Gender Equality - Making Connections

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  Equality of the genders is the view that men and women should receive equal treatment, and should not be discriminated against based on gender. This PPT based on case study of Mawsil’s and his family has recently arrived in Australia as refugees. Mawsil's is a sole parent with two children. This PPT Outline the relevant cultural issues in this scenario and What Mausil needs to do in this situation.
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  • 1. Making connections
  • 2. Case Study Mawsil's and his family have recently arrived in Australia as refugees. Mawsil's wife was killed in lraq. He is a sole parent with two children, a four year old boy named Aban and a seven year old girl named Yasman. Mawsil has limited English. He said he is finding it very difficult to run the family household and Yasman has taken on a lot of her mother's tasks within the household. Aban is a very quiet child. He often sits in the cubby house nursing a doll. He spends a lot of time in the 'kitchen play space' with the other children. They take turns in making and serving food. Mawsil once found Aban with a doll and was angry about it. He took him by the arm saying "No, No" and sat him down with the trucks and gave him a truck. He spoke to him angrily in their home language (Arabic). He looked at the educator and shook his head. Sometimes the children serve afternoon tea to each other. One day Aban had put on an apron and was serving sandwiches with tongs when Mawsil came to pick him up early. He shouted in 'Broken English' that his son was doing women's work and he didn't like it. Aban was upset but didn't say anything. A new support worker spoke to the father and child in Arabic. You are not sure of what was said. australia-as-refugees-mawsils-wife-was-killed-in-lraq-he-is-a-so.html
  • 3. Questions 1. Outline the relevant cultural issues in this scenario. 2. Outline approaches you could take to manage cultural conflicts. 3. How will you ensure you are not showing a none-stereotypic view of this family? 4. What is the value of building positive relationships with the family? 5. What support agencies would you offer to assist the family? 6. How would you develop secure respectful and reciprocal relationships with the father, the child and the support worker? 7. What strategies could you use to overcome language barriers and cultural misunderstandings? 8. Outline three (3) effective strategies to address and eliminate discrimination and bias in the workplace? 9. Name two (2) relevant Legislations (Laws) you could refer to? Explain the implication of each of the Legislations for your work practices. 10. Name and describe a NQS that relates to cultural identity? 1L. What are the 'Learning Outcomes'for children from the BBB: EYLF or MTOP: FSAC that relates to culturalidentity? For more information australia-as-refugees-mawsils-wife-was-killed-in-lraq-he-is-a-so.html
  • 4. Cultural differences and its effects  Prevalent and dominant in many societies.  Embedded in the upbringing of the people.  Pose major problems in day to day life. australia-as-refugees-mawsils-wife-was-killed-in-lraq-he-is-a-so.html For more information :
  • 5. Cultural pragmatism in Mausil and his children  Mausil has two children. A son named Adan and a daughter named Yasman.  He has a notion in his mind that certain chores are for men and women have certain fixed duties.  He feels that men are not supposed to do anything which is a duty of women.  He looks down upon Yasman and prohibits Adan from doing anythings that is long considered to be a chore for women or girls. australia-as-refugees-mawsils-wife-was-killed-in-lraq-he-is-a-so.html For more information :
  • 6. Situation of Mausil  He is a refugee in Australia and is looking for a living there.  He is particularly facing problems because of the cultural differences.  His language barrier is a problem.  Since many of his co workers are females and he has a habit of looking down upon the other gender, he is unable to adjust. australia-as-refugees-mawsils-wife-was-killed-in-lraq-he-is-a-so.html For more information :
  • 7. What Mausil needs to do  He has to change his attitude towards life.  He has to give a proper upbringing to his children.  He has to remove the biased feeling towards girls so that his kids have a happy life.  Moreover, he has to concentrate in order to adapt to the new culture in Australia. australia-as-refugees-mawsils-wife-was-killed-in-lraq-he-is-a-so.html For more information :
  • 8. References  Ekman, P. (1971). Universals and cultural differences in facial expressions of emotion. In Nebraska symposium on motivation. University of Nebraska Press. australia-as-refugees-mawsils-wife-was-killed-in-lraq-he-is-a-so.html For more information :
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