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  1. Fussıon Mıddleware in Banking Darshan Chandarana, Director, Financial Services, EMEA 2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is…
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  • 1. Fussıon Mıddleware in Banking Darshan Chandarana, Director, Financial Services, EMEA
  • 2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.
  • 3. Oracle Background Oracle’s Strategy and Vision is based on the view that the only way to bring a wide range of domain specific software capabilities to market is through: 1. Developing and acquiring the most complete set of “best of breed” functional capabilities available from any one single vendor 2. Pre-integrating these “best of breed” solutions through process based integration to reduce complexity and cost for the customer 3. Standardising and converging over time the “integrated best of breed” solutions onto a common, open technology architecture 4. Building an ecosystem of system integrators to complement our own capabilities for platform lead implementations
  • 4. Investment in Financial Services
  • 5. Challenges for IT Executives Connecting with the CIO Agenda • How can I reduce my operational costs while delivering an effective service to the business • How can I leverage all existing enterprise data to provide the business with accurate and timely information for decision making and regulatory compliance • How can I provide seamless integration of business processes across multiple applications and platforms • How can I secure and protect access to IT assets across all channels from intruders, both inside and outside the corporation • How can I deliver new services more quickly and efficiently • How can I provide a richer, intuitive and collaborative working environment that results in higher user productivtiy • How can I leverage technology to help me arbitrate Cost Reduction vs. Value Creation
  • 6. Cost Reduction, Service Levels Top of Mind Global 2009 CIO Strategies N=811 Top CIO IT Strategies 2009* 2008 2012* Linking business & IT IT strategies and plans Linking business & 1 2 2 Delivering projectsenable business growth that enable business growth 2 1 1 Reducing costs cost of IT Reducing the Reducing cost 3 10 6 Improving IT governance IT governance 4 7 15 Implementing IT process improvements 5 6 14 process improvements Improving the business and IT relationship 6 5 12 business and IT relationship Improving the quality of IS services 7 4 11 quality of IS services Consolidating IT operations (shared service, data center) 8 12 16 Consolidating IT Leading enterprise change initiatives 9 13 3 change initiatives Developing or managing a flexible infrastructure 10 11 7 flexible infrastructure Building business skills in the IT organization 11 8 8 Attracting, developing and retaining IT personnel business skills 12 3 5 Use of information/intelligence IT personnel retaining 13 9 4 information/intelligence Source: Gartner 2009 CIO Survey
  • 7. Standardize & Consolidate with Middleware Browser Client UI Cell PDA IVR Applications Edge Partners User s System Events Interaction Consumers Consumers Channels Service Composite Web Business Business Fat Portals Mashups Workflow Applications Apps Processes Intelligence Clients Presentation Services Business Process Services SOA SOA Business Management Business Activity Activity Federated Services Services Monitoring Service SOA Decision Governance Services Mediation Services & & Messaging Business Data Intelligence Services Event SOA Data SOA Identity Services Grid Management & Security Connectivity Services Infrastructure Services Service Infrastructure Service Enabled Assets Non-Service Enabled Assets Systems
  • 8. Building Blocks and Re-Use Incremental Project Harvesting Service Infrastructure Applications A 1 2 3 Composite Applications B 1 3 4 5 Presentation Services C 5 6 7 Services Management Unshared Common Services 5 8 D 2 7 8 9 Service Bus Shared E 7 10 11 Shared Business Services 9 10 11 12 F 8 9 10 11 12 G 1 3 7 9 11 Information Access Services Services Catalog 2 4 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 3 7 7 8 9 10 11 12
  • 9. IT Innovation Driven by Business Needs Platform as a Service in Financial Services
  • 10. Creating the Platform– SOA, IAM, AppGrid & WebCenter Central IT create set policies reusable components register components Svc Svc Proc Proc UI UI Svc Svc Proc Proc UI UI Svc Svc Proc Proc UI UI Self-Service Interface policies Oracle SOA Oracle BPM Oracle Oracle Identity Suite Suite WebCenter Mgt Oracle Enterprise Manager Oracle WebLogic Suite-based Application Grid
  • 11. Deploying the Applications Department Dept App App Owner build app discover authorized components authenticate Svc Svc Proc Proc UI UI Svc Svc Proc Proc UI UI Svc Svc Proc Proc UI UI Self-Service Interface policies Oracle SOA Oracle BPM Oracle Oracle Identity Suite Suite WebCenter Mgt Oracle Enterprise Manager Oracle WebLogic Suite-based Application Grid
  • 12. Deploying the Applications Department Dept App App Owner build app UI UI Svc Proc Include components discover authorized components authenticate Svc Proc UI UI Proc UI Svc Proc Proc Self-Service Interface policies Oracle SOA Oracle BPM Oracle Oracle Identity Suite Suite WebCenter Mgt Oracle Enterprise Manager Oracle WebLogic Suite-based Application Grid
  • 13. Production Viewpoint App Users Department App Owners use apps chargeback Central IT set policies Dept Dept Dept add App App App resources monitor Shared Components Self-Service Interface Oracle Oracle Oracle Oracle Oracle SOA Suite BPM Suite WebCenter Identity Mgt Enterprise adjust allocation Manager fail over Oracle WebLogic Suite-based Application Grid log usage
  • 14. Relative Integration Costs PaaS Brings Dramatic Reduction Over Time The Relative Costs of Different Integration Approaches2 Point-to-point integration Relative Costs Standards-based EAI Initial Costs Customization Maintenance Changes The real win of PaaS is in the maintenance and change phases of integration – but has Custom Integration higher customization costs due Traditional EAI, B2Bi to need to focus on re-use Web Services “Adapters” Platform Based Service-Oriented Integration
