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  1. Divine Prosperity Enterprises Moving into Prosperity 2. Informationã Divine Prosperity Enterprises (DP) will create businesses & monetize hobbies through…
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  • 1. Divine Prosperity Enterprises Moving into Prosperity
  • 2. Information• Divine Prosperity Enterprises (DP) will create businesses & monetize hobbies through partnerships. Partnerships offer many advantages like saving time, improving efficiency, reducing start up costs, collaborating on new ideas, increasing sales and gaining strength against your competitors.• Divine Prosperity (DP) is a newly formed company that will create programs to provide assistance to a bleeding economy. DP wants to create social & support services for persons living in poverty or those going through hardships because the downturn in the economy.
  • 3. Agenda• The Divine Prosperity will offer business co-ownership opportunities, money making opportunities, business support services which will help thousands get on the road to self-employment and entrepreneurial success.• Our services will include:• business planning,• marketing• new product development research, funding resource researching• idea pitch & business showcases• Divine Prosperity will systematically organize community events in an effort to continually raise funds to build our brand while also assisting potential entrepreneurs get their business off of the ground.
  • 4. Partnerships• Imagine this scenario: you want to go into business, but you barely have money to food on the table let along start a business. Not only that, you have no experience with actually running a business. You however, do have an idea for a business or want to turn your hobby into a money maker.• Divine Prosperity will be the incubator that will form businesses with co-owners. This will create a business in a way that is fair to all parties in respect to profits, debts, responsibilities and decision making?
  • 5. Co-ownership• Partnership: A partnership involves multiple owners of a single business and comes in two flavors: general and limited. In a general partnership, each co-owner assumes unlimited liability for the debts of the business.• The business’ income and expense is reported on a separate tax return, but the co-owners additionally report their pro-rata share of the profit or loss from the business on their personal tax returns.
  • 6. Entrepreneur Social• Divine Prosperity will launch & organize ongoing breakfast socials. The Breakfast social will take place every two weeks. The social will serve as an networking event for small business owners and Entrepreneurs. During our breakfast social, Entrepreneurs will be given an opportunity to pitch their idea to gain money, build a team & attract workers to launch their business.• Small business owners will also have a chance to reach out to others in our community, meet new people, form relationships and promote their businesses. This is the perfect time for all members to come out in a stress free environment.• The breakfast meeting will offer a buffet style breakfast that we will keep the cost at or just below $20 and include all taxes, gratuity and beverages.
  • 7. Limited Partnership Deal• After the Entrepreneurs have successfully pitched their idea during the Entrepreneur Social and manage to gain half or all of the capital which they were requesting along with a team & workers we will prepare a limited partnership agreement with its terms as follows: – (2) General Partners retaining 51% ownership • General Partners will hold all liabilities and responsibilities of debt for the business or venture. – (8) Limited Partners maintaining 49% Ownership – Hire Independent Contractors that will not hold any ownership, but will be equivalent to your employees.
  • 8. Business Proposal• Divine Prosperity is looking to attract partners for our first Entrepreneur Social in February, 2012. The Entrepreneur Social’s budget is $2,000. – Facility rental $800 – Independent Contractors $300 – Food Equipment $300 – Groceries $250 – Insurance $350 The Partnership shares will be as follows: General Partners contribution A (GP) will buy into the venture for $520 and receive 26% of the profits. B (GP) will buy into the venture for $500 and receive 25% of the profits. C the Lead Limited Partner will buy into the venture for $140 and receive 7% of the profits. d. The other 7 Limited partners will buy into the venture for $120 and receive 6% of the profits.
  • 9. Partners Return on Investment• The Entrepreneur Social must have at least 100 people in attendance to break even. Below are profit projections if the Entrepreneur social draws over 100 attendees.• This profit forecast is projections that the social event will draw in 175 attendees. – (GP) $520 investment will receive an increase over $300. – The Lead Limited Partner’s investment of $140 will see an increase over $100.
  • 10. Business Ideas
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