Implementing iPads as Personal Learning Devices: Making the Paperless MBA Possible

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  This is a copy of the Implementing iPads as Personal Learning Devices: Making the Paperless MBA Possible Presentation that was delivered at the iPads in Higher Education Conference held in Cyprus during March, 2014.
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  • 1. Challenges & Tips Innovations Implementing iPads as Personal Learning Devices: Making the Paperless MBA Possible Sharon Altena Graduate School of Business Queensland University of Technology Overview What? Why?How?
  • 2. Where are we?
  • 3. Where are we?
  • 4. Our Environment
  • 5. Our Students 32 – 50 years old Mid Career Professionals Minimum 5 years experience Undergraduate Degree Digital Natives and Immigrants Study one weekend/month over 22 months Australia, Pacific Islands and Asia Predominantly Male
  • 6. What we are trying to achieve? Transition from this … to this
  • 7. How are we getting there? Implementing BYOD iPads as Personal Learning Devices
  • 8. Why? University of Technology
  • 9. How are we getting there? Action Research Project Iteration Cycle 1 Plan Implement Observe Reflect Plan Implement Observe Reflect Iteration Cycle 2
  • 10. Seeking Answers to three key questions How could students use the device to assist them with their studies? Can an iPad replace a laptop in the classroom? Is it possible to achieve a paperless learning environment for post graduate learners?
  • 11. How we have gone about it?
  • 12. Where did we start?
  • 13. Where did we start?
  • 14. Where did we start? Student trial 2 iPad users 4 non-iPad users
  • 15. Feedback on the trial High pressure environment. You are adding another level of complexity Cost of Apps for students There will be pressure on me to use them Go Hard! Take away all paper
  • 16. Where did we start? Implementation Guidelines
  • 17. How are we getting there? Student-focused bottom-up innovation Influence Academic practice
  • 18. Apps we are using 201 1 2012 2013 2014
  • 19. iCloud calendar
  • 20. GoodReader
  • 21. eTextbooks
  • 22. Self-Publishing eBooks
  • 23. Interactive Forms using PDF Expert
  • 24. Apple TV
  • 25. The Challenges 1. IT Infrastructure 2. IT Help Desk Support 3. iCloud Calendar 4. QUT Email 5. BYOD Policy
  • 26. 10 Recommendations 3. Work with IT Services and IT Help Desk
  • 27. 10 Recommendations 8. Provide JIT Support for students and staff
  • 28. Contact
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