K 8th Grade Schools

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  1. K-8th Grade Schools<br />By Collin Crandell<br /> 2. What are K-8th Grade Schools<br />A combination between elementary school and middle…
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  • 1. K-8th Grade Schools<br />By Collin Crandell<br />
  • 2. What are K-8th Grade Schools<br />A combination between elementary school and middle school.<br />Brings all grades from kindergarten to eighth grade into one building.<br />Will not need elementary, upper elementary, or junior high schools.<br />
  • 3. Why are they Important?<br />Middle schools are struggling.<br />Test scores have decreased.<br />Absences and suspension rates have increased.<br />Parents start to disapprove at the middle school level.<br />It saves money.<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/chicago2016/3277193678/<br />
  • 4. Nice Atomsphere<br />Students feel comfortable.<br />Teachers get to know the students.<br />Stay at the same school for nine years instead of five years.<br />Teachers can collaborate and talk about up coming students that past teachers have had.<br />
  • 5. Saves Money<br />Have one building.<br />Not two or three other schools.<br />Less expensive to operate.<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/yomanimus/102798907/<br />
  • 6. Role Models<br />12-13 year olds should have their own building.<br />Act immature for their age.<br />People realize they should be in the same building as younger students.<br />Sit example to younger kids.<br />Become role models.<br />Younger kids will want to act a certain way.<br />
  • 7. Impacted on High Schools<br />Kids are better prepared.<br />Students have shown higher test scores.<br />Teacher were more involved in students lives.<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/cayce/100044359/<br />
  • 8. Showing Up For Class<br />Studies show students show up for class more.<br />Less violent atmosphere.<br />Students will stay in community.<br />Will stop students leaving the school district.<br />
  • 9. Future Impact<br />More K-8th grade schools.<br />It creates neighborhood schools.<br />School districts will have more money.<br />More students will stay in local schools.<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/conspirator/31355171/<br />
  • 10. Students<br />Better educated.<br />Better participation in classroom and extracurricular activities.<br />Healthier adolescents.<br />Less violent schools.<br />
  • 11. Conclusion<br />K-8th grade schools will benefit teachers and students.<br />It will save money.<br />Parental involvement will increase.<br />More students will attend local schools.<br />A better learning environment.<br />Help the students grow into successful adults.<br />
  • 12. References<br />http://www.philaedfund.org/notebook/TheGreatK8Debate.htm<br />http://www.middleweb.com/MWLresources/K8schools.html<br />http://www.educationworld.com/a_admin/admin/admin115.shtml<br />
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