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  1. Modern Humanities – Mid-Term Mrs. Lehman-2007 Name _________________________ Pd. _________ Directions: Please choose the BEST answer for each question below.…
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  • 1. Modern Humanities – Mid-Term Mrs. Lehman-2007 Name _________________________ Pd. _________ Directions: Please choose the BEST answer for each question below. (Although more than one answer may be partially correct; only the BEST answer will be accepted as correct.) Section I. – Senior Project 1. Meaningful research projects are developed from a a. Research manual b. A personal need or desire to know c. The SV Paper Proposal d. A class assignment 2. Limiting an interesting subject may be accomplished by a. Using the journalistic questions (who, what, when, why, where, how) b. Writing down everything you know and don’t know about the subject c. Reading and talking about the subject d. All of the above 3. Completing a research paper requires all of the following EXCEPT a. A subject that interests you b. Adequate resources for that subject c. A subject that can be handled within the specified length requirement d. A subject that is available on the internet 4. The controlling idea that focuses your research is a. The general topic area b. The thesis statement c. The warrant d. Your research notes 5. Your thesis statement must do all of the following EXCEPT a. Focus on a single, limited subject b. be stated in a clear, direct sentence c. clearly identify the general topic area d. convey your point of view or attitude about the topic
  • 2. 6. Reducing what you have read to a few important points using your own words is known as a. paraphrasing b. quoting directly c. summarizing d. synthesizing 7. Restating what you have read using your own words is known as a. paraphrasing b. quoting directly c. summarizing d. synthesizing 8. When taking notes for a research paper, a researcher should a. Always identify the source before beginning note taking b. Always use note cards c. Never use a pen; always a pencil d. None of the above 9. The part of the research paper that should say something interesting, surprising, or personal about your subject to gain the readers’ attention is a. conclusion b. body c. introduction d. all of the above 10. The identification of the thesis of your research paper should be in the a. conclusion b. body c. introduction d. works cited page 11. Organizing your notes will provide you with a(n) a. Working outline b. First draft c. Good grade d. A primary source 12. The conclusion of your paper should a. leave the reader with an understanding of the importance of your research b. review the important points you have made c. draw a final conclusion d. all of the above
  • 3. 13. The Works Cited page must do all of the following EXCEPT a. list all the sources you have cited in your paper b. be in alphabetical order c. be the last page of your research paper d. contain at least 8 sources 14. A parenthetical citation within the research paper MUST a. include the publisher of the source b. include the page number, if available c. be capitalized d. include the author’s first name 15. The documentation style used in the Senior Project research paper is a. APA b. Turabian c. Teacher decision d. MLA 16. The Works Cited section includes a. all sources you have read b. all of the sources you have cited c. all of the sources you have studied d. all of the sources from which you took notes 17. MLA author information, on the Title page, includes all of the following EXCEPT a. your name b. area of study c. date d. class name 18. Paragraphs that act as signposts between major ideas and divisions of thought are a. closed paragraphs b. short paragraphs c. transitional paragraphs d. unneeded paragraphs 19. Students must develop a method of organization for their research papers that includes a. logical order or sequence b. paragraphs dealing with one subject c. smooth flow within sentences and between paragraphs d. all of the above
  • 4. 20. The Seneca Valley Senior Project includes ______ major components. a. two b. twelve c. four d. six 21. Students must receive a ______ or higher in each component to receive a Seneca Valley diploma a. 92% b. 83% c. 74% d. 65% 22. To receive “Pass with Distinction” honor, each component of Senior Project must earn a ______ or higher. a. 92% b. 83% c. 74% d. 65% 23. An Annotated Bibliography a. is always necessary in research b. provides a short explanation of how the source will be used for research c. gives new life to old research d. all of the above 24. The “map” or organizational plan of your research a. Helps to focus your research b. May lead to a more formal outline c. Is directly related to your overall purpose d. All of the above 25. The “Minimum Standards Assessment” of the final draft of the research paper a. Helps students avoid major penalties on the final revision copy b. Ensures all papers are uniform c. Ensures all papers meet the minimum standards set forth d. All of the above 26. EBSCO host a. can be accessed through Pennsylvania Power Library b. allows the researcher to identify specific data bases to search c. most often contains articles that may be considered credible sources d. all of the above
  • 5. 27. The extension domain, “.com” a. Identifies the site as commercial b. Indicates the site has something to sell c. May be more easily identified as a bias source d. All of the above 28. An interview could be a helpful part of research on a. causes of lung cancer b. growth of newspapers and magazines c. education in the Soviet Union d. the career of a lawyer 29. A survey could be a helpful part of research on a. trends in adolescent reading b. income taxes c. responsibilities of business executives d. nonprofit organizations 30. The format for the Seneca Valley Senior Project research paper includes all of the following except a. 1700-2300 words b. single spacing c. 12 pt Times New Roman font d. one-inch margins Section II – Siddhartha – Identification 31. _________________ is the protagonist of the novel. a. Claudius b. Siddhartha c. Gotama d. Govinda 32. Who is Siddhartha’s friend and follower? a. Govinda b. Kamala c. Kamaswami d. Apolonia 33. The historical Buddha. a. Govinda b. Gotama c. Kamala d. Siddhartha
  • 6. 34. The ferryman. a. Kamaswami b. Gotama c. Vincent d. Vasudeva 35. Kamaswami is a _____________. a. follower b. merchant c. religious leader d. painter Section III – In Cold Blood 36. Other than money, Perry and Dick take what from the Clutter home? a. clothes b. a radio and binoculars c. binoculars and a backpack d. Nancy’s diary 37. Alvin Dewey was a friend of ________________ a. Perry Smith b. Nancy Clutter c. Floyd Wells d. Herb and Bonnie Clutter 38. Willie Jay was a. The former cell mate of Perry b. The former cell mate of Dick c. Dick’s parole officer d. Perry’s brother 39. The first murderer to be hanged was a. Perry b. Dick c. Virginia d. Willie Jay 40. The hanging was attended by a. Nancy Clutter b. Beverly Clutter c. Al Dewey d. Perry’s sister
  • 7. Essays – Twelve Angry Men Essay #1 - Leadership Discuss the qualities of a good leader focusing on power and influence. Please answer both A. and B. in a well-thought out, complete essay. (20 pts.) A. Why was The Angry Father (Juror #3, portrayed in movie by Lee J. Cobb) so ineffective in his attempt to sway the jury? Why was the Architect (Juror #8) so effective? B. What types of appeals did each man use, logical, emotional or personal? Give at least 2 solid examples in the text for whichever type you choose. Essay #2 - Taking on a Role Choose from the following: Lawyer - Defense or Prosecuting As the lawyer for the defense or the prosecution, write an opening argument based on the facts of the case, the background of the defendant, and the witnesses discussed. This should be at least 2 paragraphs. (20 pts.)
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