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  1. Call (866) 920-3699 to order your iPhone application ‘Soup to Nuts’ iPhone Application Pricing: Includes everything; design, coding, project management, iTunes…
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  • 1. Call (866) 920-3699 to order your iPhone application ‘Soup to Nuts’ iPhone Application Pricing: Includes everything; design, coding, project management, iTunes store submissions, hosting and 12 months post warranty maintenance. 1 stream with static logo: $1,000/ 1X time payment, Includes flip side with TWO link options (phone number, web link, request line etc), no customization meetings, on iTunes store FAST - in approximately Four Weeks soup to nuts. 1 stream Custom Application: $3,500 /$2,500 if you purchase & pay in 2009 3 streams within Single Custom Application: $6,500 /$5,500 if you purchase & pay in 2009 Additional streams on single application $1,600 each /Maximum streams is FIVE due to space constraints Up to 5 Stream customized game option $20,000 /This option opens to live stream (s) with controls, flip side etc, but rather than opening to logo display or a web page or similar content described above, the application streaming is accompanied by an interactive game like ‘cat toss’ or a similar choice from our other games. In the cat toss example we would replace the cat with your unique brand association, letting the end user twirl it as fast as the user can manage, then, touch to release. Launch your ‘cat’ high enough and see UFO's! The user has gaming options like saving their score for bragging rights later, all while listening to your station! Talk about a brand hook in. Static Application Post Warranty Maintenance $250 Annual / 12 month Warranty and post include 800 help desk and hosting. Custom Application Post Warranty Maintenance $500 Annual / 12 month Warranty and post include toll free help desk, hosting and monthly down load reports. Basic Game Application Post Warranty Maintenance $1,500 Annual / 12 month Warranty and post include toll free help desk, hosting and monthly down load reports. Chris Tonra Inner Four To Order call (866) 920- 3699 Page 1
  • 2. How the creation of your custom iPhone hone application works: (Does not apply to 1 stream static offer) The custom iphone applications we are developing can be as innovative as you wish. We have a . survey and due diligence built into the process to ensure our collaborating is on task for creating your iphone application vision. To that point, we have seen different wishes for design so we ask for, and accommodate creativity. design, Some stations push multiple offerings/ streams consisting of one or more listening options, websites, ome tening brands etc off the single application We do this using content like logo pages, web sites or specific application. landing page there-in, sound boards, request line links, company store etc. We want to work with you in, request to be as creative as possible in order to develop an iphone application offering that represents a unique end user experience and is downloaded by as broad an audience as possible. nd possible. Generally we have found the time line for the custom application specifications consists of three to nd four meetings of approximately one and a half hours in length over the course of two weeks. weeks Chris Tonra Inner Four To Order call (866) 920- 3699 Page 2
  • 3. Inner Four unique qualifiers: * Quickly navigate the process for fast approvals and posting into the iTunes store. *ROI relationships with on line advertisers who will lease your billboard space day One. *5 million+ downloads and counting! * Three of Inner Four custom apps have hit #1 across all categories on the download charts (40 total categories/ over 85,000 applications). * 275+ applications. * Lion’s Gate Saw VI application … and more studio works on the way! * Established and credible. * Dedicated to Iphone development. Reasons for Radio Application propagation: *Also see article on page 6 *The immediate revenue generation using the billboards and advertising options within the application. * One-time fixed build out fee and optional, easy customer self determination post sale. * Differential to help increase number of advertisers, Increase revenue. * Expand your market. * 40,000,000 potential end users and growing every day. * A new listening channel available to all of the loyal fans who have left your broadcast area and who want to carry you where they go around the globe so they can keep up with their home town news, colleges, sports teams, etc. * It’s cool to have an iPhone application and to be on the iTunes store! Chris Tonra Inner Four To Order call (866) 920- 3699 Page 3
  • 4. What your iTunes Store approval will look like: ‘Dear Inner Four, Your application is now Ready for Sale. If your contracts are not in effect at this time, your application will not be live on the App Store. You may track the progress of your contracts in the Contracts in iTunes Connect. Application Name: Your Radio Brand Application Version Number: 1.0 Application SKU: Your Radio Brand Application Apple ID:XXXXXXXXX To make changes to this application or any of its metadata, log in to iTunes Connect and click the Manage Your Applications module. If you have any questions regarding your application, click Contact us in iTunes Connect. Sincerely, The iTunes Store Team’ Chris Tonra Inner Four To Order call (866) 920- 3699 Page 4
