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  1. Business Productivity from Microsoft® Online Services<br /> 2. Agenda<br />Introduction<br />SMB Business Challenges<br />Considerations When…
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  • 1. Business Productivity from Microsoft® Online Services<br />
  • 2. Agenda<br />Introduction<br />SMB Business Challenges<br />Considerations When Making IT Investments<br />How Technology Can Deliver Business Results Faster<br />Overview of Solutions<br />Enable Anytime Anywhere Access*<br />Provide Business Class Security, Reliability and Uptime<br />Improve Key Business Processes<br />Pricing and Licensing<br />Next Steps<br />Appendix: Additional Resources<br />*Where internet connectivity available<br />
  • 3. Who We Are<br /><ul><li>Northstar Technology Solutiosn provides CIO services focused on the small business sector.
  • 4. For ten years as a technology consultant in the Outsourced IT Services industry, I have assisted with the evaluation, discovery, development and implementation of technical projects for over seventy-five clients in numerous industries.  
  • 5. My goal is to listen to your business plan and to provide feasible options to develop a technology plan that successfully integrates with your business plan. </li></li></ul><li>SMB Business Challenges<br />“I want to focus on my core business, not my IT”<br />Better Cost Control<br />Reduced ITManagement Burden<br />Faster Returnof Business Value<br />Business-ClassService Levels<br />
  • 6. Key Considerations By Customers When Making IT Investments<br /><ul><li>What does my business need and how can technology help me meet my goals?
  • 7. How long will the solution take to be deployed? What are the steps to deploy successfully?
  • 8. How much will the solution cost? What about deployment and maintenance?
  • 9. Will my organization need more IT resources to support this solution?
  • 10. How quickly will our people be able to learn and use the solution?
  • 11. Who stands behind the technology to protect our investment?
  • 12. Can the solution easily scale to meet the changing requirements of my business?</li></li></ul><li>Key Strategic IT Priorities<br />Provide Business <br />Class<br />Security,<br />Reliability &<br />Uptime<br />Enable Anytime<br />Anywhere <br />Access*<br />Improve key business processes<br />*Where internet connectivity available<br />
  • 13. Enable Anytime Anywhere Access<br />*Where internet connectivity available<br />
  • 14. Microsoft Online Services<br />Enterprise class software delivered via subscription services hosted by Microsoft and sold with partners<br />Business Productivity Online Suite<br />
  • 15. Key Investment AreasBusiness Productivity Online Suite<br /><ul><li>Anywhere access*—desktop, mobile, Web
  • 16. Seamless user experience across workloads
  • 17. Team collaboration and conferencing
  • 18. Real-time communication</li></ul>Streamlined <br />Communication<br /><ul><li>Always up-to-date technology
  • 19. Lower rollout and run rate cost
  • 20. Improved agility and resource utilization
  • 21. Active Directory® synchronization</li></ul>Simplified<br />Management<br />$<br /><ul><li>Data hygiene supported by multi-layered antivirus and spam filtering
  • 22. Highly secure data access for users via HTTPS
  • 23. Geo-redundant data center architecture with Cyber-trust and SAS70 compliance</li></ul>Business-Class Security and Reliability<br />*Where Internet connectivity available<br />
  • 24. Integrated Capabilities<br />StreamlinedCommunications<br />Communicate and collaborate seamlessly across applications and devices<br />E-mail<br />Web Conferencing<br />Instant Messaging<br />Document Sharing<br />Presence<br />Calendaring<br />Work Flow<br />Mobility<br />Offline Access<br />Archiving<br />
  • 25. Ease of Use<br />Simplified Management<br />Unified access point for all Online services<br /><ul><li>Trial and Buy
  • 26. User Management
  • 27. Settings
  • 28. Support
  • 29. Tools
  • 30. Single Sign On
  • 31. Application Access
  • 32. SharePoint Links
  • 34. Password Reset</li></ul>IT Pro<br />End User<br />Anywhere* Access without VPN<br />$<br /> Web Access<br />Rich Client Access<br />Subscription and Trial<br />Service Administration<br />* Anywhere internet access is available<br />
