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  1. Volume 4, No. 1, January 2013, ISSN 2226-1095 Smart citiesã Users’ verdict on ISO 20121ã ISO 26000 forum 2. a Contents Comment Simpler, faster, better and…
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  • 1. Volume 4, No. 1, January 2013, ISSN 2226-1095 Smart cities• Users’ verdict on ISO 20121• ISO 26000 forum
  • 2. a Contents Comment Simpler, faster, better and smarterISO Focus+ is published 10 times a year(single issues : July-August, Comment ISO’s challengeNovember-December). Providing city dwellers with quality of life, while at the same time Simpler, faster, better and smarter – ISO’s challengeIt is available in English and French. Rob Steele, ISO Secretary-General............................................................................. 1 be defended vigorously. Our standards the basis of our reputation, a reputation thatISO Update : managing the pressures exerted by demographic growth, urbanization must be maintained against all comers. In World Scene and climate change, is a major challenge. Today, half of the world’s 2013, ISO will be innovative in our effortsThe electronic edition (PDF file) ofISO Focus+ is accessible free of charge on International events and international standardization ............................................. 2 seven billion inhabitants live in cities and urban areas and it is esti- to ensure quality is maintained and ourthe ISO Website mated that in little more than a generation this will increase to two lines of distribution protected. The benefitsAn annual subscription to the paper edition of using International Standards will be Guest Interview thirds of the world’s population. “ Smart cities ” are needed to safe-costs 38 Swiss francs. promoted as the experts who developed John F. Malloy – Chairman, President & CEO Victaulic .......................................... 3 guard their inhabitants’ right to a liveable, sustainable environment. the standards intended.Publisher When people live in close proximity, everyone and everything must When new technologies or businessISO Central Secretariat Special Report work together. That’s where ISO comes in. sectors emerge, so does the need for cor-(International Organization for responding, internationally agreed ISOStandardization) Building smart cities – How ISO standards contribute ............................................. 8 ISO standards have a key role to play in customer expectation. We need to add the standards. Focusing on basic features,1, chemin de la Voie-Creuse Sustainable communities – Together for a better world ............................................ 10 label “ innovative ” to our trusted brand such as terminology, compatibility andCH – 1211 Genève 20 the construction and development of cities. name if we are to meet the challenges of interoperability, as well as health, safetySwitzerland The January 2013 issue of ISO Focus+Tel. : +41 22 749 01 11 Green buildings – Laying tomorrow’s foundations today ......................................... 13 and environmental aspects, ISO helps to includes an overview of the major issues the future.Fax : +41 22 733 34 30 disseminate newly acquired knowledge and Re-energizing energy saving – Boosting global efforts to save energy and the facing cities today and tomorrow, and ofE-mail : expertise. ISO standards increase the market environment ................................................................................................................ 16 the standards addressing these issues. The share for the cutting-edge products and cities of tomorrow must be smart cities, “Sustainable” andManager : Roger Frost Towards the ultra-efficient home – ISO standard supports the development services derived from innovation. Explor- utilizing scant resources to best effect. “smart” are inextricablyEditor in Chief : Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis ing new fields of endeavour, proactively of energy efficient homes ........................................................................................... 19 As the world goes into 2013, it is clearAssistant Editor : Maria Lazarte linked. promoting ISO’s involvement in new areasCommunication Officer : Sandrine Tranchard that the last decade has shown the need to Service life planning – Responding to the needs of an evolving industry ............... 23 of technical expertise must be our priority.Artwork : Xela Damond, Pierre Granier ensure global resources are not being frit- ISO has contributions to make to addand Alexane Rosa Crisis-proofing cities – ISO standards are making cities more resilient .................. 28 tered away, and that money spent is money value and ensure “ sustainable ” and “ smart ” And we must ensure that everybody hasCopy editor/Proofreader : Vivienne Rojas well spent. New ideas and new solutions are inextricably linked, supporting a worldTranslation : Translation Services, Saving lives – ISO 39001 will make roads safer ....................................................... 