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  1. Double Page Two<br />Draft One<br />By Christian Whelan<br />(Note: Please view this Presentation in Full Screen)<br /> 2. Stage One<br…
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  • 1. Double Page Two<br />Draft One<br />By Christian Whelan<br />(Note: Please view this Presentation in Full Screen)<br />
  • 2. Stage One<br />The first thing I wanted was the picture, once it was placed onto the page my inspiration would be drawn from it. I have taken have of the page up with this picture, because I want it to be attractive and appealing to read what is below. The cut below the image is at an angle, a repeated design feature that has been used on the first page, reason being I wish to continue the theme and layout to reflect the pages go together. <br />
  • 3. Stage Two<br />Instantaneously this looks like a different page, however it is not. I decided the main picture was too similar to the main picture on the first page, so I changed it to something more direct. A picture of the star Rachael looking at the reader. Therefore forcing the readers to look at her and then being tempted to read what is below.<br /> Secondly I have added a pull out quote and placed it onto the picture, to highlight its importance to her and the reader. Its font is again Trajan Pro and the colour white to stand out from the picture. I have used a “Drop Shadow” effect on the writing. To increase its boldness and emphasise its importance and chance of readability. The writing below states what the pull out quote relates to.<br />Thirdly I have added the interview text, with the answers in generic style font whereas the question are in bold,, separating the to defines which is which whilst also following natural conventions of a music magazine interview.<br /> Furthermore there is another pull-out quote half way between the interview, another convention I have used so that reader can instantaneously see that that quote is from the interview therefore giving them the impression that the quote reflect the subject and emotion of the entire interview. Which is exactly the purpose of a pull-out quote. <br />
  • 4. Evaluation Of Draft <br />Although I believe the page has a great quality to it, since I finished this draft the first page has been altered to fit my “Double Page Spread Page One Draft One” evaluation. Therefore changes will also be made to fit this theme also. Therefore this magazine design is my first draft.<br />
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