  • 35. Flexible Deployment Choices<br />Branch Office<br />Simplified Management<br />Giving IT the flexibility to choose Online deployment by geography, workload or roles<br />$<br />HQ<br />
  • 36. Always up-to-date capabilities at a predictable cost<br />Accelerate Speed To Value<br />Simplified Management<br />Key Benefits<br /><ul><li>Up and running quickly
  • 37. Latest software
  • 38. No more server upgrades
  • 39. Subscription-based
  • 40. Predictable cost
  • 41. Optimize productivity</li></ul>$<br /> Software + Services Accelerate the Journey<br />Basic<br />Rationalized<br />Standardized<br />Dynamic<br />IT Is An Efficient Cost Center<br />IT Is A Business Center<br />IT Is A Strategic Asset<br />IT Is A Cost Center<br />
  • 42. Provide Business Class Security, Reliability & Uptime<br />
  • 43. Secure, Encrypt & Retain Messages<br />SPAM<br />COPY<br />Protect from spam and malware, satisfy retention requirements and encrypt data to preserve confidentiality<br />Business Class Reliability and Security<br />Internet<br />(Optional)<br />COPY<br />(Optional)<br />
  • 44. Highly Secured Datacenters<br />Delivering highly secure, private, and reliable computing experiences based on sound business practices<br />Business Class Reliability and Security<br />Key Features<br /><ul><li>Geo-redundant datacenters
  • 45. N+1 architecture
  • 46. 9 layers data security
  • 47. CyberTrust certified
  • 48. Secure access via SSL
  • 49. ITIL/MOF operational practices
  • 50. 24x7x365 support
  • 51. Backed by 99.9% uptime SLA</li></ul>Filtering Routers<br />Firewalls<br />Intrusion Detection System<br />System Level Security<br />Application Authentication<br />Application Level Counter-measures<br />Virus Scanning<br />Separate Data Networks<br />Authentication to Data<br />
  • 52. Provide Business Class Security, Reliability & Uptime<br />Guaranteed Uptime<br />99.9% uptime service level agreements<br />Excludes planned downtime<br />
  • 53. Provide Business Class Security, Reliability & Uptime<br />Access Control<br />ISA for pre-authentication <br />Authentication and content encrypted via HTTPS<br />Strong user passwords<br />Forefront for SharePoint (Server side anti-virus – Microsoft Antimalware Engine, Kaspersky Antivirus Technology, Norman Virus Control, Sophos Virus Detection<br /><ul><li>Data separation between organizational units through strong security boundary of Site Collections
  • 54. Active Directory (AD) provides secure and reliable user management</li></li></ul><li>Provide Business Class Security, Reliability & Uptime<br />Data Backup<br />SQL Mirroring<br />Raid 1+0 for content, search and logs<br />Data Protection Manager (DPM) backups<br />Backup and Recovery<br /><ul><li>Data backed up once a day
  • 55. Backup retention for two weeks</li></ul>Backup replication into secondary data center<br />
  • 56. Improve Key Business Processes<br />
  • 57. Improve Key Business Processes<br />Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs<br />Illustrative Key Processes<br />Sales Proposals Generation<br />Customer Service<br />Product Development<br />
  • 58. The Need For A Sales Proposals SolutionEnterprises can struggle to meet deadlines accurately with a time-consuming process using a number of disparate systems<br />Challenges: Keeping up with the volume and complexity of information flow<br /><ul><li>Submit more proposals without adding resources
  • 59. Keep a central repository of templates, reusable content, working documents, and completed proposals
  • 60. Focus efforts on the most promising leads, based on systematic evaluation of risk and return
  • 61. Create proposals that comply with customers’ standards and government regulations
  • 62. Collaborate with internal and external resources while enabling workflow governance and intellectual property security</li></ul>Contributors<br />Sales Manager<br />Approver<br />Customers<br />
  • 63. Winning New Business Solution Description Enterprises can benefit from a centralized and structured proposals solution<br />Benefits of a Sales Proposals Solution<br /><ul><li>Streamline the proposal process