32 a stake in standardization. Technological need to be found if the need to efficiently where everyone and everything must workISO Central Secretariat advances happen every day, in every corner and sustainably manage natural resources together. That’s ISO’s challenge. Centre-fold of the world. ISO’s 164 members include and requirements are to be met. We also My very best wishes to all for a happy,Subscription enquiries : Sonia Rosas Friot industrialized, developing and transitional have a responsibility to future generations healthy, prosperous and smart 2013 ! ISO Central Secretariat How ISO makes our cities smarter ...................................................................... 26-27 economies from every region on earth. ISO  to ensure the 21st century will allow theTel. : +41 22 749 03 36 standards support the international com- 22nd century to thrive… or at least to exist.Fax : +41 22 749 09 47 Planet ISO munity by providing practical tools to meet In an increasingly interconnected world clear opportunities and problems. StandardsE-mail : News of the ISO system ............................................................................................. 34 which, at the same time is experiencing are produced that show the know-how of increasingly sharp differences, ISO can- experts from every part of the world, but© ISO, 2013. All rights reserved. Management Solutions not be content to merely go along with the increasing the input from emerging econo-The contents of ISO Focus+ are copyrighted “ same old, same old ”. We cannot only react mies has to take place.and may not, whether in whole or in part, Event sustainability management – ISO 20121 passes 2012 Olympic Games test ... 36 to events and respond to stimuli ; we havebe reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or We need to encourage greater participa- to take the lead : to be proactive as well tion by every potential standards maker,transmitted in any form or by any means, elec- Standards in Action as reactive ; forestalling problems where providing the facilities to make this possible,tronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise,without written permission of the Editor. possible, not just coping when they occur. ensuring that stakeholders from developed, Partnerships with a purpose – The Irish energy management story will do ............ 44 ISO is changing because it must. developing and transitional economies alikeThe articles in ISO Focus+ express the views We must manage what we do in a way can develop standards that help them toof the authors, and do not necessarily reflect 360° that is not only simpler, faster and better work and compete on a level playing field.the views of ISO or of any of its members. − but smarter too. Our mission is not just And this can be accomplished by making ISO 26000 – International forum revisits the road travelled...................................... 48 to passively respond to market needs once sure that “ standards takers ” get the supportISSN 2226-1095 these have been identified, but to help try to become “ standards makers ” in areas ofPrinted in Switzerland New Releases and anticipate them. Our job is to ensure interest to them. ISO standards – State of the art for the construction industry .................................. 52 we keep pace with – or be a step ahead ISO’s image as “ the authority ” onCover photo : ISO, 2012 of – the increasingly rapid evolution of developing International Standards must Rob Steele, ISO Secretary-General. Coming Up 53 ISO Focus + January 2013 1
  • 3. a World Scene Guest Interview John F. MalloyInternational year will be held on 6-7 March 2013, in associationof water cooperation with Geneva’s International Motor Show. Last year’s event attracted more than 100 The United Nations declared 2013 the experts from around the world, and coveredInternational Year of Water Cooperation. a series of interactive discussions on the needLed by the UN Educational, Scientific andCultural Organization (UNESCO), theobjective is to raise awareness, both on the for standardization for electric vehicles, driver distraction and vehicle safety, intelligent Chairman, President & CEO Victaulic transport systems (ITS) communications,potential for increased cooperation, and on the and standards for cooperative ITS systems.challenges facing water management in light Participants also gained insight into the chal-of the increase in demand for water access, lenges and opportunities that are present inallocation and services. under-developed markets. The 2013 FNC will cover further develop- ments in these areas, and any new solutions or challenges that have arisen since 2012. In addition, we hope that participants will be treated to informal tours of several exhibits David J. Wineland was awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics. on the show floor. The contributions and expertise provided by the panellists and the audience will help of individual atoms for the first time. His foster a better understanding of