Minority Report: Beyond the Hyperbole - Mobile Dev Summit 2012

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  The world surely loves its mobile phones. Every latest OS release & handset launch by different manufacturers is rabidly covered in reams of newsprint & takes over the cyberworld, where it becomes difficult to distinguish where news coverage stops and fanboy drooling begins. Beyond the glitzy launches and hyperbole surrounding new technology & newer features that promise to transform your life, lies the simple truth that no one wants to acknowledge: It’s about the money, honey. Fact is, it’s always been about money. Let’s look at the Gang of Four that rules the Internet: Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. You’ve seen the curated ecosystem that has catapulted Apple to the top of the heap, and deservedly so. In a way, Apple is responsible for the current boom in smartphones. On the other hand, you have Google’s Android, which now is touching 1 million activations per day, and yet Google continues to make very little money out of it. Meanwhile Amazon has had a runaway blockbuster in Kindle, which began life as an e-reader, then became an experience, as it became available on the desktops & mobiles as an app, and then became a bonafide tablet. And did you know, it’s a self-publishing platform too? And lastly, there’s Facebook. Not even looking at its controversial IPO, the mobile gods do not seem to have smiled upon Facebook that much as it struggles to find a secret sauce for success on mobile. Have you noticed I haven’t even mentioned Windows phone yet? I’m still sitting on the fence on that one. The point I’m making here is that there is a world of difference between what companies will have you believe is the manna from heaven, and what really sells in the market. Take for example, NFC. NFC is loved by geeks, and will surely revolutionize mobile payments….in the year 2025. Right now, we have barely 4 phones in the market that have NFC chips in them, and probably even lesser NFC enabled terminals out there. Don’t forget, we do have a very good payments system: Plastic cards. This system took nearly 20 years to become mainstream. NFC isn’t going to sweep all this away in just 2 years. NFC is there for the long haul, and will eventually become the defacto standard, but it will take time. Look at the number of apps out there. We’re approaching 1 million apps in the respective app stores. Making sense of this overload madness requires another app perhaps.
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  • 1. Minority ReportAbhay Aggarwal
  • 2. 2AbhayHello I’m
  • 3. 3Where does themobile industrystand today?
  • 4. 46 BILLIONPHONESworldwide10 BILLIONby 2016
  • 5. 5Top 5 Phone Makers417329948866Phonesshipped(2011)Nokia Samsung Apple LG ZTE
  • 6. 6Top 3 Smartphone Makers
  • 7. 7How does 2012look like?
  • 8. 81.8 BILLIONphoneswill be shippedin201238% of themwill be smart!
  • 9. 9Top 3 Markets1 BILLION +920MILLION320 MILLION
  • 10. 10The Dragon & the Tiger30%of the world’sconnectionssold here
  • 11. 11Hype vs Reality
  • 12. Shipment by Phone Makers• Feature phones still outsell Smartphones 2to 1• Nokia & Samsung account for nearly 50%of all sales– Between them, they sold more than half abillion feature phones12
  • 13. 13Shipment by OSI’m the King ofthe world!
  • 14. 14Let’s talkAPPS
  • 15. App Downloads1530 Billiondownloads25 Billiondownloads
  • 16. Game On!...or not16
  • 17. Disruptive Innovation• Desktop is no longer the only doorway to Internet• In many countries (including India), Mobile is theonly/primary screen for Internet access• Mobile Technology is no longer a fad, its a movement• Mobile users are not second class citizens!17
  • 18. Where do we go from here?18
  • 19. Mobile Optimization• Mobile experience is sub-optimal• Non-optimized sites, loads of content, limited features• 3/4th of users will wait upto 5 seconds for a page to loadbefore abandoning the site (A third of those won’t returnback)• Speed is crucial: Over 2/3rd of users expect a mobile page toload as fast as a webpage on the desktop19
  • 20. Mobile Search• Mobile searches have increased 4X in the past year• 1 in 3 mobile searches are local – Localize!• Mentioning a location in mobile ads and search results canincrease click-thru rates 200%20
  • 21. Mobile SearchPercentage of searches that are via mobile:– Restaurant – 30%– Automotive – 17%– Consumer Electronics – 15%– Finance/Insurance – 15%– Beauty & Personal – 15%21
  • 22. Mobile Commerce• Tablet owners more likely to purchase than smartphoneusers• Merchandise purchase popular in developed markets. M-payments include money transfers & prepaid topups indeveloping markets.22$7 Billion worth of transactions….each!