  • 64. Enable higher quality content creation by using repeatable content
  • 65. Properly evaluate incoming requests to engage the highest value opportunities
  • 66. Meet deadlines and speed up content creation
  • 67. More effectively manage best practices, content libraries, and completed proposals</li></ul>Contributors<br />Approver<br />Sales Manager<br />Customers<br />
  • 68. Account Manager<br />Customer Service Representative<br />VP<br />Customer<br />Subject Matter Expert<br />Why Organizations Need To Deliver An Efficient Responsive Service<br />Current Scenario: Lack of Responsive Service <br /><ul><li>Required information not available to customer representatives on time
  • 69. Unable to route issue escalations efficiently
  • 70. Poor customer experience resulting in loss of customer and lowered sales
  • 71. Not using collected customer service information to improve product or service
  • 72. Higher operational costs </li></li></ul><li>i<br />i<br />Account Manager<br />Customer Service Representative<br />VP<br />Customer<br />Subject Matter Expert<br />Example Solution Description<br />Benefits of a Responsive Service Delivery Solution<br /><ul><li>Improved customer responsiveness through better customer and product information views
  • 73. Better collaboration options for routing complex customer issues
  • 74. Centralized information capture for service and product improvements
  • 75. Consistent tracking and integrated data access for response level monitoring</li></li></ul><li>The Need For A Collaborative Product Development Solution<br /> Typical Engineering Change Process<br />Customer feedback triggers change<br />Engineering team decides appropriate process or design change<br />New product or service is sent to customer for feedback<br />New product or service is sent to customer for feedback<br />Internal and external suppliers are notified <br />Engineering receives updated designs<br />Customer<br />Engineering<br />Customer<br />Engineering<br />Suppliers<br />Challenge: Slow Time to Market<br /><ul><li>Prolonged product development cycle
  • 76. Higher product development costs
  • 77. Cannot work with development teams outside of the U.S.
  • 78. Complicated and obsolete product line
  • 79. New products not meeting customer needs</li></li></ul><li>Collaborative Product Development Solution Description<br />Benefits of a Collaborative Product Development Solution<br /><ul><li>Faster time to market
  • 80. Enhanced collaboration for global engineering teams
  • 81. Reduced development costs
  • 82. Better customer satisfaction
  • 83. Improved product portfolio</li></ul>Procurement Manager<br />Suppliers<br />Production Manager<br />Design Engineer<br />Product Manager<br />Program Manager<br />
  • 84. Customer Case Study <br />How can a growing company acquire enterprise-class software without the resources to create and maintain it?<br />Offload the burden of IT management and infrastructure responsibilities to Microsoft Online Services.<br />Partner Profile<br />Minnetonka, MN<br />45 photo memory stores nationwide<br />9 years old<br />“As soon as we saw what Microsoft Online Services was offering, and at what price, we knew that this was a perfect fit. ” <br /> - Dave Bardwell, System Administrator, Archiver’s<br />Benefits<br />Quick and easy upgrades from cumbersome and outdated technology, without overstressing limited IT resources.<br />Shared calendars, global address book, home access to e-mail, and all the benefits of streamlined communication, with no on-site hardware to support. <br />Case Study: Archiver’s: Online Services Delivers Enterprise-Class Communications to Growing Retail Business<br />
  • 85. Customer Case Study <br />How can a company with long-term, complex contracts maintain an intricate document infrastructure at low cost?<br />Deploy SharePoint Online, to provide enterprise-class functionality with minimal capital expense.<br />Partner Profile<br />Westmont, IL<br />Clean energy and recycling company<br />“The SharePoint Online solution…was significantly more attractive than an in-house approach because it offered a lower cost of ownership, yet the same benefits and features.” <br /> - Aaron Walters, CFO, Recycled Energy Development<br />Benefits<br />Virtual storage reduces hardware costs and electricity consumption, and helps provide a greener solution.<br />Online solution cuts implementation time, and reduces both the capital cost of implementation and the staffing costs for ongoing server support. <br />Case Study: Recycled Energy Development: RED Saves Green Using Online Document Management Service<br />
