HIV/AIDS: Understanding the Global Epidemic

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  It is estimated that 35 million people around the world have the virus, which claimed 1.5 million lives in 2012. In 2014, as the world celebrates World Aids Day, the focus is on creating an AIDS-free generation within the next 15 years.
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  • 1. HIV/AIDS Understanding the Global Epidemic
  • 2. WHAT IS HIV??  HIV is called as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). It is the last stage of HIV  HIV is a special kind of virus called retrovirus. WHAT IS AIDS ???  AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is the last and final stage of the disease.
  • 3. Modes of HIV/AIDS Transmission 1. Through Bodily Fluids 3. Through Sex 2. IntraVenous Drug Abuse 4. Mother-to-Baby
  • 4. Myths about transmission
  • 5. Symptoms  Stage 1 – Primary  Stage 2 – Asymptomatic  Stage 3 – Symptomatic  Stage 4 - HIV  AIDS
  • 6. Testing Options for HIV  Anonymous Testing  Blood Detection Tests  Urine Testing  Oral Testing
  • 7. Treatment Options  HAART = highly active anti-retroviral treatment  Antiretroviral Drugs (HAART)
  • 8. PRIMARY PREVENTION: Five ways to protect yourself? • Abstinence • Monogamous Relationship • Protected Sex • Sterile needles • New shaving/cutting blades
  • 10. Aids & Contemporary Society: Politics, Policies and Pathophysiology
  • 11. • Pathophysiology: the virus and its mode of transmission • Societal and Cultural Responses • Government Response Read more….
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