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  1. School Mall <br />Fundraiser<br /> 2. School Mall <br />Fundraiser<br />Return booklet to the Encore Teacher <br />that gave it to you on…
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  • 1. School Mall <br />Fundraiser<br />
  • 2. School Mall <br />Fundraiser<br />Return booklet to the Encore Teacher <br />that gave it to you on Monday!<br />
  • 3. Address Booklet<br />
  • 4.
  • 5. Use addresses of people you know<br />
  • 6. Pick 5 of your addresses to add your Super Sponsor Stickers<br />
  • 7. Be sure to select your Super Sponsors carefully.<br />
  • 8. When one of the Super Sponsors mail in an order, you get the sunglasses.<br />
  • 9. When 2 people in your address booklet mail in an order, you will get a Looney Tunes T-Shirt.<br />
  • 10. This Shirt Glows in the Dark!<br />
  • 11. 1st<br />
  • 12. One lucky person will win this scooter!<br />
  • 13. 2nd, 3rd and 4th<br />
  • 14. Gift <br />Certificates<br />Best Buy<br />Meijers<br />I-Tunes<br />
  • 15. Checkout the box at the bottom!<br />
  • 16. If you want to try for the trip<br />
  • 17. Need Parent Signature to enter drawing<br />
  • 18. For a chance to<br />win a<br />
  • 19. When 2 people mail in an order, a Looney Tune T-Shirt is sent to you.<br />
  • 20. Do not go door to door!<br />School Mall will mail the <br />Information to each address.<br />
  • 21. Your only job is to get the<br /> 11 addresses written in <br />your booklet. <br />Then return the booklet to your <br />Encore teachers.<br />
  • 22. Go to <br />for online shopping <br />that will benefit our school.<br />
  • 23. When you return the booklet, <br />a Free Tardy Pass will be <br />waiting for you!<br />
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