Expert Guide to Student Accommodation and Housing

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  This is an accommodation companion for international students who intent to study in USA, UK, Australia, Canada or Singapore. This student Accommodation guide is all about Housing Properties, Search for Accommodation , Housing Budget Details , Accommodation Confirmations Requirement, Rent Agreement Details and Solidarity with Roommates. For Complete Guide visit :
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  • 2. INTRODUCTION What is the Significance of this Guide? Countless students travel abroad to pursue their higher education. In a recent survey, USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Singapore have emerged as the most preferred destinations for international students. This detailed guide seeks to provide a comprehensive solution to all the aspiring students who need practical advices to find and secure an accommodation in these educational hubs of the world.
  • 3. Who can Consult this Guide? This guide can be a real companion for all those international students who intent to study in USA, UK, Australia, Canada or Singapore. You can be a freshman in college or a doctorate level student – this guide will be immensely helpful and beneficial to all. It has been prepared based on practical experiences of the international students. Who can Consult this Guide?
  • 4. Who can Consult this Guide? The guide is segregated into different sections according to the need of the students. It follows a sequential pattern discussing every aspect in details, the expected problems that the students can face in each of the countries and provides a potential roadmap with the possible solutions. You will find the answer to all your queries in this detailed survival guide for accommodation abroad. How to Use This Guide?
  • 5. Common Forms of Accommodation
  • 6.  University Residence Halls  Private Student Housing  Homestay Accommodation Types of Accommodation Available Worldwide  Private Flat  Private Halls of Residence  Government-funded Housing
  • 7. Searching for Accommodation
  • 8. 1. University Office 2. Student Accommodation Websites 3. Residential Agents 4. Classifieds Main Sources That Can Get You to The Destination Main Sources That Can Get You to The Destination
  • 9. Deciding The Budget
  • 10. • Rent • Utilities • Insurance • Grocery • Furnishing Important Aspects which Decide the Accommodation Budget
  • 11. Facts to Know Before Confirming Accommodation Collect all the Important Information
  • 12. Your Potential Queries  To the current tenants  About safety  About Transport  About the landlord  About neighbors  To the landlord  Is the property accredited?  What should be the deposit amount?  What is the length of contract?  What will be the obligations?
  • 13. The Final Agreement Collect all the Important Information
  • 14. Concluding Stage of The Agreement Involves  Securing the property  The agreement  Security Deposit Amount  Rents and Utilities  Term  Rules and Obligations  Liability  Retainer
  • 15. General Laws Safeguarding Interest of Tenant Collect all the Important Information
  • 16. Segments of Law Which Shield Tenants RIGHTS  Duty to Deliver Possession  Constructive Eviction  Breach of Covenant  Money Damages  Retaliatory Cause of Action DUTIES  Duty to Pay Rent on Time  Duty to Preserve the Residence  Duty to Adhere to Social Norms  Duty to Maintain the Utility Permissions
  • 17. Dealing With the New Ambience
  • 18. Eventual Challenges in The New Phase of Your Life  Feeling like an outsider  Trying to be compatible  Language barrier  Understanding currency differences  Give yourself time
  • 19. Living with Solidarity with Your Roommates
  • 20. Living with Solidarity with Your Roommates Roommates will be an integral part of your life for the next three to four years. They would be your companions in the moments of distress and anxiety. All the international students come from different parts of the world where a little friction is not abnormal. But a little understanding and adjustments can make you a good roommate and live harmoniously with others.
  • 21. Time for Final Checklist
  • 22. 1. Are you completely aware of the rules and regulations for the tenants in the respective country? 2. Have you booked the accommodation from a reliable residential agent or through the authorized channels? 3. Is the respective college or university aware of your whereabouts? 4. Have you compared the costs of rent available in the city? 5. Are you comfortable in the official language of the country (British English, American English, Australian English or Singapore English/ Mandarin)? COUNTRY
  • 23. 1. Is the residential agent from whom you are seeking assistance authorized? 2. Did you contact the international student office within the time limit? 3. Did you verify all the information received from at least two sources? 4. Have you registered (some websites need it) in the accommodation websites? SOURCE
  • 24. 1. Is it conveniently located from the college? 2. Is the place safe at night? 3. Is it well connected with transport facilities? 4. Do the basic amenities (grocery and other things) located near to it? LOCATION
  • 25. About the Home 1. Is the property well maintained? 2. Does the renter have the necessary permission from the authority for student tenancy? 3. Is the room space enough according to your expectations? 4. Is the room furnished with temperature controls (heating and cooling)? 5. Are the utilities provided by the landlord enough? 6. Is the security features sufficient to make all the students safe? 7. Is the landlord professional and efficient enough to resolve the problems and get the repairs done on time (current tenants will resolve it)? ABOUT THE HOME
  • 26. 1. Do you have clear knowledge about the details of the contract? 2. Do you have the detailed information of the landlord with whom you are making the contract? 3. Do you have all the details about the security money and where it is deposited? 4. Are the obligations stated in the document considerable? 5. Are all the costs and the rents mentioned in the paper are accurate without any ambiguity? 6. Is the rent including the other charges within your budget? 7. Is the contract paper checked by any legal expert from your side? 8. Have you received all the requisite permissions for the utilities? CONTRACT
  • 27. +61-2-6100-3843
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