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  Cartagenera de Ingenierías S.A.S. Ingenieros Consultores Bocagrande, Av. 2 No Suite 205 Cartagena de Indias, 13001, Colombia Apartado Aéreo No. 118 Tels: +57(5) ,
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Cartagenera de Ingenierías S.A.S. Ingenieros Consultores Bocagrande, Av. 2 No Suite 205 Cartagena de Indias, 13001, Colombia Apartado Aéreo No. 118 Tels: +57(5) , Fax: +57(5) ABOUT US CARINSA is a multidisciplinary organization of professionals with more than 40 uninterrupted years of consulting work on diverse fields of engineering, architecture, sanitation, environmental sciences, administration and economy among others. Our services cover all the fields of consulting, including technical assistance, identification, viability and formulation of projects, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, basic studies, general and specific engineering design, project management and supervision of projects. Our main strength: An organization with human and technical resources specially trained for the planning, organization, coordination and execution of complex and multidisciplinary projects, achieving optimal and integral solutions to meet the requirements of our clients. Member of Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena, Colombia (CCC) Member of Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure (CCI) Member of Colombian Chamber of Construction CAMACOL Member of Colombian National Federation of Traders (FENALCO) 1 WORK FIELDS Transportation engineering, specially ports, highways and roads, canals, navigable fluvial waterways, cargo and passengers transportation terminals. Projects of urban, rural, industrial, coastal, port, transportation and tourism infrastructure. Other infrastructure projects such telecommunications, voice and data systems, natural gas transport and distribution systems, soil improvement, irrigation and runoff systems. Territorial planning, including urban and rural land use, with an integrating environmental study of the watersheds. Environmental studies, including risk evaluation, mitigation and project management plans. Potable water supply systems, treatment and disposal of waste waters, rain water runoffs and solid waste management systems. Integral assessment of project variables, including economic, legal, government, institutional and financial. 2 WORLD WIDE PROJECTS Our wide experience in Colombia has been enriched with cooperation projects with recognized international companies such as Parsons and Tams Pirnie Corp. (United States), Compagnie General Des Eaux (France), Halcrow- Balfour Ltd. (England) and Haskoning B.V. (Holland). In Ecuador and Argentina we carried out technical assistance for the design, construction and operation of the sanitation solution for a vast poor territory, using ASAS appropriate technology (acronym for Alcantarillado Sin Arrastre de Sólidos,) Spanish for solids-free sewerage, developed by our founder and President. In Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru, we have advised PLAN International, a very important worldwide NGO, for the formulation of its regional strategy and the strengthening of its support programs for these countries in potable drinking water and basic sanitation. 3 AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS The founder of CARINSA was awarded the Colombia National Prize of Engineering in 1983 and many other awards for the development of the system called ASAS Alcantarillado Sin Arrastre de Sólidos, a low-cost sanitary solution, reduced contaminating effect and easy construction, operation and maintenance, applied today in several zones of Colombia and overseas. 4 SOME ACHIEVEMENTS TRANSPORTATION Consulting of the rehabilitation of the Muelle de Refinería (ECOPETROL Pier of Refinery - the national Colombian petroleum company) in Cartagena. Included closed television circuit with optical fiber for security and operations. Consulting of the works for rehabilitation of the piers 4 and 5 and the construction of a new Roll -on/roll-off pier of the maritime terminal of Santa Marta. Studies and design for the repair of the piers of the Barranquilla maritime and fluvial terminal. Consulting of the construction and establishment of two 24 off-shore pipes of in the Nestor Pineda terminal of the Ecopetrol refinery in Cartagena. Final studies and designs of 490 kilometers of roadways, such as: 1 Construction ( phase III ) of the alternate way to the port of Santa Marta (27 Km) of the parallel way to the Venezuela-Colombia border line, La Guajira roadway, Sector Carripía -Majayura -Castilletes (168 Km), of the road Cruce Bazurto-Anillo Sur Cienaga de la Virgen named Perimeter Way of Cartagena (13 Km). 2 Rehabilitation of the La Cordialidad highway, connecting the cities of Cartagena and Barranquilla (117 Km) and of the road Barranquilla-Santa Marta, K55 sector to the K83 (28 Km). 3 Paving of the road Sampués - San Marcos, Sucre (56 Km.) and the Marialabaja-Cruz del Viso road, Bolivar (20.5 Km). Consulting of the Armenia-La Paila highway, the Caimo -Club Campestre sector, Quindío. Studies and designs of the cargo and passengers Marialabaja municipality transportation terminal, Bolivar. 5 URBAN AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT, TERRITORIAL PLANNING AND INFRASTRUCTURE Urban development plan and designs, of the Urban development and infrastructure of Barrancas, Papayal and Hatonuevo, to locate the labor force of the Cerrejon Coal Project, in the Department of La Guajira. It included all the infrastructure of public services, including telecommunications. Integral development plan of the municipalities with Coal mine influence in the department (state) of Cesar (Chiriguaná, Becerril, La Jagua Ibirico ). Basic studies and designs and of detail of the infrastructure of services in the trade zone of Las Candelarias ( 100 Ha.). It included a voice and data net, aqueduct, run off pluvial sewerage system, drainages, roads and public spaces. Consulting of the rehabilitation of the Santa Marta port terminal infrastructure, including among others the communications network, the hydraulic network, the electric and lighting system. Feasibility study including basic designs for the infrastructure of an irrigation system of Ha in San Estanislao, Bolivar. Complete studies and designs for the integral development of the Marialabaja municipality, Bolivar. Included aqueduct, waste waters sewerage system and run off, roads, pavements, civic center plaza, transportation terminal, public market. Road lighting designs for the alternate way to the Santa Marta port (27 Km). 