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  1. LICENSE MANAGERPROOF OFCONCEPT PROGRAMIn order to demonstrate the This program comprises a mix of free-of-charge and paid-for engagements, on-site and remote projects.…
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  • 1. LICENSE MANAGERPROOF OFCONCEPT PROGRAMIn order to demonstrate the This program comprises a mix of free-of-charge and paid-for engagements, on-site and remote projects. All PoCs are carefully managed by a nominated License Dashboard professional and areeffectiveness of License Manager delivered in accordance with best practices around Software Asset Management (SAM) and licensing.and help the customer identify it astheir preferred technology, License Qualification CriteriaDashboard is pleased to offer a Delivery of a PoC to a customer carries an inevitable cost to License Dashboard. While we are happy to bear the majority of this overhead, we do ask that customers who wish to engage in aProof of Concept (PoC) program PoC project meet the following criteria:  Approval has been given at senior management level to seek a SAM or licensing solution  Budget has been allocated or is available to fund the purchase of the preferred solution  There is an established timescale to purchase and implement a solution or service Prerequisites Each of the following PoC options carries its own prerequisites. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure they are able and happy to meet these requirements. Before any PoC engagement starts, a 30-minute briefing call will be held between the customer and the License Dashboard PoC consultant. The full project checklist will be discussed during this call. Costs There are essentially three cost options, depending on the style of PoC chosen by the prospect: free of charge, fixed fee or bespoke. License Dashboard will confirm before the start of a PoC what costs will be involved. Where a charge is levied for the delivery of a PoC, a rebate will be offered to the customer on subsequent purchase of a solution and/or service. –D ATA S H E E T
  • 2. PROOF OF CONCEPT OPTIONS1. EXPRESS POC - AUDIT DATA ONLY FREEFor a fast and easy demonstration of how 4. Customer provides License Dashboard withLicense Manager can take raw audit data and extract of inventory data (upload to SFTP site)present this in a clear and concise way that isoptimized for managing software licenses, the 5. License Dashboard imports raw audit dataExpress PoC is an ideal offering that is free-of- into a clean standalone instance of Licensecharge*. This PoC option can be conducted Manager and initiates automated cleansingentirely remotely from the customer’s site. and filtering routines (no manual cleanse Timescale: will be done at this stage)  Typically this style of PoC will be deliveredWorkflow: from start to finish in less than two weeks1. Customer and License Dashboard to hold PoC 6. License Dashboard will schedule a Webex with briefing call (max 30 minutes by telephone) customer to present data in License Manager Requirements:  Customer meets qualification criteria set out2. Customer reviews and signs Express PoC Demonstrable Benefits: in this document Statement of Work and Non-Disclosure  Customer will see how License Manager Agreement takes ‘noisy’ audit data and automatically  Customer has an incumbent discovery solution creates recognizable licensing information supported by License Manager data connectors3. License Dashboard provides relevant (or is willing to deploy License Dashboard data connector for customer’s incumbent  Customer will be shown how cleansed data Discovery to a small number of devices) inventory solution can be reconciled against license entitlements * Subject to the defined Qualification Criteria and Prerequisites2. EXPRESS POC - DESKTOP AUDIT DATA & MICROSOFT MLS FREEThis option (also free-of-charge) is similar to Demonstrable Benefits:the Audit Only PoC but enables a customer  Customer will see how License Managerto witness how easily Microsoft Licensing takes ‘noisy’ audit data and automaticallyStatements can be imported into the License creates recognizable licensing informationManager interface, with automatic recognitionand validation of the associated entitlements. A  Customer will be shown how cleansedfirst-stage desktop reconciliation is performed, data can be reconciled against licensebut License Dashboard will not offer commentary entitlementsor advice on the customer’s licensing position.  