the challenges research has led to the development of laser- the auto industry faces over the coming years, cooled atomic clocks, which are even more and how International Standards can help the accurate than traditional clocks, as well as to industry to continue to meet customer needs. significant advances in quantum computing, an experimental science that holds the potential Nobel Prize in physics to vastly outpace the speed and effectiveness of today’s computers. Dr. David J. Wineland, a physicist and Under-Secretary of Commerce for Standards The Year will highlight the history of suc- researcher at the US Department of Com- and Technology and NIST Director Patrickcessful water cooperation initiatives, as well merce’s National Institute of Standards and Gallagher said, “ Dave’s work embodies NIST’sas identify burning issues on water educa- Technology (NIST), was awarded the 2012 mission to pioneer new measurement sciencetion, water diplomacy, transboundary water Nobel Prize in physics for his work pioneer- that will substantially advance technologymanagement, financing cooperation, national/ ing methods to allow the measurement and and innovation.”international legal frameworks, and the link- manipulation of individual atoms. NIST experts widely participate in ISO’sages with the Millennium Development Goals. Dr. Wineland, who works at NIST’s labo- work through the ISO member for the USA, ISO’s multi-stakeholder and consensus- ratory in Boulder, Colorado, and serves as ANSI.based approach exemplifies international a lecturer in the physics department of thecooperation. Its numerous water standards University of Colorado Boulder, shared the German Ministry takes upconstitute global solutions for a problem award with Dr. Serge Haroche, a professor ISO 50001that cannot be treated in isolation, helping at the Collège de France and École Normaleus manage our shared resources equitably Supérieure. Dr. Wineland is the fourth sci- The German Federal Ministry for theand durably. ISO water standards target areas entist at NIST to receive the Nobel Prize in Environment, Nature Conservation andsuch as water quality, hydrometry, drinking physics since 1997. Nuclear Safety has published a guide toand wastewater services, piping systems and Dr. Wineland has been working for NIST help organizations in the country implementirrigation among others. for 37 years. He has long been internation- ISO 50001:2011, Energy management sys- ally recognized for his innovative research tems – Requirements with guidance for use. on electrically charged atoms known as By 2020, Germany aims to reduce its primaryFuture of vehicles trapped ions. In 1978, he carried out the first energy consumption by 20 % (from 2008), and The 8th Fully Networked Car (FNC) work- demonstration of laser cooling, in which lasers by 50 % for 2050. Energy efficiency is crucialshop, organized jointly by ISO, the Interna- are used to reduce the temperature of ions to meet these goals. The new document, Energytional Telecommunications Union, and the trapped in a vacuum to near absolute zero, Management Systems in Practice – ISO 50001 : Photo : Courtesy of VictaulicInternational Electrotechnical Commission, allowing researchers to study the properties A guide for companies and organizations, will contribute to this initiative by introducing the John F. Malloy is Chairman, President and Chief content of the standard, as well as highlighting differences and similarities with the European Hamilton College. He holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental management system (EMAS) and ISO 14001 (environmental management), Executive Officer of Victaulic, a global leader in economics from Boston College and a doctorate in which also forms part of EMAS. The Ministry the design and manufacture of mechanical pipe- economics from Syracuse University. believes that organizations implementing the latter may already comply with some of the joining system solutions. requirements of ISO 50001. In addition to his leadership role at Victaulic, The guide is intended to be used by both Prior to joining Victaulic, Mr. Malloy spent Mr. Malloy shares his talents through active par- large and small organizations. It highlights 19 years working for United Technologies Corpo- ticipation on the boards of several well-regarded the benefits of ISO 50001 by stating that sys- temic energy management is an appropriate ration, rising to the position of President for North companies and not-for-profit organizations, in- instrument for continually improving energy America for UTC’s Carrier Division. cluding Hubbell Inc., Hollingsworth & Vose, efficiency in companies and organizations. The cost reductions also help to strengthen Before joining UTC, Mr. Malloy worked for Air Lehigh Valley Hospital Network and DeSales a company’s competitive edge in the market. Products & Chemicals and taught economics at University.2 ISO Focus + January 2013 ISO Focus + January 2013 3
