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  1. PREFACE<br />By the grace of Almighty the business plan “Oyster Mushroom Farming‟ has been completed on paper. The idea of this innovative business came from…
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  • 1. PREFACE<br />By the grace of Almighty the business plan “Oyster Mushroom Farming‟ has been completed on paper. The idea of this innovative business came from an article of Agriculture University discussing the inevitable benefits of oyster mushroom farming worldwide and its prospects in Pakistan.<br />By realizing all the splendid benefits that mushrooms offers in terms of its unique products, we decided to establish a mushroom farm which aims to serve the Lahore fast food market. Keeping in view the fact that higher risk involves while pursuing a new idea, but we have taken an initiative and the rest of the journey with lots of hardships became exciting and at the same time a source of practical knowledge.<br />Pakistan is on its way to growth. Its people are now getting more aware of modernization, now more practical and seek variety. When we talk about health, Pakistanis are very fond of eating.<br />With the time, there eating habits are changing. Now they rely more on the nutritious benefits and are health conscious. Keeping in view their changing ingestion trend, we tried to serve them with the product which they were deprived of. There is a gap in this market which is pointed and will be filled by us.<br />Muhammad Sulman AshrafL1S10MBAM0147<br />Sana KhalidL1F09MBAM0035<br />Jawad BajwaL1S08MBAM0148<br />Umair ShakeelL1S08MBAM2147<br />ACKNOWLEDGMENT<br />First of all, we are Thankful to Allah the Almighty for His guidance that He bestowed us with the power of knowledge and gave us strength and courage to complete this project.<br />We would like to thank Dr Muhammad Asif, for his motivational support in this project. He was always there to listen and to confer information. He showed us different way to approach research problems. Finally he gave us opportunity to provide services at his laboratory because of our knowledge and proficiency that we gained from the project.<br />We would also like to express our heartiest gratitude to our supervisor Prof Farooq Hussain and Prof. Fahdia Khalid. They are very kind and humble. Their supervision and suggestions were always supportive.<br />Special thanks go to our parents; they are responsible for completing this dissertation as well as the whole educational career that lies behind it. Last but surely not least, we want to acknowledge wonderful cooperative peoples: Mr. Asim from Pizza Hut, Shehzad Aziz from Okara Feeds, Ahmed Khan from Fine Pizza, and Mr. Ali Aslam from A&T Company Karachi.<br />Muhammad Sulman AshrafL1S10MBAM0147<br />Sana KhalidL1F09MBAM0035<br />Jawad BajwaL1S08MBAM0148<br />Umair ShakeelL1S08MBAM2147<br />CERTIFICATE OF SUPERVISION<br />It is to certify that business plan titled as “Oyster Mushroom Farming” has been completed by Muhammad Sulman Ashraf, Sana Khalid, Jawwad Bajwa, and Umair Shakeel under my supervision in order to fulfill the requirement of their Masters of Business Administration studies program.<br />Project Supervisor<br />________________<br />Project Advisor<br />________________<br />CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY<br />This project is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the MBA program. We, the undersigned, declare that this project report is our own original work. Where we have taken ideas and or wording from another source, this is explicitly referenced in the text.<br />Muhammad Sulman Ashraf<br />______________________<br />Sana Khalid<br />______________________<br />Jawwad Bajwa<br />______________________<br />Umair Shakel<br />______________________<br />
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