  • 23. Mobile Social• 91% of mobile internet access is for social activities• 1/3rd of Facebook users, and 50% of Twitter users usemobile• QR code scans increased 300% year on year• 21% of Pinterest users purchased a product after seeing apicture on Pinterest23
  • 24. Mobile Email Marketing• The entertainment, finance, publishing, and socialnetworking industries see above average mobile emailviews compared to other industries.• In 2011, mobile email opens increased 34%, while webmailand PC opens decreased by 11% and 9.5%, respectively.• Mobile email readership is at its peak on Saturday, and atits lowest on Monday24
  • 25. Show me the money25
  • 26. Growth Sectors26Mobile Finance Education TravelHealthcare User Research
  • 27. Mobile Finance• SMS is still the most preferred way for payments indeveloping countries• 50% of all mobile sales in India are CoD• Digital goods is the largest segment accounting for 40% themarket• NFC is still too far away – requires too many parties toagree to do something together27
  • 28. Mobile & Education• Quality education (including dissemination) is always anissue• Mobile devices are reshaping the way students learn &interact with each other and their teachers• Making content accessible, increasing engagement,providing assignments & sharing feedback are the newchallenges28
  • 29. Mobile & Travel• Travel is the biggest industry on earth, with $2 Trillion inrevenues• Includes both local & social interaction• Booking a ticket is easy. Searching for destinations, not somuch.• New tech processes needed to improve the “travel arc” –dreaming about where to go, booking the trip, , taking theactual trip, and finally back home29
  • 30. Mobile & Healthcare• Desktop searches: cancer, weight loss, sleep• Mobile searches: sexual or mental health, addiction• Society’s unmentionables can be addressed better viamobile• Improved access to care, patient-doctor engagement,collating historical data, storing insurance records, reducingmedicare fraud are growth areas30
  • 31. Mobile & User Research• Short surveys are effective surveys. More so with mobile…• Convenience – Mobile surveys can be answered anywhere,anytime• Straightforward – The middleman is eliminated asinformation is captured directly from the participant in anatural setting• Fast – Wait period is reduced as data capture isinstantaneous• Personal – Information can be captured from device, aswell as geolocation data31
  • 32. There’s more…• The future of media is mobile• People will pay a premium for convenience32
  • 33. The India Story33
  • 34. 34
  • 35. In Summary35
  • 36. • Looking beyond OS platforms is important – Feature phonesstill outsell smartphones by a factor of 2 to 1• Stake your presence on one platform (to begin with), and thenbranch out onto other platforms• Mobile web is becoming more important than apps, so havinga mobile presence or strategy is imperative• Healthcare, Travel, User Research, Education, Finance sectorswill see huge growth in mobile adoption36
  • 37. One last thing…37
  • 38. 38
  • 39. 39Directing a film is like trying to write War &Peace in a bumper car at an amusementpark.Stanley Kubrick
  • 40. 40</thanks>
  • 41. 41ReferencesMobile Stats• http://mobithinking.com/mobile-marketing-tools/latest-mobile-stats• http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS23523812• http://mobithinking.com/blog/2011-handset-and-smartphone-sales-big-pictureApp Store Stats• http://www.valuewalk.com/2012/08/apple-inc-aapl-app-store-faces-rising-competition-from-google-play/• http://thegamebakers.com/money-and-the-app-store-a-few-figures-that-might-help-an-indie-developer.htmlIndia Mobile Stats• http://emerge.nasscom.in/2012/05/the-great-e-commerce-puzzle-do-the-pieces-finally-fit/• http://www.pluggd.in/mobile-internet-activity-in-india-is-more-than-us-297/Flickr Images
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