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  The personal opinions may vary from individual to individual. But the main essence of the topic is equally significant to all individuals irrespective of their age, gender and social positions (Huggins-Hoyt, 2014). Their duty towards the society should be unbiased and should have equal social responsibility to have higher chances of progress. The newer policies and procedures should comply well with the societal needs and personal demands should be supported at large. This will increase the welfare mechanisms and the humans service career development will be widened up.
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  • 2. INTRODUCTION The famous quote – “a child may be too young to be educated about child discrimination but old enough to be protected from it” reflects the need for developing child welfare communities and supportive services to uplift the positions of the special need students of the society. Human development is largely influenced by the financial and social status of the individual. The community assistance is responsible for shaping the lives of the under privileged children.
  • 3. ISSUE DESCRIPTION The issue relates to the most remarkable dilemma of child welfare in the nation. Unless and until the children are provided with their rights their lives could not be safeguarded and prosperity of the nation will be under huge problem. The most vulnerable issue of the present day generation, the issue of child welfare specially lack of educational services to special need students is focused upon the paper. Global perspective conclusion is drawn to support development of human services.
  • 4. CURRENT STATE OF HUMANS Likewise a dawn shows the day, a child shows the future man. The development of a nation is largely dependent on the upliftment of the most vulnerable societal class, the children. Human service industry has a number of concerns. They are as under, • Financial constraints and monetary valuation. • Societal structure • Legal and legislative governmental body support • Health care and welfare issues • Education and future developmental prospects
  • 5. VIEWPOINT ANALYSIS The human service workers should aim at social upliftment and social justice should be the tool of achieving overall progress. The humans should try to overcome all social barriers including conflicts, challenges and other issues that will help in preventing the human rights with special focus on the children rights. The great recession has widened up the social fragility and education prospects got hindered a lot due to this financial pour down. The newer policies and procedures are so reluctant that the children are affected the most. The early lives of them are devastated by the social blockings and they require increased attention and support.
  • 6. CONTINUED… The social stratification has both pros and cons. It provides systematic framework on one hand and intensifies the social inequality on the other. The social reformers will advocate for social justice and the other common human beings should follow them to support holistic development. Equality and empowerment should be focused upon to support child welfare measures at large. Every human being should be encouraged to support child care and a number of educative campaigns in this context will help in widening up the social position of the children. Unfair activities of bullying, lobbying, adverse empowering and social changes need to be controlled so that the children find it easier to recognize their social positions at large.
  • 7. TRANSITION FROM PAST TO PRESENT The viewpoints have drastically changed and the roles of human service workers in regard to future needs of America. Previously the idea of social classification was superficial but practical application has increased in- depth understanding of the need of children welfare measures. No specific community could influence the child development at large, but all humans should take active part in uplifting the position of theirs and thus support upliftment of human service industry at large. America is a nation where children are discriminated and abused the most. The nation needs to safeguard the position of the children and provide them with increased communal support.
  • 8. CONTINUED… The social violence in America has increased at large and social justice has been advocated by the social work practitioners . The social work specialization practices will enhance the scope of child welfare and legislative support will also be fairer. Protective child welfare services will address the various child discrimination issues and educational support will help in improving child welfare. Public welfare programs will enhance foster of child welfare that will in turn uplift their positions in the society.
  • 9. FUTURE HUMAN SERVICE CAREER DEVELOPMENT The knowledge gained from the course focused on increased knowhow of the understanding of the social conditions prevalent on America. The social stratification will give a practical outlook of the various societal prospects and this will help in supporting the development scope at large. The ethics in relation to fair and justified work in consideration to human service career development will induce the future developmental prospects. The schools and various educational institutions should focus on child development and should foster their educational needs.
  • 10. CONTINUED… The American Government has developed a number of child welfare programs that will provide better intuition for the progress of theirs and support responsibility benefits at large. The relationship gets healthier and the future lives of the children become secured and overall development of the child is supported at large. The skills in relation to tolerance, communication and collaboration will be increased and thus the position of the special under privileged students will be uplifted holistically. The various laws and preventive measures for reducing discrimination will promote community building, citizen participation and social empowerment.
  • 11. CONTINUED… The level of understanding of various human and cultural diversity will enhance communal development and the complexity of the community issues could be reduced at large. Problem solving approach will get higher instincts and logical interpretative outlook will increase the protective levels of human service career and development. The knowhow will widen up the practical outlook towards life and greater flexibility will help in reducing the scope of social injustice. Social equality will thus be achieved and this will reduce the emergence of any kind of ambiguity in relation to human service support.
  • 12. CONCLUSION The project aims at providing a practical understanding of the various aspects of human services specially children education and their societal progress. The level of understanding has increased largely and systematic approach of prevention of public health services will reduce controversies and human services will be backed up by strong support. Early stages of childhood require enhanced monitoring of the various services that will help in fostering the behavioral adaptation and the more the child development is supported at the early stages the better will be the future manifestation of them as individual persons.
  • 13. CONTINUED… The emphasis on primary prevention is crucial as it forms the basis of further development. The community psychology need to develop by development of individual developmental prospects. The social competence need to be developed that will prevent human services from various discrepancies. The children at their very tender age need to be provided with the knowhow of the adverse aspects of societal curses so that they remain alert and could monitor their performances holistically.
  • 14. CONTINUED… Thus to conclude it could be said that the lack of services for the students with special needs need to be emphasized the most and financial and monetary issues need to be controlled as they will cause challenges for the human services for future development. The human services will thus have increased pace of development and community assistance will enhance the scope for the same. So the importance of child welfare measures cannot be underestimated and this will increase the survivance of the system in future.
  • 15. REFERENCES  Berg, D., & Einspruch, N. (2009). Research Note — Some Characteristics of Human Resources in the Service Sector. Service Science, 1(2), 107-114. doi:10.1287/serv.1.2.107  Douglas, E. (2012). Child Welfare Workers' Training, Knowledge, and Practice Concerns Regarding Child Maltreatment Fatalities: An Exploratory, Multi-State Analysis. Journal Of Public Child Welfare, 6(5), 659-677. doi:10.1080/15548732.2012.723975  Huggins-Hoyt, K. (2014). Racial Disproportionality in Child Welfare. Journal Of Public Child Welfare, 1-5. doi:10.1080/15548732.2014.955899  Lee, K. (2012). A Study on Child Neglect Perception of Child Welfare Teacher's by Community Child Welfare Center. Journal Of Community Welfare. doi:10.15300/jcw.2012.06.41.125
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