Managing your Cloud with Confidence

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  Join Nimsoft CTO Mark Rivington as he discusses the state of IT, how we got here, and the forces driving us towards the cloud. We’ll dive into specific management challenges that cloud based infrastructure brings with it, as well as approaches that work – and those that don’t. The talk will focus on monitoring and performance management, and will reference real world examples of Nimsoft customers who are using our cloud-based IT Management As A Service solution to manage their cloud with confidence. Visit for more information.
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  • 1. Managing your Cloud with ConfidenceMark Rivington, CTO, Nimsoft Page 1 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 2. Agenda Introductions – personal and Nimsoft The IT Landscape today Particular management challenges in the new world of cloud computing Specific approaches to managing the data center plus cloud and cloud services Focused on monitoring and performance management With reference to real world customer examples Page 2 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 3. Personal IntroductionMark RivingtonCTOMark has deep knowledge of the systems andnetwork management vendor space having servedin numerous technical and marketing roles at keysoftware organizations over the last twenty years.At Candle, Boole & Babbage, BMC and RiverSoft,Mark gathered significant understanding of howmanagement software can be developed anddeployed to maximize customer returns in terms ofbusiness benefit.In his current role this understanding helps drivethe direction of the Nimsoft technology towardsmaximum customer benefit. Page 3 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 4. Nimsoft Introduction Origins in Europe c. 1998 2002 – Entry to US Market through reseller 2004 – Nimsoft formed with HQ in California Very rapid adoption in the market Technological and commercial advantage Flexible pricing - Subscription or perpetual Message Bus and APIs 2010 On-Demand option 1000+ customers in 36 countries ~50/50 split between Enterprise and Service Providers CA acquisition March 17th 2010 Rationale – new market areas 120+ new customers 150+ new employees New products for the Nimsoft portfolio Page 4 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 5. Nimsoft IT Management-as-a-Service New Target Market Mid-market Enterprise ITMaaS for Today’s IT Service Providers Nimsoft Unified Manager New Offering Unified IT Management: Nimsoft Unified Management Portal Monitoring & Service Mgmt Nimsoft Watchmouse On-Premise SaaS Right-sized functionality Nimsoft Open APIs Nimsoft Open APIs Faster time to value Nimsoft Nimsoft Monitor Service Desk New Delivery Model SaaS and on premise New Business Model Nimsoft Watchmouse Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Customer Success Inside sales focus Page 5 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 6. Solution Overview Page 6 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 7. IT Landscape Today Public and Private Clouds HP Bladesystem Matrix vCloud Director NRE Coalition Page 7 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 8. The Cloud Effect on IT Systems Management Traditional systems management is based on complete control of all components and resources The physical datacenter embodied this principle of control The cloud dissipates the datacenter and disseminates control beyond organizational boundaries Now the “datacenter” is a heterogeneous mix of disparate computing environments Controlling across cloud boundaries is the challenge Page 8 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 9. Cloud Layers Application Private Virtual Data Center “Abstraction” Virtualized Infrastructure “Virtualization” Physical Infrastructure and Components Page 9 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 10. Cloud Layers – Visibility Application Private Virtual Data Center1 “Abstraction” Virtualized Infrastructure “Virtualization” 2 Physical Infrastructure and Components 3 Page 10 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 11. Cloud Types and Visibility Public Cloud SaaS and PaaS IaaS For the benefit of the consumer 3 For the service provider themselves Private Cloud In the traditional private datacenter 2 1 Provided by service providers DataCenter Full Visibility Page 11 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 12. Monitoring SaaS / PaaS Services In depth visibility into the performance, availability and status of your instances › SaaS and PaaS URL and web service response End user experience – passive & synthetic Transaction performance counters # transactions, latency, service time Analysis & predictive reporting Subscription status SLA measurement and reporting › SaaS - You don’t “own” the application Specific SaaS application APIs › PaaS – You do “own” the application Application instrumentation Application frameworks generally expose specific performance metrics Page 12 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 13. Monitoring IaaS infrastructure (consumer) Exposed by Cloud APIs: You’ll need