  • 15. Implementing Solutions
  • 16. SWIFT Financial Messaging Platform COMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE • SWIFT provides global communications to more than 7,800 •Delivers services without a single financial institutions in 190 countries around the world transaction loss • Over 1.5B transactions/year throughout 190 countries •Enables SWIFT to roll out additional • $5T of transactions per day in on average to over 8000 services on over the same reliable Tuxedo financial institutions network • Industry: Financial Services •Improved customer services and product offerings •Reduced operational costs, while growing CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES revenues streams • To be the global financial community’s foremost messaging infrastructure that is lowest risk and highest resilience • Enable greater efficiency and effectiveness in managing and maintaining new message types and evolving standards RESULTS • #1 Finance Messaging Platform Worldwide • Allows IT to focus on the changes in the SOLUTIONS business, not worry about Infrastructure • Oracle Tuxedo • Platform has been extended to offer new products and services to markets that were previously unavailable • Partnership with Oracle – Joint Product Development
  • 17. China UnionPay – Credit Card Platform COMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE • China UnionPay is a bankcard association with more than •“We went from processing 15,000 200 domestic and international members. transactions in 50 minutes, to processing • The organization’s cards, both debit and credit, can be used 15,000 transactions in 1 second, at a on 5 Continents. fraction of the cost” • Growth was initially achieved via M&A •“This interbank services is used by 120+ • Industry: Financial Services international institutions and 80+ local firms, with overall customer card issuance up 7x. “ CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES • Manage over 18+ different IT architectures was stifling growth • Enable card system to interface with the banks’ “Switch “ Networks to increase straight through processing and reduce exception management RESULTS • Offload processing from the Mainframe to reduce cost • Scalable manageable performance • Simplification of the IT architecture • Offload MIPs from the mainframe allowing a SOLUTIONS reduction in th IT “maintenance” budget, • Oracle Tuxedo & Oracle WebLogic Server which is being use to reinvest in to innovation projects
  • 18. Innovation Coherence as high performance grid computing platform for FSI, Exchanges, Online Gaming & Telcos Coherence Suite with Active/Active deployments to optimize hardware with better availability Application Server consolidation on a shared services Infrastructure using WebLogic Suite Risk Platform based on FS Middleware
  • 19. Case Study
  • 20. FXall Overview Leading platform for global electronic trading and workflow for foreign exchange trading •Annual trading volume of 15 trillion USD •3MM transactions per day •Trading platform for 800 institutions globally •Integrated with Prime-Brokers •Aggressive Growth – Target 11MM transactions per day – Low-Latency: 20ms average, none over 70ms •Multiple components; predominantly in Java – In-house: OMS, Matching Engine, Credit Engine – 3rd-party FIX engine
  • 21. Expectations from the FX trading platform FIX Engine OMS Credit Engine Matching Engine Price Distribution Ensure the marketplace is fair and competitive Handle the growth, both vertical and horizontal Ensure latency within threshold Ensure participants are following the Rules of Engagement
  • 22. Technical Challenges Real-Time Surveillance of Multiple Event Sources High-Frequency Detect Concurrency Non-intrusive Flexible
  • 23. <Insert Picture Here> Minor Huffman CTO, FXall “One of the important elements we see with algorithmic trading is looking for the ‘one in a million' event. A solid CEP engine is very efficient at doing that type of data analysis”
  • 24. The Solution Oracle CEP provides real-time views • Information from multiple sources non-intrusively aggregated via log file adapters (jsch tails of application logs) – Every log entry from three different types of sources evaluated to produce business relevant events – jsch tails on the production servers generate very little load • ~2000 messages/second, > 3 million messages/day evaluated on matching criteria • Concurrent business events detected – Bad trades due to high-latency, off-market prices, threshold violations "We added a few boxes, but they were in our standard platform. We were able to run on a very lightweight Unix infrastructure. We are primarily a Linux shop and that was a key part of our decision process,“ Minor Huffman, CTO of FXall
  • 25. Conclusion Conclusions
  • 26. Oracle Fusion Middleware • Oracle Fusion Middleware is the keystone for innovation • Oracle Fusion Middleware fully supports the trend for flexible, open platforms • There is significant untapped potential for PaaS in Financial services • Innovations around EDA and Platform Management will drive adoption of the Cloud
  • 27. For More Information Get Started Resources • Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g • Oracle Fusion Middleware on OTN http://www.oracle.com/fusionmiddlewa http://otn.oracle.com/middleware re11g • Oracle Grid Computing on OTN • Oracle Cloud Computing http://otn.oracle.com/grid http://www.oracle.com/goto/cloud • Application Grid Blog • Oracle Application Grid http://blogs.oracle.com/applicationgrid http://www.oracle.com/goto/application grid ©2009 Oracle Corporation Oracle Confidential 28
  • 28. Standard Corporate Images Additional, industry-specific images are located here: http://www.oracle.com/wocportal/page/wocprod/corpbrand/graphic_identity/resources/resources_pp.html
  • 29. Standard Corporate Images Additional, industry-specific images are located here: oracle.com/wocportal/page/wocprod/corpbrand/graphic_identity/resources/resources_pp.html
  • 30. 1. ŞĐFRE ORACLE
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