How To Find Private Equity Jobs on Job Search Digest

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  Private Equity Jobs Digest has been providing busy finance professionals with career opportunities and connections since 2002. Comprehensive job offerings are available in Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Investment Banking.
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  • 1. How To Find Private Equity Jobs on Private Equity Jobs Digest has been providing busy finance professionals with career opportunities and connections since 2002. Comprehensive job offerings are available in Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Investment Banking.
  • 2. How Does Job Search Digest Locate Job Opportunities? Every day, Private Equity Jobs Digest does all of the leg work in order to help professionals conduct an effective job search. Researchers scour online databases, study recruiter profiles, and explore job postings sites from the major names down to the niche sites. All of the data is sorted, ranked, and categorized to present targeted opportunities for each category of financial industry professional. Only the best leads are presented to ensure none of your precious time is wasted on dead ends.
  • 3. Getting Started: The Homepage Once you have navigated to, you will be presented with the main page. Here, three different industry fields are displayed with particular positions and keywords listed beneath. Choose the keyword or position under the industry that matches the opportunities you are currently interested in. Don’t worry about choosing just one, you can come back later and expand your search.
  • 4. Job Listing Portal After you have clicked through to an industry page, you will be given a quick background on the industry itself. On the sidebar to the right, a sample of available positions is given to match your needs, along with some reviews of the services provided. Scrolling down, you will find a gray box entitled “Receive Free Job Listings.” Enter your email here and click the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions, then press “Send Me Jobs.” You are now officially signed up to receive the basic level of membership for targeted job search listings. You will also receive an email with your login and password for the basic services. Save this email in order to return to a job search later.
  • 5. Subscription Information The subscription webpage will display a chart showing the features of different subscription levels. You currently have the Basic level, and will have that access for free indefinitely. The industry-leading Private Equity Jobs Digest satisfaction guarantee is displayed on the right, along with some additional testimonials to the level of service provided. After deciding on the access level you would like, you may either click on “Activate Premium Access” or “Continue as a basic member.” Premium members receive two pieces of premium content free: The Private Equity Compensation Guide and The Private Equity Careers Guide, valued at $130. Private Equity Jobs Digest is so confident in its service that it offers customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied, simply cancel within the first 7 days and your money will be refunded in full - no questions asked.
  • 6. Finding Jobs Now If you have continued on as a basic member, you will be greeted and given an overview of your current service. Continue on by pressing the “Find Jobs Now” test towards the bottom of the screen. You will be on the “Find Jobs” page. To get here from any other part of the website, or after purchasing the premium access, click the link on the top toolbar. This page will display a select number of featured jobs in the middle column, highlighting some of the current positions found. Each job title is a link that can be clicked for more information. If the job title has the picture of a lock next to it, this listing is only available to premium members. The right hand sidebar will include more positions, and the left sidebar contains a search feature.
  • 7. Searching For A Job To begin a targeting search of job opportunities, use the search options and filters on the main job finding webpage: • You may specify keywords to narrow job choices to certain responsibilities or qualifications. • A drag-down bar will allow you to select the state, country, or region to limit the results. • You may choose the date of the job posting to search either the newest entries, or all available positions. • Narrow down the job search to certain categories by checking off boxes. • Select the level of education required. • Choose the expected experience requirement. • You may fill in as many or as few criteria as you wish, then press “Search Jobs”
  • 8. Targeted Job Results After the search has completed, the page will be loaded only with jobs that meet the selected criteria. Choose a job by clicking on its title or on “read more.” The job details page will load with all available information. Each page result will look different depending on the source of the job posting. Each result will have a few items in common. Every posting will include a description, job requirements, job responsibilities, and contact information or a link to submit an application.
  • 9. Returning To The Search Page After reading over a job description, and maybe even applying, there a few ways to return to the job search page to continue looking. 1. You may press “back” on your browser window. It may require a few clicks if you have moved onto an application page. 2. If the job listing is featured on Job Search Digest, you may click on the “Back to Search Results” link on the top of the page. 3. If at any time you need to return to the job listings, you may also click the “Find Jobs” link on the top colored toolbar of the webpage.
  • 10. Other Resources Along the same toolbar at the top of the page, the other valuable resources for job seekers can be found. Clicking each link, such as “Find Recruiters” or “Resource Library” will bring you to those resources. These extras require the premium subscription level for full access. Your account information may be found on this bar under “My Account.” There you'll be able to upgrade your membership and take advantage of the two guides that are included in a premium membership. These guides, "Private Equity Compensation Guide" and "Private Equity Careers Guide" total a $130 value, but are included free with a premium membership. To return to the main page to select other industries or job keywords, click the “Other Industries” link and you will find yourself on the main page from Slide #3. Best of Luck on Your Job Hunt!
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