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  1. Mayaworks Journey Seth and Nancy Hartshorne 2. Backstrap Loom 3. Huipil: Traditionalwomen’s tunic. Designsand colors are unique toeach region. Each womanweaves her…
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  • 1. Mayaworks Journey Seth and Nancy Hartshorne
  • 2. Backstrap Loom
  • 3. Huipil: Traditionalwomen’s tunic. Designsand colors are unique toeach region. Each womanweaves her own on abackstrap loom. It is a riteof passage.
  • 4. Loom formaking largefabric. This isalso theirhome.
  • 5. After I explained that Seth wasadopted from Guatemala, theMayan women joked that theycould hook him up with agirlfriend.
  • 6. Reading letters aloud thankingMayaworks for supportingtheir families to obtain foodand education for theirchildren. Several families livetogether in this dwelling.
  • 7. A vast majority of the men weremassacred during the civil war.Weaving and handcraft is the onlyviable means of support for the womenand children.
  • 8. Enjoying his homeland weather
  • 9. Teaching indigenous children some“futbol” tricks
  • 10. Why is this Guatemalanboy so pale? Becauseit’s winter in Michigan!
  • 11. Traveling by busthrough thehighlands
  • 12. The women laughed very hard at watchingmen make tortillas. This is unheard of!They said that Seth was a “natural.”
  • 13. Ancient Mayan Ruins
  • 14. Mayan sacrifices may havebeen made here
  • 15. Typical IndigenousMayan Cemetery.Even the graveyard iscolorful!
  • 16. Volcanoes overbeautiful Lake Atitlan
  • 17. We really enjoyed staying here.
  • 18. Women washing clothes on thelakeshore. The lake is not safeor clean for swimming.
  • 19. It will take onewhole day tomake abracelet, threeto make anxmasornament.These womenwill earn abouta dollar per dayfor theirtedious work.
  • 20. This woman,who has Downsyndrome,enjoyedshowing usaround thelarge cathedral.
  • 21. The indigenous womenprefer to kneel in theaisle. The banner showsa beloved American priestand protector, who wasbrutally murdered in thechapel of this churchduring the war.
  • 22. This was the only man wesaw weaving.
  • 23. Stoles
  • 24. Weaving astole
  • 25. Peace Park: Over30 indigenouspeople, men,women, andchildren, weregunned down hereduring a majormassacre after theyasked questionsabout why theywere being heldcaptive in theirtown. They wereeach buried wherethey lay and thispark is a memorialto them.
  • 26. Seth tries onthe traditionalmen’s dressfor the region.The numberof birdsembroideredindividuallyon the legsindicates howmuch thehusband isloved by hiswife.
  • 27. A girls school funded byMayaworks
  • 28. Students at the school
  • 29. The girlswereexcited toshow ushow theycould use atypewriter!
  • 30. Amazing environmentalinitiative: The walls in thisvillage are built by stackingplastic water bottles, whichare stuffed with plastic bags,then surrounding them withmore plastic garbage,encasing them in chickenwire, and plastering overthem. This mural illustratesthe method.
  • 31. San JuanLa Laguna(on thelake)
  • 32. At this village the womencrochet yarmulkes, andweave fabric.
  • 33. A fancy beaded belt
  • 34. Typical bus ride throughthe mountains
  • 35. Huge coffeeplantation.Delicious!
  • 36. This gentleman wasour main guide. Hehas an amazingbaritone singingvoice.
  • 37. Volcanobehindthehistorictown ofAntigua
  • 38. Street performerriding a unicycle overcobblestone!
  • 39. Saying goodbye
  • 40. Back tocivilization!
  • 41. Ahhh…texting!
  • 42. A Mayaworks tour is highly recommended! For more information, go to
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