more: › Virtual server instances - Network, › Just as a datacenter: CPU, Storage details - read/write Detailed Server Monitoring › Additional global IaaS offering Application – Exchange, SharePoint, performance AD, Notes, DB, etc. Server start up times Web Server – IIS, Apache, Availability of servers / instance WebSphere, WebLogic etc. types – by location Multi-tier web application views Usage data End user experience and transactions Plus workflow, automation, usage metering, integration with Service Desk, CMDB … Page 13 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 14. Monitoring must behave well in the Cloud• Zero touch configuration & deployment of monitoring for new instances Cloud Hub• Registration & graceful de- Register Policy registration of agents• Management policies obtained Report at instantiation time (no stale Server images) Instance De-register• Connect to management server & begin reporting• Connect securely back to data centers if they exist Page 14 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 15. A Model for IaaS Monitoring Page 15 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 16. A Customer Example of Active Management Brand name consumer media streaming company Highly asymmetric workloads and user demands Heavily utilized datacenters Capital intensive datacenter costs Early users of Public IaaS Shift to Operational Expense Used monitoring to determine and control overspill in to the cloud @nimsoft & @mrivingt © 2009 Nimsoft. All rights reserved. Page 16 © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 17. Monitoring IaaS infrastructure (Service Provider) Key requirement is to offer self service monitoring of cloud instances to the consumer Graduated levels of monitoring service with appropriate pricing Monitoring must be driven through provisioning Multi-tenancy & Scalability are vital Performance & availability data must be accessible through CSP Portal Direct data access or portal to portal integration Page 17 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 18. Provisioning drives Monitoring It is all about the APIs Presentation Information Reporting – Dashboards – Portals and Widgets Template (e.g. good, better, best) monitoring policies deployed at instantiation Modifiable through specific API calls API Driven entirely through external automation or Data provisioning system Datacenter Virtualization End User Experience Cloud and Power and Custom SaaS Facilities Page 18 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 19. Softlayer as an example Page 19 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 20. Softlayer as an example Page 20 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 21. Softlayer as an example Page 21 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 22. Private Cloud• Effectively a combination of consumer and service provider IaaS monitoring requirements Plus classical datacenter monitoring for internal private cloud infrastructure• Need to Support specific branded infrastructure stack solutions e.g. VCE Vblock HP Bladesystem Matrix vCloud Director NRE Coalition Page 22 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 23. Vblock Specific Monitoring (as an example) Discovery and Deployment Auto-discovery, auto-monitoring, pre-built templates Operational Under usage, over-commitment identification Vblock root cause analysis Chassis Monitoring of all aspects of the rack Compute Cisco UCS blades and elements Storage EMC’s CLARiiON™, Symmetrix™ and Celera Networking and interconnects Cisco routers, SAN switches and Nexus™ soft switches Page 23 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 24. Visualization of the whole stack is key Page 24 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 25. An example customer of Private Cloud monitoring Global Investment Bank Long term user of “other 3” systems management suite Moving from physical to virtual to private cloud Transformation from 6 weeks to 6 minutes in terms of server delivery Needed a more flexible monitoring solution Key was integration with new configuration management application Self Service monitoring is vital to private cloud Currently has 25,000 servers under management and is still growing Page 25 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 26. Review of cloud types and monitoring requirements IaaS PaaS SaaS PrivateSelf service • • • •Integration with config/provisioning/ etc. • • • •Zero Touch Monitoring Activation • • • •Very High Scalability • • • •Dynamic Registration • • • •Data Aggregation and Reporting • • • •Multi-Tenancy • • • VariesEnd User Monitoring • • Varies Synthetic Transactions Real User MonitoringURL and Web Service Response Monitoring • • VariesApplication Specific Instrumentation • • Varies Application dashboards URL data gathering App. Specific metricsSLA reporting for customers • • VariesCompliance SLA/SLO reporting on business impact • • VariesIntegration with existing Datacenter monitoring • Page 26 @nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
  • 27. Thank you Page 27@nimsoft & @mrivingt © nimsoft, all rights reserved
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