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  1. Come and See<br />A photojournalist’s Journey into <br />the World of Mother Teresa<br />By Linda Schaefer<br /> 2. The Journey began in 1995…
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  • 1. Come and See<br />A photojournalist’s Journey into <br />the World of Mother Teresa<br />By Linda Schaefer<br />
  • 2. The Journey began in 1995 and continues in 2009<br />Kolkata—June 2009<br />
  • 3. Introduction<br />“Come and See” were the words Mother Teresa said to me in one of the most intimate moments I had with her. I didn’t realize then that she had given me the very words to describe the journey that led me to her.<br />
  • 4. June 15, 1995<br />Divine Coincidence—Mother Teresa’s trip to Atlanta<br />When the tiny corporate jet landed, I ran onto the tarmac to greet her to the lens of my camera.<br />
  • 5.
  • 6. Old Shoes, Holy Sweater<br />During Mass at Sacred Heart Church, I hardly heard what she said. I gazed at her feet, and at her hands. She was real, she was here, and I was going to see her in Calcutta again.<br />
  • 7. My First view of Calcutta, now Kolkata<br />I had no idea if Mother Teresa was even in the city. It was one of those rare moments where I was relying on pure faith.<br />
  • 8. Journey through the streets<br />I could have sat on that bench for an eternity just to have one glance, one word from Mother Teresa.<br />
  • 9. At Home in the Motherhouse<br />When she called me over, to my own surprise, I dropped on my knees and kissed her feet.<br />I asked her permission to document the work.<br />“I don’t need photographers, I need volunteers.”<br />
  • 10. Shishu Bhawan<br />Early the next morning I hailed a rickshaw and was taken to the Motherhouse. I joined the other volunteers over tea and biscuits. <br />I joined Kari Amber Macadam on the short walk to the orphanage.<br />
  • 11. First Day<br />I was out of my league<br />
  • 12. Motherhood for me?<br />In that first hour, I didn’t know if motherhood was really for me.<br />
  • 13. No Toys, just love<br />There were few toys, but the human touch is what they seemed to want most.<br />
  • 14. Love until it hurts<br />“Love until it hurts…What I do you cannot do; <br />but what you do, I cannot do. The needs are great, and none of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful for God.”<br />
  • 15. Sally Martin, volunteer<br />
  • 16. The Missionaries of Charity<br />From the Loretta Order to geography teacher—to founder of The Missionaries of Charity.<br />
  • 17. My second request denied<br />One morning after Mass, I spoke to Mother Teresa again. She gave me a second assignment—To write a proposal.<br />
  • 18. Tears on Mother Teresa<br />Second time denied. <br />“I have a great idea…you go to your room and pray. I go to my room and pray. Then come back tomorrow, and we talk.”<br />
  • 19. Prayers and surrender<br />Invitation to “Come and See”<br />Didn’t know it would be a life-long commitment<br />
  • 20. Sister Tarcicia<br />One day mother told us given instruction. I am not neglecting you. Holy Father said, Give you two kinds of love…give more love to outsiders and necessary first love to be given to outsiders and necessary love to sisters. First love give to people. Holy Father told mother. The people needed mother more than sisters. Delhi-she came for the people. <br />
  • 21. The Third Time<br />“Come and See”<br />
  • 22. Home for the dying<br />“Stop taking so many pictures. Go to the home for the dying.”<br />
  • 23. Finding Joy in the Work<br />Mother Teresa’s original mission, Nirmal Hriday—the place of pure heart—remains a beacon of hope in the midst of suffering<br />Accept our suffering with joy and pick up the cross<br />
  • 24. The soothing touch of another human gives back dignity in the face of death<br />
  • 25. Love and joy can be found in every corner of Kalighat<br />
  • 26. And in a colony founded in 1952<br />
  • 27. Final Vow—Special Mass<br />
  • 28. Commitment to an order and to serving the poorest of the poor<br />
  • 29. Kolkata June 2009<br />
  • 30. The Journey continues <br />
  • 31. The streets have changed,but the people remain the same<br />
  • 32. The mother and father of India<br />Their message of love, peace and harmony found through service, non-violence and compassion—a message or a prophecy of the world to come<br />
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