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  1. Logo<br />Development<br />By Christian Whelan<br />Note: (Please View This Presentation in Full Screen)<br /> 2. Stage One<br /> Any…
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  • 1. Logo<br />Development<br />By Christian Whelan<br />Note: (Please View This Presentation in Full Screen)<br />
  • 2. Stage One<br /> Any franchise or product need a image or symbol that people can associate the product with. A symbol that represents the product nationally or international. Examples of this are Sony play station, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, etc, noticeably these franchises and products have a certain success to them which I wish to reflect onto my magazine. Hopefully making the magazine much profitable.<br /> So here is my first stage, as you can see, this overall design was taken from the top magazine title from the front cover. This shape interested me. I see that all successful logos are usually simple . So I have stuck to a overall simple shape, a circle. Also I believe that a circle is much more pleasing to the eye that a square highlighting the logo. Secondly a circle is much more glamorous therefore conveying stereotypes of a typically female, much more glamorous and curvy. Fitting my target audience.<br /> Then finally the colour, this one is pink, however this would change with each magazine theme. Therefore the primary logo is the text within the circle. Finally the text within the circle, The magazine initial “C” and “the” inside it. I used the “C” on its own as its simple and memorable.<br />
  • 3. Stage Two<br /> The only change here was be the text. I felt the “The” wasn't big enough to be included within the iconic image I was to create.<br />
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