Multiple Intelligence Theory

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  1. Multiple Intelligence Theory<br />By: Josslyn Grajeda<br />Speech 104<br /> 2. Michael Gardner at Harvard University advocates that there are up to 8…
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  • 1. Multiple Intelligence Theory<br />By: Josslyn Grajeda<br />Speech 104<br />
  • 2. Michael Gardner at Harvard University advocates that there are up to 8 types of intelligence.<br />1. Linguistic intelligence (&quot;word smart&quot;) <br />2. Logical-mathematical intelligence (&quot;number/reasoning smart&quot;) <br />3. Spatial intelligence (&quot;picture smart&quot;) <br />4. Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence (&quot;body smart&quot;) <br />5. Musical intelligence (&quot;music smart&quot;) <br />6. Interpersonal intelligence (&quot;people smart&quot;) <br />7. Intrapersonal intelligence (&quot;self smart&quot;) <br />8. Naturalist intelligence (&quot;nature smart&quot;) <br />&quot;Its not how smart you are, its how you are smart!“ (Michael Gardner)<br />
  • 3. Linguistic intelligence (&quot;word smart&quot;)<br />You may be word smart when you enjoy reading, writing and talking about things.<br />
  • 4. Logical-mathematical intelligence (&quot;number/reasoning smart&quot;)<br /> You are Logical-mathematical smart if you are good at mathematics, solving problems and are good at doing anything having to do with numbers in general. <br />
  • 5. People that ate Visual/Spatial <br />smart are good at art and at <br />any subject that has to do with <br />viewing pictures. You would be <br />good at activities such as map <br />reading, finding your way out of<br />mazes and graphs.<br />Spatial intelligence (&quot;picture smart&quot;)<br />
  • 6. Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence (&quot;body smart&quot;)<br />You are bodily-kinesthetic smart when you enjoy sports, hiking, jogging, swimming, gymnastics or anything athletic.<br />
  • 7. Musical intelligence (&quot;music smart&quot;)<br />You are known to be music smart when you enjoy music and recognize sounds. You enjoy the quality of tone and enjoy listening to music.<br />
  • 8. Interpersonal intelligence (&quot;people smart&quot;)<br />You are Interpersonal smart when you like to be around people. A people person you join all clubs like to hangout with friends and are good at sharing.<br />
  • 9. Intrapersonal intelligence (&quot;self smart&quot;)<br />A person that is Intrapersonal smart is very confident about him/her self. You would know yourself strengths and weaknesses. People that are Intrapersonal smart most likely keep a diary.<br />
  • 10. Naturalist intelligence (&quot;nature smart&quot;)<br />You are nature smart when you love nature, being outdoors and animals.<br />
  • 11. Every Intelligence is different but you can be intelligent in more than one area. For some people it can be really easy to learn how to play a new sport but difficult learning how to read a map. Although you can have greater knowledge in one subject you can be intelligent in more than one.<br />Learning what&apos;s your intelligence…<br />
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