Common Hurdles Faced by International Students Coming to UK

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  The experience of studying in UK for an international student is diverse and that includes different difficulties too. Learn the remedies to all the challenges here.
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  • 1. Introduction For more information , visit : It is quite easy to identify International students in UK. They can be spotted at places like border control or local pubs where their accent makes them stand out. Life is challenging for these international students as compared to their National counterparts. An estimated 15 percent of University students in UK are International students. If you are one of them, read this presentation to learn about the major challenges of studying in UK and how to face them.
  • 2. 1. Homesickness: For more information , visit : It’s normal to miss family and friends in a foreign land. The following ways can help reduce homesickness: • Instead of making Skype conversations with family, go to campus coffee shop or write a paper at the computer lab • Make new friends and involve yourself with a campus volunteer center to make the college a ‘home’ away from home • Invite friends facing the same problem and make a ‘campus family’.
  • 3. 2. Language Barrier: For more information , visit : International students often realize after arriving in UK that it’s tough for them to understand what the locals say. However, there are solutions to overcome this language barrier: • Participate in academic seminars held by native speakers • Read lecture notes/handouts to focus on the language a day before the class lecture • Take help from your professors and make discussion groups with other international students.
  • 4. 3. Culture Shock: For more information , visit : Cultural shock is the physical/mental discomfort suffered by all those students moving to a new nation. Students moving to UK also face the same, but this problem can be tackled too. • Console yourself by treating the experience as normal • Engage in an activity and make it a part of your daily routine • Avail professional assistance on campus to help reduce stress.
  • 5. 4. Racial Discrimination: For more information , visit : Usually, International students face racial discrimination in off-campus and on- campus environments. It can be verbal or physical abuse, but there’s a solution to it as well. • Try and avoid engaging in any argument/quarrel • Being an International student, remain aware of all your basic rights • Contact your institute’s advisory body, if it exists, to avail help in such a case and make yourself comfortable in the new environment.
  • 6. 5. Finance: For more information , visit : Higher education is usually expensive for foreign students. They have to face financial hardships unlike the UK students. To overcome this problem: • Be proficient with the scholarship essay/interview to gain scholarships • Go for side jobs, but make sure it doesn’t hamper your studies • Plan your budget to meet expenses like food, fuel bills, etc.
  • 7. 6. Academic differences: For more information , visit : UK’s education culture stresses on student’s independence. International students coming from authoritarian educational backgrounds find this concept tough. • You can go for personalized help services to avoid struggling with paper writing. is one such service provider • You should be open to all course subjects just in case you discover a new academic passion • Build a healthy rapport with your supervisors to get help.
  • 8. 7. Work Experience: For more information , visit : Unlike UK and EU Nationals, Non-EU students only have 4 years in hand. After course completion, they need to find a job or face deportation. While looking for a suitable job many International students experience stigma of being from a foreign nation. • You should hence apply for a job in the final year itself; the career services can help you with the CV • Utilize your strengths as an International graduate • Contact the alumni of your university and visit International student career fairs.
  • 9. 8. Safety: 8. Safety: For more information , visit : Safety is a matter of concern for International students. A recent online poll by student Room Online Forum has, however, found that around 800 students from across 80 Nations find UK as the safest place to stay while studying. Still you must • Ensure that you know the place where you will live for the next 4 years • Understand the route between your university and residence • Avoid carrying cash more than £50.
  • 10. 8 Major Challenges Faced by International Students in UK 8 Big Hurdles International Students Have to Tackle in UK
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