  • 86. Pricing and Licensing<br />
  • 87. Standard and Dedicated Versions<br />Dedicated<br />Standard<br /><ul><li>Single customer per architecture
  • 88. Businesses greater than 5,000 seats
  • 89. Optimize for 20,000+
  • 90. Customer needs most server features
  • 91. Multiple customers, one architecture
  • 92. Customer needs rapid deployment
  • 93. No seat limit
  • 94. Cost efficiency a key focus </li></li></ul><li>BPO Suite Discount<br />Sum of Components = $ 24.25<br />$ 2.50<br />$ 4.50<br />38% Discount<br />$ 7.25<br />$15.00<br />$ 10.00<br />Office Comm<br />Online<br />Exchange <br />Online<br />SharePoint<br /> Online<br />Office<br />LiveMeeting<br />BPO Standard Suite<br />
  • 95. Retail Pricing<br />Exchange Online Standard<br />$10.00<br />Business Productivity Online Suite<br />Includes:<br />Exchange Standard<br />SharePoint Standard<br />Office Communications<br />Live Meeting Standard<br />$15.00<br />Office SharePointOnline Standard$7.25<br />38%off<br />Office Communications Online (IM and Presence)—Not in V1$2.50<br />Office Live Meeting Standard$4.50<br />Exchange OnlineDesklessWorker1 $2.00<br />Deskless Worker Suite<br />$3.00<br />SharePoint OnlineDesklessWorker1 $2.00 <br />1 Available in H1/2009<br />33<br />
  • 96. User Segmentation<br />Information Worker<br /><ul><li> Rich client Outlook connectivity with web access
  • 97. Full Exchange Online, SharePoint Online capabilities
  • 98. Larger storage
  • 99. Active Sync device support</li></ul>Deskless Worker<br /><ul><li> Web access only
  • 100. Limited Exchange, SharePoint capabilities
  • 101. Smaller mailbox size
  • 102. Lower cost</li></li></ul><li>Dual Access License Rights<br />User Subscription License can be used with the service and with on-premisesservers<br />Online Service Rights<br />USL<br />Internet<br />Microsoft Hosted Servers<br />On-Premises Rights<br />*Customers still must buy on-premises Server Licenses<br />Customer Servers<br />SharePoint Example<br /><ul><li>Customer purchases SharePoint Online User Subscription License
  • 103. Licensed User can use the USL to access the Service
  • 104. Customer purchases SharePoint Server licenses for their on-premise servers
  • 105. Same Licensed User can use the USL as a Client Access License to access On-Premises Servers</li></li></ul><li>Microsoft Online Subscription ProgramBusiness Policy Rules<br />Minimum Order<br /><ul><li>5 user minimum on initial order of online service (no minimum thereafter for additional orders of same service)</li></ul>Price Discounts<br /><ul><li>Price volume discounts available
  • 106. Price promotions may be available
  • 107. Prices are non-negotiable</li></ul>Billing and Payment<br /><ul><li>Billing will occur monthly over the subscription term (Annual payment option available shortly after launch)
  • 108. Credit Card payment is available. Invoices only for > $500 per month</li></ul>Annual Subscription<br /><ul><li>Subscription term is 12 months</li></ul>30 Day Cancellation<br /><ul><li>First Subscription Term: Customers have 30 days to cancel, but must pay for the first 30 day period
  • 109. Subsequent Terms: Customers can cancel with a 30 day notice</li></ul>Auto-Renewal<br /><ul><li>Subscriptions will automatically renew at end of term, unless opted out on</li></ul>Partner Fee<br /><ul><li>Partner designation on the Customer Order triggers fee payments to Partners (must be enrolled through Quickstart) For more information see</li></li></ul><li>Microsoft Online Subscription ProgramLicensing<br />MOSP makes a licensing agreement a click-through experience<br />Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement<br /><ul><li>Evergreen Agreement
  • 110. Must be signed by Customer before pur
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