  • 4. a Guest InterviewISO Focus+ : As one of the world’s lead-ing providers of mechanical pipe-joining About Victaulicsystems, how do International Standardscontribute to success at Victaulic ? Founded in 1925, Victaulic is a leading producer of mechanical pipe-joining systems. ItJohn F. Malloy : Victaulic is a global is the originator of the grooved pipe-joining system, which was conceived during Worldorganization. We have manufacturing War I to make laying temporary wartime overland steel pipelines quicker and easier.and support centres located in countriesthroughout the world, including Australia, The grooved piping method – which dramatically reduces the amount of installation timeBelgium, Canada, China, Dubai, India, and reduces total installed costs compared to welding, threading and flanging – is now theMexico, Poland and the United States. Our predominant global method for the assembly of heating, ventilation and air conditioningproducts are used in countries all over the (HVAC), plumbing and fire protection piping systems. In addition to commercial buildings,globe and in markets ranging from oil and Victaulic products are used in utility and process piping applications in some of the world’sgas to mining, power generation, water most demanding markets, including oil, gas and chemical, mining, power generation,treatment, marine and commercial building. water and wastewater treatment , and military and marine systems. Headquartered in Easton, Pennsylvania, USA, Victaulic has manufacturing and distribution International Standards facilities worldwide and employs approximately 4 000 people. For more information, are part of the Victaulic visit Photo : Courtesy of Victaulic difference. been granted oversight authority. Regula- single set of criteria that is acceptable to all market. Global relevance is key to ensuring tions often reference relevant standards, technical committee members, and yet still that products can pass all applicable tests, The nature of our business and the where some type of performance or other meets the local code or laws of the country be sold and distributed around the world,breadth of markets in which we operate acceptance criteria may require validation or jurisdiction they represent. and function properly in all applications.require a global perspective. International by an independent third-party examiner or A manufacturer benefits greatly whenStandards are part of the Victaulic differ- testing organization. they can economically produce a singleence. As we design and develop solutions, When ISO standards are The relevant standards provide guiding product or component that complies withit is important that we adhere to, or evenexceed, these standards to support customers principles for the qualification of a process, an International Standard adopted and used harmonized and widely product or system, and incorporate input by a wide range of supporting countries. adopted, manufacturersworldwide in any industry we serve. It is from a wide range of stakeholders. When ISO The technical committee developing theequally important that we be involved in standards are harmonized and widely adopted, standard strives to reach consensus as to can shorten the time toorganizations such as ISO that are helping market. a manufacturer like Victaulic can shorten the the specific tests that should be included,to propel these industries forward in terms time to market by eliminating redundancies in and what is most sensible for the globalof better quality, safety and protection. testing and qualification. We also capitalize Each country has its own standards on the global consistency the standard affordsand regulations. The complexity of those to our international operations.regulations varies from one country toanother, and can also vary from region toregion within a country. The harmonizationof these individual performance criteria It’s importantinto a single, globally relevant standard that we be involvedcan significantly increase our company’s in organizations like ISO.operating efficiency. As such, it is very important that acompany like ours, which continues to I foresee Victaulic becoming moreexpand globally, have direct input into the involved with the development of, anddevelopment of International Standards. By participation in, ISO standards becauseparticipating in ISO technical committees, they are looked upon in many countrieswe have the opportunity to influence the Photo : Courtesy of Victaulic as the building blocks upon which otherdevelopment or revision of these standards, Victaulic designs and develops solutions that incorporate ISO standards to support customers standards are developed.and introduce the type of technology that worldwide.a company like Victaulic is employing in ISO Focus+ : As product testing requiresits products. development of International Standards, and services. How do standards play a role considerable time and money, how can Until those International Standards are we gain a better understanding of local in regulations ? How do International
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