HSUS' Social and Mobile Content Strategies

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  1. Women in Business Week Salisbury University #WIBW 2. HELLO! We’re Carie and Lara, and we built our dream careers in tech and animals. 3. ABOUT CARIE @cariegrls 4.…
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  • 1. Women in Business Week Salisbury University #WIBW
  • 2. HELLO! We’re Carie and Lara, and we built our dream careers in tech and animals.
  • 3. ABOUT CARIE @cariegrls
  • 4. ABOUT LARA @larakoch
  • 5. WANT BIG IMPACT? Use big image
  • 7. “The social internet has permanently shifted the balance of power between individuals and institutions.
  • 8. BEFORE Access to resources were controlled by institutions and therefore were not readily available: 1. Information 2. Entertainment 3. Resources 4. People TECHNOLOGY HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING. NOW
  • 9. 55 Average age of a member of The Humane Society of the United States 27 Average age of a fan on the HSUS Facebook page 65 Percentage of traffic to our website coming from mobile devices
  • 10. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR OUR ORGANIZATION? We need to continue to serve our existing user bases but acquire and cultivate new ones in a different way.
  • 11. HERE’S HOW. We have to shift the way we think about and develop good content.
  • 12. GOOD CONTENT SWEET SPOT What the org cares about What people care about Good content takes what people care about FIRST, and ties it to the brand’s messaging and goals. That’s smart content marketing and and that’s how you measure ROI!
  • 13. GOOD CONTENT IS RELATABLE. Result = 20,000 new list members
  • 14. GOOD CONTENT IS CONCISE. Result = $5,000
  • 15. GOOD CONTENT IS TIMELY Result = 100,000 action takers (1/3 from social media)
  • 16. SMS & You The future is mobile. Now is mobile. And has been for years. Mobile traffic to humanesociety.org, 1/11: 6.5% Mobile traffic to humanesociety.org, 9/15: 67%
  • 17. SMS & You People want to know what needs helping, how they can help, and that their help is ESSENTIAL to the cause. In SMS, you need to do that in less than 160 characters, while offering value. If not, a STOP is 4 characters away. SMS: the most intimate communication on the most intimate device.
  • 18. SMS
  • 19. GUINEA PIGS? Good content is about them, not us.
  • 21. HOW DO WE KNOW? brainstorm test adapt
  • 22. WE ANALYZE EVERY. SINGLE. POST. brainstorm test adapt
  • 23. SMS Testing
  • 24. SMS Testing
  • 25. SMS Testing 1:35 2:35 3:35 4:35 5:35 6:35 7:35 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35
  • 26. SMS Testing Text HSUS to 30644 to join the HSUS SMS List! Message & data rates apply. Or would apply, if that still applied for most of you.
  • 27. VANITY METRICS Tell you how well your content was received. MUST HAVE: METRICS CONVERSION METRICS Tell you if it was successful. visits likes shares donations sales actions Together, you have a winning content strategy.
  • 28. THIS IS WHAT MATTERS NOW Take some time to think about how content strategy and content marketing could fit into your future career.
  • 29. “ “If you live for the weekends, your shit is broke.” -Gary Vaynerchuck
  • 30. QUESTIONS?
  • 31. Carie Carlson Director, Social Marketing clewis@humanesociety.org @cariegrls THANKS! Lara Koch Director, Web Strategy lkoch@humanesociety.org @larakoch
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