer helps a little. And the results she gets. • I remind her of our goals early and often. – I think she finally gets them now. • My first reaction to her cockamamie ideas is usually some kind of eye roll. – 3 months later, we are often doing it. • I share in her successes. – Her successes are my successes.
  • 19. • Everything we do online is tied to advocacy and fundraising • Our social media program is no exception • The program complements and works in conjunction with other channels • We build community and relationships first, and that leads to our goals Different People. Same Goals.
  • 20. Key #2: Get Enough Buy-in to Experiment and Innovate
  • 21. 23 © 2010 Convio, Inc. How We Started • We started out with one person hired to manage online marketing • Identified a growing trend • Went under the radar • Began by recruiting like minded members of other pages, participating in discussion boards, and thanking everyone individually • Built up a supporter base • We proved its worth by speaking their language • We compared the ROI to our paid banner campaigns • Got a tech-savvy employee to train executives and staff • Sensitive to all curiosity and comfort levels (we got some on Facebook, some just a daily digest of our Twitter feed to their email • …Don’t just tell them about it: get them involved!
  • 22. If you’re worried about the time investment, create a new position. If you can’t create a new position, shift resources within the organization. If you can’t shift resources, hire an intern. Whatever you do, do NOT hire a social media agency to manage your presence. Find someone who is social-savvy to show you the ropes. Social media enthusiasts love to share their knowledge (social media is all about sharing) Investment in our social media program is fueled by fundraising – positions pay for themselves Resources and Buy-In
  • 23. 25 © 2010 Convio, Inc. So, what do we do? • Be where (your) people are • Stay on top of latest trends • Research new opportunities • Stay fresh and interesting • Train staff • Have guidelines • Take an integrated approach • Measure everything! • Encourage executive participation • Showcase successes • Listen • Don’t be afraid to fail • Learn from mistakes Build a social strategy that integrates into your existing communications channels.
  • 24. Key #3: Integrate social media with other communication channels
  • 25. 27 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Integration is Our #1 Strategy for Success – Every piece of web content has sharing capabilities – Every email is shareable – Every page on our website has a link to our social media presences – Our homepage has a live feed of Twitter and Facebook – Website content links to related Facebook Groups, Events, etc.
  • 26. “E-mail and social media are the top marketing tactics that will get increased spending in 2010, according to the ‘2010 Marketing Trends Survey’ from StrongMail. The study also found that integrating e-mail and social is one of the most important e-mail marketing initiatives for 2010, just after improving performance, targeting, and growing opt-in lists.” – Simms Jenkins, ClickZ, Feb 11, 2010 Email, Meet Facebook
  • 27. Email  Social Media • Include share links on emails • Send special invitations to participate on social media sites
  • 28. Facebook Twitter
  • 29. Segmenting by Social Media Status • Add social media status to supporter profiles – Track who clicks on share links – Add clickers to a group – Perform a social media append of your email file – Add to the same group • Send targeted emails to known social media participants
  • 30. Website  Social Media • Include share links on web pages • Carve out real estate on your home page • Make everything downloadable, shareable
  • 31. More Website  Social Media • Enable website visitors to join you on social networks without leaving your site • Enable website visitors to share their website activity with their social networks • Offer exclusive promotions to social network supporters
  • 32. More Website  Social Media • Enable website visitors to join you on social networks without leaving your site • Enable website visitors to share their website activity with their social networks • Offer exclusive promotions to social network supporters
  • 33. Numbers from 2010 Photo Contest • Of 32,000 entrants: – 2,766 people entered via Facebook – 7,891 entrants put their pets on Facebook and solicited donations • Of the $527,000 raised by the contest: – $7,478 came in via donations made within Facebook – An additional $78,000 were sourced to Facebook
  • 34. Social Media  Email, Website • Include email opt-ins on social media pages • Embed surveys, actions on social media pages • Run contests, other engagement campaigns • Add donation, advocacy links to YouTube videos
  • 35. Key #4: We track and report the numbers that relate to our goals
  • 36. • Do those people do what you want them to do? • We started out with traditional metrics (# new emails, $ raised) • Got the buy in • Started tracking non-traditional metrics like fan growth over time and sentiment • Our focus is to make sure we’re growing – not the numbers • Use trackable links everywhere • Do you even know what you want them to do….? Success is no longer about how many friends you have.
  • 37. • Sharing information, successes, failures with other orgs • Elevated importance within the org • integrated into all communications plans • featured on redesigned org homepage • sharing links on every email, webpage • 5 full time staffers touching social media • Exponential program growth from 08 to 09: • 312% increase in number of fans • 585% increase in number of Cause supporters • 249% increase in amount raised on Causes • Recognition by Fast Company, Huffington Post, Mashable • Facebook is now the #1 referring site to our website • Raised over $500k from social media outreach in 09 It’s working…
  • 38. 61 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Now, let’s be honest. We have the advantage of cute animals working in our favor. And we know it. • We also have a strong culture of innovation • We have a large, well-known brand. BUT- • We started with one person • Built individual relationships and trust • Answered every question • Thanked every donor REMEMBER: • Individualize a specific person or animal • Decide how you’ll define success before starting • You do not have to be big to be successful.
  • 39. 62 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Things That Work for Us (that you can totally steal) • Daily 9 minute meeting to go over what’s going on via all channels that day • Have a shared outlook calendar for production • Recruit volunteers and interns via Twitter and Causes • Use to make your content shareable. • Use Google Analytics for unique tracking URLs. • Subscribe to publications like Mashable, Smartbrief, All Facebook, MediaPost. • Set up Google and Tweetbeep alerts for your name. • Set goals so that executives have something to look forward to • Develop a social media working group and invite executives to sit in • Get in front of your board and showcase your successes. • Pitch your case studies to nonprofit and tech publications and get recognized!
  • 40. Final Thoughts • This integration is a direct result of obtaining the buy in and effectively measuring social media’s impact on our departmental goals. • Email program is still by far #1 driver of online donation income • Social media and mobile text investment is driven by both ROI and intangible goals • Integrated campaigns allow you to package same content/appeals across multiple channels and reach audiences you might not reach otherwise
  • 41. “I just got a keychain and address labels in the mail from you guys. Now that I see you posting on Facebook and know you're legit, I'll be sending a donation. Thanks for the work you do.” – Posted to our Facebook fan page wall,January 2010
  • 42. Thank you! Carie Lewis Director of Emerging Media Email: Geoff Handy Vice President, Online Communications Email: Encore: Evaluation Code: 1047
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