Customer will witness in real-time the processWorkflow: and speed of importing an MLS, together1. Items 1-5 as per PoC 1 above with an understanding of the automated application of licensing intelligence2. Customer provides MLS to License Dashboard (MLS must be acquired prior to Timescale: commencement of PoC)  Typically this style of PoC will be delivered  Customer has an incumbent discovery from start to finish in less than two weeks solution supported by License Manager data3. License Dashboard to schedule a Webex connectors with customer to show cleansed audit data Requirements: in License Manager and to show a ‘live’  Customer meets qualification criteria set out  Customer can supply MLS from Microsoft import of a raw MLS file into the system in this document before PoC commences –D ATA S H E E T
  • 3. 3. SINGLE VENDOR REVIEW - DESKTOP CHARGEABLEOrganizations that want a more in-depth 3. License Dashboard provides relevantevaluation of the capabilities of License data connector for customer’sManager can opt for a paid-for Single Vendor incumbent inventory solutionReview on a maximum of 500 desktops (werecommend these are within a common 4. Customer provides Licenselocation or Business Unit). Software vendors Dashboard with extract of inventoryqualifying for this PoC option comprise data (upload to SFTP site)Symantec, Adobe, Autodesk (other vendors aresubject to additional charges). 5. License Dashboard imports raw audit data into a clean standaloneThis option requires the customer to provide instance of License Manager andLicense Dashboard with both an extract of initiates automated cleansing andthe inventory database (via the appropriate filtering routines (some additionalLicense Dashboard connector) and also data cleansing may be performedapproved vendor consumption data. depending on the quality of the  Customer will witness the automated audit data) intelligence in License Manager, seeing howThe charge for this PoC starts at UK £3,980 entitlements are reconciled against software/ US $6,700 / EU €4,780 (the price may 6. Customer provides License Dashboard with installationsvary depending on the customer’s exact approved vendor consumption data fromrequirements, this will be confirmed before nominated vendor (see above) Timescale:any work starts). Should the customer proceed • Typically this style of PoC will be deliveredto purchase (solution or service), a discount 7. License Dashboard will schedule a from start to finish in less than three weeksworth 30% of the PoC cost will be applied to Webex with customer to present initialthe license price. reconciliation in License Manager Requirements: • Customer meets qualification criteria set outWorkflow: Demonstrable Benefits: in this document1. Customer and License Dashboard PoC  Customer will see how License Manager consultant hold briefing call (30 min max) takes ‘noisy’ audit data and automatically • Customer has an incumbent discovery creates recognizable licensing information solution supported by License Manager data2. Customer and License Dashboard agree connectors vendor and target desktops for audit;  Customer will see how bulk consumption customer reviews and signs Statement of data can be quickly cleansed and uploaded • Customer can supply vendor licensing data Work (SoW) and Non-Disclosure Agreement into the License Manager solution prior to PoC start4. BESPOKE PROOF OF CONCEPT CHARGEABLEFor organizations that require a very specific Proof of Concept, possibly including software FIND OUT MORE For further information, please contact the ITSyndicaat team:vendors not covered above or looking at licensing on a portion of the server estate, LicenseDashboard is pleased to offer bespoke options. Working closely with the customer, License +31 (0)30 320 0841Dashboard professionals will identify the key areas of concern, the available resources and thedesired outcomes of the PoC. info@itsyndicaat.nlThe cost of the project will be calculated directly from the initial scoping exercise and the www.itsyndicaat.nlcustomer will review and approve a fully-documented project plan prior to starting the PoC.© Copyright 2012 License Dashboard Limited. License Dashboard Limited - Blenheim House - York Road - Pocklington - York - YO42 1NS - UKt: +44 845 265 1217 (UK/International) - t: 1-855-773-3404 (US & Canada) e: - w: @LDLtdLicense Dashboard Limited is a trading subsidiary of the Blenheim Group. License Dashboard Limited is a company registered in England and Wales, with companynumber 06599902 and VAT number GB 755 3490 15. Image Copyright ‘Olivier Le Moal’, ‘lucadp’ and ‘mmaxer’ 2012. Used under license from @ITsyndicaatD ATA S H E E T
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