6 INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT, ECONOMY AND ADMINISTRATION Consulting to international PLAN for the formulation of the regional strategy and the strengthening of its support programs in potable drinking water and basic sanitation in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru. Elaboration of the Institutional Strengthening Plan for the departmental highway program in Bolivar. Feasibility studies for road construction investment recovery through valorization contribution by land owners, Chinchiná and La Manuela in the state of Caldas. Institutional development designs and implementation for 17 municipalities for the potable water supply program of the Bolivar state. Institutional rehab of the city government structures at Barranquilla city (1,2 million people) 7 WATER SUPPLY, BASIC SANITATION, REUSING OF WASTE WATERS, SOLID WASTE AND PLUVIAL DRAINAGES Study of solutions of sanitation of low-cost in the South-East zone of Cartagena and the jurisdiction of Pasacaballos (National Engineering Prize, 1983, Emmanuel Carvajal Sinisterra award, 1984). Diverse studies related with the potable water supply and sewerage systems for Cartagena, including environmental protection, Cartagena feasibility for the enlargement of the systems until the year 2010 and the control of the contamination of the bay. Consulting and advisory for the improvement expansion of the potable water supply and sewerage system of the city of Cartagena. Designs of the pilot plan of appropriate technology of the ASAS system for the locations of San Zenón (Magdalena) and Granada (municipality of Sincé, Sucre). Management of the project for the construction of the sewerage systems and the treatment of the residual waters, of the locations, based in the system ASAS (solids-free sewerage). Studies and designs of the program of aqueducts of the Bolivar department. Included designs of the systems of aqueduct for 32 municipality centers and institutional development for 17 systems. Studies and designs of water supply and sewerage systems, treatment and reusing of sewages for irrigation, water runoff, collection and disposal of garbage for the Punta Baru, Islarena and Tierra Caribe tourist developments, Bolivar. Designs of water supply and sewerage systems of 20 residential urbanizations in Cartagena. Studies of urban sanitation for Barranquilla (Atlantico), Magangué (Bolivar) and Soledad (Atlantico). 8 ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES AND FLOOD CONTROLS Studies and designs for the recovery of La Cienaga de la Virgen swamp (22 Km 2 ) including waste waters, environmental impacts and interchange of waters between the Caribbean Sea and the swamp. Environmental audit, Industrial Safety and Occupational Health programs for the company Aguas de Cartagena ACUACAR S.A. E.S.P. the expansion program of potable drinking water of Cartagena. Study of environmental impact of the navigation infrastructure works in the Magdalena river and the Canal del Dique. Studies of environmental impact of a pier for tug boats in the Canal del Dique, property of Tubocaribe S.A. and of the maritime terminals of Cartagena and Buenaventura property of SIPSA, for the obtaining of the port concession. Study of environmental impact of the Punta Barú tourism development, located in the protection area of the Rosario Islands Natural National Park. Studies of environmental impact of more than 490 kilometers of highways designed by CARINSA. Studies and designs of the deviation of the Caño Arroyo Grande and the regulating reservoir of the same in the refinery of ECOPETROL in Cartagena (100 m 3 /s ). Studies and designs of the regulation of the Casimiro streams in the trade free zone of La Candelaria and Arroyo Grande in the North Zone of Cartagena (100 m 3 /s each ). Studies and designs of the solutions to avoid floods in the El Pozón neighborhood, Cartagena. 9 SOME OF OUR CLIENTS Agencia Nacional de la Infraestructura ANI Aguas de Cartagena S.A. E.S.P. ACUACAR Alcaldías de Magangué y Marialabaja Alcaldía Mayor de Cartagena de Indias, D.T. y C. BAVARIA S.A. C E H A P - Universidad Nacional de Medellín. Centro Internacional de Cartagena de Indias S.A. CICAR Compañía de Puertos Asociados S.A. COMPAS Corporación Autónoma Regional del Rio Grande de La Magdalena - CORMAGDALENA Corporación de Padres de Familia del Gimnasio Cartagena de Indias - CORPAF Cotecmar Cuellar Serrano Gómez S.A. - Cusego S.A. Departamento Administrativo de la Presidencia de la República Empresa Colombiana de Petróleos - ECOPETROL Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano de Bolívar S.A. - EDURBE Financiera de Desarrollo Territorial S.A. - FINDETER Fondo Nacional de Proyectos de Desarrollo - FONADE Fondo Rotatorio de la Armada Nacional Fundación Mamonal Gobernación de Bolívar Royal HASKONING DHV B.V. INCOPLAN S.A. Instituto de Crédito Territorial ICT, (hoy INURBE) Instituto Nacional de Vías - INVIAS Ministerio del Transporte Parque Industrial TLC de Las Américas S.A. - PARQUIAMERICA S.A. PLAN International (ONG) Polipropileno del Caribe S.A. PROPILCO S.A.(Essentia) Promotora Hacienda Boca Arroyo Refinadora de Sal S.A. Refisal S.A. Serena del Mar Sociedad Aeroportuaria de la Cosa S.A. SACSA Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Bahía Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Santa Marta S.A. Transcaribe S.A. Triple AAA Terminal de Contenedores de Cartagena. CONTECAR Tubos del Caribe Ltda. TUBOCARIBE Zona Franca La Candelaria 10 Cartagenera de Ingenierías S.A.S. Ingenieros Consultores Est
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