  • 5. Inner Four for Blackberry / Android other platforms Inner Four now has 19 apps available for download for the Google Android platform on the TT-Mobile G1, including the now-famous Mirror Free. Inner Four's apps for the Android platform are available famous through Google's Android Market. Inner Four is currently developing its first Research In Motion BlackBerry apps as an approved RIM developer. Inner Four's near-future BlackBerry apps will be available through the BlackBerry App future World. Inner Four joined the Palm Developer Network on July 23rd 2009. Inner Four is a licensed publisher of various third third-party content, often wrapped within Inner Four applications, and provider of custom programmin services. programming The primary reasons we chose to lead with iPhone are: 1. Iphone applications are a core competency. 2. The blackberry end user market doesn’t have the same consistent end user profile as the iphone market due to ‘cost to get in’ i.e. the iphone end user spends a minimum of $2,000 per year just to have the iphone. These are the target audience coveted by advertisers and as advertisers such have the most value. 3. Non-iTunes application distribution methods and support mechanisms are not as well support marketed today and as such cannot offer the same download opportunity as an iPhone iP application can today. However; we do believe all hand held options offer evolving, valuable and viable end user channels and as such will develop for these end users, but do so under a separate price sheet. For when you can’t be at a PC or Radio Chris Tonra Inner Four To Order call (866) 920- 3699 Page 5
  • 6. SILICON VALLEY, California Can the New iPhone Revolutionize Radio? Excerpts from ‘Technology Guru Larry Magid Explores the Possibilities of Web Radio Software’ (CBS) The new Apple 3G iPhone has received a lot of attention, but the more important story isn't the new hardware, but Apple's application store and the many programs that run on the new phone. Thanks to a few of those programs there's an even larger story - the iPhone may fundamentally change the way people listen to the radio when they're in their cars or otherwise on the go. Unlike those pre-TV days when families sat around a big radio console in the living room, a lot of people now listen to radio mainly when they're on the move. Internet radio has been around for more than a decade, car radios were introduced in the 1930's and portable transistor radios became available in the 1950s. Until now, live radio pretty much meant listening to a broadcast station with transmitters relatively nearby. But with the iPhone you can listen to stations from around the world, including some that broadcast only on the Internet and don't even have transmitters. Over time, this could be as disruptive to the radio broadcast industry as the Web has been to print. That's not to say that major broadcast organizations (including CBS, which owns and for which I serve as technology consultant) can't survive in the age of mobile Internet radio, but it does mean they will face competition from new players, including startups operating from peoples' spare rooms. Assuming you have a good Internet connection, the sound quality from any of these programs is generally quite good. With San Jose Mercury News technology reporter Troy Wolverton at the wheel, I plugged the iPhone into the auxiliary jack of his car radio while we drove around the San Jose, Calif. area listening to WCBS Newsradio from New York, a radio station from Kingston, Jamaica and a customized channel through Pandora. Chris Tonra Inner Four To Order call (866) 920- 3699 Page 6
  • 7. Even at 66 miles an hour on U.S. Highway 101, the sound was better than what you'd expect from a clear FM signal. I also tuned into my local KCBS news station where the sound quality was definitely better than the station's terrestrial AM signal. The iPhone isn't the first device to bring Internet radio to people on the go. There is streaming radio software for Windows Mobile, Palm and Blackberry, but they haven't received widespread recognition. I expect this to become one of the more popular uses for the iPhone, especially for people who commute by car. And, unless car radio manufacturers and automakers have their heads in the sand, I wouldn't be surprised to see similar technology built into car audio systems. If this does catch on, it could be incredibly disruptive to both the terrestrial and the relatively new satellite radio industries. With the Internet, stations no longer need transmitters, satellites or hard-to-get-FCC licenses to broadcast to mobile listeners. Startups can now compete with major broadcast companies. Of course, having a delivery vehicle doesn't mean you have a good product or the ability to market it well but, as we've discovered with blogs and podcasts, new media technologies do enable some creative new players to succeed while giving incumbent players - including CBS and other broadcasters - the opportunity to take advantage of new distribution systems. Either way you look at it, the landscape will change. Chris Tonra Inner Four To Order call (866) 920- 3699 Page 7
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