GABC 2013 - Semetis Presentation: Your web presence revealed with Google Analytics API's

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  Companies' Internet presence has evolved dramatically over the past years. Not so long ago, websites consisted of just a couple of pages. They grew into bigger websites with ecommerce transactions. Today, companies' Internet presence has become extremely complex and diverse with social, mini-sites, geo, mobile, local, conversion sites and so on, generating more and more data. The evolution of Google Analytics addresses today's complexity. Yet, simplification & better visualisation of data is key in order to make the right decisions. This presentation will concretely help understand "how to" capture your web presence with Google Analytics API's and Custom Apps.
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  • 5. Need of the client  Attribute Leads to its offlineshops1. Attribute leads per shop2. Combine different type of leads3. Data coming from multiple sources4. Integrate visits to shop pages5. Regular updates neededCase : Retailer active in severalEuropean Countries
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  • 8.  Overview Simple to set up « Monitoring »orientedGA Current Interface - DashboardsTypes of report
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  • 12. 1. Cross certain sets of dataGoogle Analytics Reporting Limits
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  • 14. Google Analytics Reporting Limits3. Need to search for answers  Not instantanuous
  • 15. • Companieshandleexponentialamount of data• Complexity ofreporting(cross-departement,cross-platform,..) Demandingmore time andresourcesSource: 1  Reporting
  • 16. • Spot the rightdata / trend• Communicate/ tell storywith data• Simplify tomake quickerand betterdecisionsNeed 2  Visualize
  • 17. Custom APP: Global View
  • 18. Custom APP: Store View
  • 19. Custom APP: Store View
  • 20. From data to information to knowledge to... wisdom !
  • 21. • When data needs to be reproccesed & combined• When you want to get quick answers to specificquestions• When data comes from many different platforms/sourcesneed to be put together• To automate repetitive & time-consuming taskWhen is a custom app a goodidea for you?
  • 22. • Complex web environement• Measuring web presence more complicated• GA tools & reports not always adapted• Reporting and data visualization = key• Custom apps can help measure strategicgoalsRecap
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